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  • Stories from Sunnyside
    Marian de Berg

    …missionaries arrived in Australia in 1885. Six years later, Ellen White-one of the church’s founders-arrived in this distant land. Then aged 64, she was unsure of this calling and expected to stay no more than two years. Ellen White’s time in Australia and New Zealand grew to nine…

  • Ellen G. White: The Australian Years, 1891-1900 (vol. 4)
    Arthur L. White

    The nine years Ellen White spent in Australia introduced her to new and different living and working conditions. It also placed upon her responsibilities in some areas she had not previously borne. Nearing her sixty-fourth birthday, she was reluctant to interrupt her work of writing and leave…

  • Stories of My Grandmother
    Ella M. Robinson

    …exciting adventures as they carried messages from God from place to place. Later Mrs. White journeyed to Europe and Australia. Wherever she went, she was a friend to boys and girls. Young people who know Ellen G. White only as a picture in a schoolbook or a name the minister mentions in a sermon…

  • W. W. Prescott: Forgotten Giant of Adventism's Second Generation
    Gilbert M. Valentine

    "Unbelievers turn pale and say, that man is inspired." –Ellen White to her son Edson What a preacher! His resonant voice could best a thunderstorm. Known for his wisdom, his vice was overwork. He was president of three colleges at once, and founded or laid the groundwork for four (Union, Walla…

  • He Chose to Listen
    Eileen E. Lantry

    …before the turn of the century, when Ellen White, impressed by the Lord, directed in the establishment of a school in Australia. Students back then found the instruction hard to take and to follow. Even some teachers had problems. One teacher received from Mrs. White a message of censure from God.…

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  • Let's Talk
    Jan Paulsen

    …Talk broadcasts on Hope Channel, young people from Cameroon to the Caribbean, Australia to Germany, engaged in dialogue with Dr. Paulsen on issues of diversity, women in ministry, politics, homosexuality, and Ellen G. White, to name a few. This book distills the best of those conversations. But it…

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  • Adventist Girl, Set Three
    Jean Boonstra

    …The year is 1898. Heather Gibson can hardly believe her family is moving to Australia. She wonders about this land so strange, so far from home. Will she like it? Will she make any friends? This was the time when Ellen White lived there and wrote her beautiful books on the life of Christ. Sharing…

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  • Tell the World DVD
    General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

    …to God, among them Ellen Harmon (Tommie Amber-Pirie), James White (Stephen MacDonald) and Joseph Bates (Timothy Paul Coderre). Produced by the Seventh-day Adventist church in Australia, the series presents vivid details of the pain and joy experience by writer Ellen G. White, considered one of the…

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  • There's More to Jesus
    Shawn Brace

    “Many [have] lost sight of Jesus.” So said Ellen White more than 100 years ago. Might the same still be true today? Many are saying “yes,” recognising their deep longing for an experience with Christ. But can we afford to encounter anything but the complete Christ? Explore…

  • Keepers of the Flame DVD

    …of truth has shone through time and is pointing to the second coming of Jesus Christ. Documentary and drama combine to reveal the early life of Ellen White. What she saw in an 1863 vision gave members of the church a lasting advantage in matters of health and medicine. You see the guiding influence…

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