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  • Engage: Faith that Matters
    Nathan Brown

    …on Him everywhere in between. But engaging with Jesus will always send us back to our time and place, to our communities and our world, just as He was sent. This collection of essays wrestles with aspects of this faithful process, particularly as it calls us to engage with issues that hurt those who…

  • Hugs From Jesus (2016 Preschool Devotional)
    Sally Pierson Dillon

    …will arouse your child’s imagination with a wide variety of hands-on experiences. Most of them involving easy five-minute craft projects that engage all the senses, stimulating your child’s growing intellect. Some involve practical lessons, such as how to count or dial 911. Many focus on…

    $15.99 $12.97
  • Caring, It's Not a Spectator Sport
    Lilya Wagner

    …We can minister to the discouraged and inspire hope in the hopeless. We can make caring a habit and should never, ever underestimate what one person can accomplish. Most important of all, we can choose to engage with a hurting world because Jesus has shown us that caring is not a spectator sport!

    $3.49 $1.97
  • Love Letters From Jesus (2017 Preschool Devotional)
    RosAnne C. Tetz

    This is one of a new series of interactive devotional books which will help you engage your preschooler in activities designed to reinforce the concept taught in the short devotional reading. Each book in the series features delightful, full-color art on every spread. One Brick at a time. That's how…

    $13.99 $12.97
  • Country Living
    Ellen G. White

    …As the omens of the impending crisis indicate the subtlety of the perils and the fury of the conflict before us, this counsel is republished to engage the attention of every church member. Presented with these statements are the more detailed instruction printed from time to time in publications…

  • Rest Beyond The River
    Stacy Piontek

    …provide the comfort that comes from familiarity and tradition. All of the arrangements are Stacy’s own. This music will challenge you to engage in a closer relationship with Jesus. Song List* My Jesus, I Love Thee * Rest Beyond The River * I Cannot Tell Why * At The Cross * Softly And Tenderly…

  • SDA International Bible Commentary - Genesis
    Jacques B. Doukhan

    …ideal place to start our study, not only because it will help us understand our origins and destination, but also because it teaches us how to engage with and reach out to others. In the process we will be surprised by a God of love and mercy, whose first revelation is reported in the book of…

  • The Long Road to Armageddon
    Marvin Moore

    …develop a deep spiritual connection to the truth through the Word. As God’s Kingdom of Light and Satan’s Kingdom of Darkness prepare to engage each other in the final battle for the control of the human race and the world, the question we each need to ask is this: Am I prepared to face…

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  • The StepFast Lifestyle Series
    Barbara Watson

    …it with others. It teaches all you need to know to live in harmony with the natural laws of health. Learn to enjoy a delicious, plant-based diet, engage in a simple, energizing, exercise program, and be empowered and de-stressed by a disciplined spiritual life. You may also wish to use the 12-part…

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  • Reckless Love
    Bruce Manners

    Adventist beliefs as stories of grace. Whether exploring them for the first time or you've heard it all before, Reckless Love takes a fresh engaging and practical look at the core beliefs of Seventh-day Adventist Christianity. Much more than a collection of dusty doctrines, these biblical…

    $13.99 $4.97
  • The Day The School Blew Up
    Seth J. Pierce

    A funny, engaging story that portrays spiritual growth in an attractive and compelling way that kids 10-14 will respond to. Peter Paul discovers a lot about himself, learns about being responsible, and that you shouldn’t judge others. A modern-day adventure story that shows God knows and cares…

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  • La perfection à l'imparfait (FRN)
    George R. Knight

    George Knights rebuttal of legalism in French Writing in a highly engaging oral style from his own early struggles with legalism, Knight examines some of the most basic questions about salvation: What does it mean to sin? What is temptation? What is the law? What does it mean to "be saved"? What…

    $7.99 $2.97
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  • Happiness for Life
    Ellen G. White

    ***Purchase this product by the case for special quantity pricing.*** Mrs. White's classic work Steps to Christ is now available in a beautiful, engaging format for sharing. Complete with a Bible study offer in the back, this book is convenient for giving and sharing. Happiness for Life shows how to…

  • Trouble on the Blue Planet

    …who has a brush with death and a chance encounter that introduces him to an unseen cosmic conflict. He sees what the forces of evil have done in the past, and what the future holds. Trouble on the Blue Planet is an engaging way to share end-time truths with both the young and the not-so-young.

  • Heaven Sent
    Amanda Bews

    …written story about how the consequences of one choice can change a life forever. Author Amanda Bews has a burden on her heart for helping young people navigate the complicated world of growing up and making life choices. This captivating story will keep you engaged from beginning to end.

    $16.99 $13.97
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  • See Beyond
    Clifford Goldstein

    …we find hope?’ What he finds and shares is a different way of looking at the world around us and at ourselves, beyond what we can see, measure or assume. See Beyond is an engaging and important book, offering us a vital and urgent choice.” --Geoff Youlden, presenter, Beyond the Search

    $14.99 $12.97
  • Counsels on Health CHL
    Ellen G. White

    …Diet and Health, Outdoor Life and Physical Activity, Teaching Health Principles, and Holiness of Life—as well as practical advice for doctors, nurses, and others who are engaged in healthcare. The handsome binding is durable, strong, and a great addition to the Christian Home Library series.

  • Mouse in a Bottle CD
    Marvin Hunt

    These engaging stories for the novice and experienced storyteller teach character-building and biblical principles to the listening audience. Each story is accompanied by coloring and activity sheets designed for children ages 5-12. A great resource for teachers, educators, pastors, and children’s…

    $19.95 $9.97
  • Happiness for Life - Case of 100
    Ellen G. White

    …case of 100 books. Single copies of this title are also available. *** Mrs. White's classic work Steps to Christ is now available in a beautiful, engaging format for sharing. Complete with a Bible study offer in the back, this book is convenient for giving and sharing. Happiness for Life shows how…

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  • Against All Odds
    Kari Paulsen

    …believers around the globe who are trying to understand the leading of God in their own stories of pain and grace. The writing is as bright and engaging as the author, who skillfully weaves the incidents of an unusually difficult life narrative with compelling insights drawn from years of study and…

    $15.99 $11.97
  • He Spoke and It Was: Divine Creation in the Old Testament V1
    Gerald A. Klingbeil

    …scholars, scientists, and educators. Listening to one another, they engaged contemporary science and biblical scholarship constructively on this important issue. The book is the first volume in a series characterized by engagement with the biblical text itself with the aim of helping both scientists…

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  • Uncorked
    John F. Ashton, PhD, Ronald S. Laura

    …and health impacts of alcohol. Based on health and social research studies and clinical and community observation, Uncorked! makes essential and engaging reading for all who care about the health of our communities. The culture of alcohol has become so pervasive, the authors argue, that coherent and…

    $12.99 $4.97
  • The Final Battle DVD

    The planet is at war. And even though we're all engaged in the conflict, it goes unnoticed. Lucas is young and lives only for the moment. As time passes, he doesn't seem to notice that his eternal destiny is at stake. Immersed in his daily routine, he's unaware that all things in this life do come…

    $19.95 $2.97
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  • Storytime Magabook

    …them reflect on these lessons and apply them to their own lives. You'll find them leading the way toward a stronger, better future. The thirty engaging stories in this book are character-building classics. Drawn from many sources, these tried-and-true stories will reinforce the values you want your…

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