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  • Elder's Bible (NKJV)

    Elder’s Bible Especially conceived and developed for elders, this Bible has the following features:* Bible text (NKJV) * Words of Jesus printed in red color* Very practical biblical tools for elders: list of Jesus’ miracles and parables, Revelation chain, 24 attributes of the Holy…

  • The Art of Bible Counseling
    Glenn A. Coon

    …away, please call your local Adventist Book Center to determine availability. The Art of Bible Counseling is a series of studies dedicated to parents, ministers, doctors, teachers, and youth leaders. Elder Coon shares sound counseling techniques based on Biblical principles, and sets them forth…

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  • The Sanctuary Pure and Simple
    Kenneth Cox

    …tabernacle of Israel, the center of everyday life with its rituals that pointed forward to the Lamb of God. This the people accepted by faith. Elder Cox looks at how the plan of salvation has not changed. Today, by faith we look back to His life and death and forward to His second coming. Written…

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  • 10 Days In the Upper Room
    Mark Finley

    …the disciples heartfelt preparation, reflect on the writings of the Bible and Ellen White, interact with inspiration as you complete the workbook sections, and you will discover ways to apply these principles in your life. Elder Finley’s prayer is, “May God empower you to be a mighty…

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  • Testimonies for the Church Flash Drive MP3 Audio
    Ellen G. White

    …Satan Dwight Hall - Caleb/Joshua Nathan Renner - Nathan/Nathaniel/Brother R. Ivor Myers - Malachi/Dathan/Abiram Steve Wohlberg - Elder Haskell/Lot/Micah Stephen Bohr - Elder Bates/Daniel Jim Ayer - Hananiah/Hosea David Gates - James/Pharoah Richard O'Ffill - John the Revelator/Jeremiah/King Solomon…

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  • Conquering Personal Problems
    Arthur L. Bietz, Ph. D.

    …the negative mental attitudes that confront Christian men and women. It is Elder Bietz’s conviction that Christianity will heal negative feelings, such as fear, anxiety, guilt, and doubt. In this book he will show us how to master these feelings and more with counsel directly from the Bible.

  • The Lamb: God's Greatest Gift
    Leslie Hardinge

    …is the fruitage of over seven decades of study of the Scripture-especially that portion dealing with the Sanctuary and Daniel & Revelation. Elder Hardinge explains convincingly how all of Revelation’s 22 chapters focus on the Lamb. He adheres to the maxim, “Every true doctrine makes…

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  • How to Think About the End Time
    Marvin Moore

    …will misunderstand the fulfillment of those prophecies even as we live through the events that fulfill them." In How to Think About the End Time, Elder Moore will share his thoughts on: * What constitutes a valid sign that the final crisis and the second coming of Jesus are really near? How can we…

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  • Angels And The Unseen Conflict
    Donald E. Mansell, Donald E. and Vesta West Mansell

    …world through the control of human minds. In Angels and the Unseen Conflict Elder Mansell traces the role of angels in the invisible battle for the souls of men by means of statements from the inspired writings of the Bible and pen of Ellen White. Extensive end notes from the author will challenge…

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  • Face to Face With Forgiveness
    Kay D. Rizzo

    …moment the church elders burst into her home, Mary knew she was a dead woman. There would be no plea-bargaining, no mercy. She'd been caught in the act of adultery. She turned to the man who spent the last hours promising love. He was gone. She was all alone. No story in the Bible better illustrates…

  • Revelation's Great Love Story
    Larry L. Lichtenwalter

    …plagues, and a slew of other mystifying symbols. Most of us approach this last book of the Bible with forebodings rather than hope. To us John’s vision seems more like a nightmare. But the elderly apostle begins with a statement that doesn’t seem to fit the rest of the book: “The…

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  • 52 Things to Do on the Sabbath
    Glen Robinson

    …Stranger Home With You for Lunch 34. "King James" 35. Bible Topics 36. Bible Occupations 37. Blind Walk 38. Act Out and Tape-Record a Bible Story In Christian Service 39. Visit Church Members 40. Adopt a Grandparent 41. Read or Write for an Elderly Person 42. Prepare a Special Program 43. Call or…

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