Escape From The Flames

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  • Escape From the Flames
    Alden Thompson

    Sometimes labeled as controversial but always known as an honest seeker of truth, scholar and author Alden Thompson shares how Ellen White escaped a fearful view of God and discovered joy in the Lord. Thompson also explores the meaning of inspiration, looks at how prophets grow, and challenges our…

  • Flight 122
    Barry Mosier

    …meters the first engine burst into flames. Moments later the plane overran the runway and plowed through an airport fence, crashing into homes, shops, and market stalls before erupting into a blazing inferno. The Mosier family’s dramatic escape from the flames on April 15, 2008 caught the…

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  • My Favorite Miracle Stories
    Joe L. Wheeler

    …rustle of a boiling liquid. The light came from a gas burner whose flame was turned down low, the sound from the coffeepot, whose contents were simmering away. “But there was no one around to see the soft blue glow or hear the murmuring sound from the coffeepot. Only Ralph was in the house,…

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