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  • Prince: the Persnickety Pony That Didn't like Grown-Ups
    Heather Grovet

    Children will love reading about the persnickety pony that didn't like grown-ups. As they do, they'll learn about caring for horses and get a better understanding about prayer and why God doesn't always answer as we wish. But don't worry, there's a surprise happy ending! Click here to find this book

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  • This is How it Happened
    Betty Stirling

    …her brother Ronnie learn all about William Miller, Ellen White, the Seventh-day Adventist Church’s first printing press, and more from their father and mother. This book is written especially for younger children to help them understand their faith. Click here to find this book as an eBook.

  • Thor, The Thunder Cat
    VeraLee Wiggins

    …luck changes when he is run over by a pickup truck. That's when Todd learns the wonderful truth about prayer and God's love for all of His precious creatures. Thor, the Thunder Cat, by beloved storyteller Veralee Wiggins, is a children's tale of faith, friendship, and the rewards of unselfish love."

  • God's Amazing Creation
    Vicki Redden, Dee Litten Reed, Joelle Reed Yamada

    …They'll learn each day about our wonderful, incredible world that God has made. Amazing facts are crammed in each lesson like how many mosquitoes a brown bat can catch in an hour or how horned toads protect themselves. God's Amazing Creation celebrates nature and will connect children early on to…

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  • The Shoebox Kids 11 - Rattlesnake River Adventure
    Jerry D. Thomas

    …has the Shoebox Kids trying to keep Chris and Maria talking to each other while protecting a big secret. In the meantime, they hear the legend of Bonzo the bear, meet the mysterious mountain "man" who was watching them from the shadows, and learn about holding grudges and the power of forgiveness.

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  • Fun With Kids in the Kitchen Cookbook
    Judi Rogers

    …excited about healthy eating. They''ll love the delightful names, looks, and tastes of each creative dish. And you''ll love the fact that they''re learning to prepare and enjoy nutritious foods. * Rocket Banana pops * Animalwiches * Apple Smiles * Timothy Turtle Bread * Edible Play Dough * Vegetable…

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  • Shelby's Best Friend
    VeraLee Wiggins

    …sleepovers and parties and spend hours playing with Shelby’s new puppy. They learn how valuable their friendship is and learn to share friendship with others. Shelby’s Best Friend is the second book in the Shelby Shayne series about an eleven-year-old girl who is trying to find happiness…

  • Jungle Thorn
    Norma Youngberg

    …a sharp pain in her eye. A thorn stuck right in her eye! This beautifully illustrated picture book version of Jungle Thorn will show your child a glimpse of life in the jungle village. They will learn about missionaries, and most importantly, they will see that kindness and care can change lives…

  • God Loves Me 28 Ways
    Linda Koh, Charles Mills

    God Loves Me 28 Ways was designed as a read-it-yourself book for primary and early junior-age kids to learn about the beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. What do you believe? Each of the 28 answers to this question will provide a beautiful glimpse into the never-ending, incredibly powerful,…

  • The Lamb Scroll
    David Edgren

    …lamb Scroll, Paul, James, and Hannah discover the Lamb through the stories in the Bible. Challenged to dig deeply into the Word, they learn to forgive, find the answers to some difficult questions, and realize that even children are called to be disciples. Click here to find this book as an eBook.

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  • The Shoebox Kids 10 - Adventure on Wild Horse Mountain
    Jerry D. Thomas

    …and a frightening trip down a mountain in the inky darkness of a woodland night. In this adventure, the Shoebox Kids solve another mystery and learn valuable life lessons in working together, taking responsibility for animal friends, leaning on God in a crisis, and most important, not to falsely…

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  • Ellen, The Girl With Two Angels
    Mabel R. Miller

    Early Reader book (7-9 year old) inspires children with stories about how God helped Ellen and spoke to her as she grew up and became His prophet. Ellen grew up like any other child in the 1800's. With her twin sister, Elizabeth, she brought the cows home for milking, fed the family dogs, learned to…

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  • Nibbles, the Mostly Mischievous Monkey
    Martha Myers

    …Allen be able to find him again? Nibbles, the Mostly Mischievous Monkey, by Martha Myers, is the 10th book in the beloved Julius and Friends series. Kids will enjoy reading about Nibbles and his adventures with Jean and Allen as they learn to trust that God will take care of them in every situation.

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  • The Shoebox Kids 09 - The Secret of the Hidden Room
    Jerry D. Thomas

    …the house but not from the inside. This adventure finds the Shoebox Kids solving a mystery that's over one hundred years old. During their search for clues, they discover friendship in unexpected places, learn to accept people's differences, and are reminded about the amazing power of prayer.

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  • Celebrations! Healthy Inside Out!
    Sonia Krumm, Shawna Vyhmeister

    The little decisions we make every day can help to keep us from getting sick. That’s why it’s important to learn the secrets for feeling good! If you choose to do these things every day, you will be happy and energetic. This doesn’t mean you’ll never get sick. We live in a…

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  • The Explorer Bible

    The Explorer Bible is an exciting new way to read the Bible and learn about Jesus. Read about Noah, who built a boat in a desert land; Joseph, whose big brothers sold him into slavery; Moses, who led an escape party to a foreign country; Elijah, who dared to challenge an angry king; Jesus, who…

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  • Pepper Bear
    VeraLee Wiggins

    …nest, and adopts a neighbor’s prize chicken as its own pet. Yet, as sure as Pepper Bear can sniff out trouble, children who read this delightful adventure story will learn the true meaning of the words love, patience, and acceptance. “The heartwarming story of a little orphaned bear…

  • Ready To Ride 3 volume set
    Heather Grovet

    …that life isn't always the way we'd like it to be. But in troubles large and small, God can be trusted. Not even Trish could've predicted what would happen in Good as Gold, book three, when the girls compete against each other at a real horse show - or the lessons the girls would learn from it.

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  • The Shoebox Kids 03 - Jenny's Cat-napped Cat
    Jerry D. Thomas

    CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK Book 3 of the Shoebox Kids Series. Winning the blue ribbon at the church's Family Day pet show was all Jenny could think about. Butterscotch, Jenny's cat, was sure to win with all the extra training, special diet and car Jenny was giving her. Things were going great until a…

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  • Adventist Girl, Set Four
    Sandy Zaugg

    …dreams of parading down the streets of Shanghai, but she soon learns that being a missionary is not all fun and games. Chinese gangs are dangerous, and she’ll have to leave most of her dolls behind. In addition to educating children about the Adventist heritage and hope, each episode in this…

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  • Patty Jo in Happy Valley
    Ruth Wheeler

    …was nestled in a vast green meadow, near an apple orchard and circled by distant high mountains. To Patty, it was the perfect place to explore and learn. Come along with Patty as she learns about nature and its abundant life in the place called Happy Valley. Click here to find this book as an eBook.

  • The Shoebox Kids 06 - The Wedding Dress Disaster
    Jerry D. Thomas

    …can't wear it and mess up her aunt's perfect wedding. Besides, what if her friends laugh at her different dress? In this Shoebox Kids Mystery, Maria learns about commitment, about keeping a promise even if you don't feel like it. Between her dress problem, her brother Chris's teasing, and her little…

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  • Preschool Bible Stories - My First Bible
    Ben Alex

    …stock. Please call your local store at 1-800-765-6955 for availability. Learn about how God takes care of His people from the Bible stories in My First Bible. The stories make you realize how important you are to God. Short stories and fun, contemporary art make this a great set for young children.

  • Tiny Tots Library - 3 Vol. Set
    Charles L. Paddock

    A Classic set of children’s books are back! If you grew up with the Tiny Tots Library by Charles L. Paddock, then you remember learning your Bible ABC’s, reading adventures of Boys and Girls of the Bible, and imagining what it was like in the beginning with Bible Firsts. These colorful,…

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