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  • The Gift of Prophecy in Scripture and History
    Dwain Neilson Esmond, Alberto R. Timm

    Human history is dotted with the exploits of men and women, kings and queens, rogues and despots. Tomes have been written chronicling the rise and fall of empires, but who is able to trace the movements of God between the pages of history? The answer? God Himself. The Bible is a reliable record of…

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  • 24.7.365 (eBook)
    Dwain Neilson Esmond

    …year you’ll read your Bible through and then wonder why you’ve never read it all the way through before. Of course, it helps to crawl into Dwain Esmond’s head and watch how things play out from his inimitable perspective (go ahead, look it up!), which makes it almost painless! Seriously, you’ll…

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  • As I Follow Christ
    Dwain Neilson Esmond

    Whether you are leading a ministry, an organization, or a family, God has given you a special mission. To fulfill that God-given purpose, secular leadership principles won’t be enough: you need to know the biblical principles of leadership. In As I Follow Christ, some of the most notable…

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  • As I Follow Christ (eBook)
    Dwain Neilson Esmond

    NOTICE: We appreciate your interest in purchasing an eBook from You should be aware of the following before making your purchase:* Some technical skills are required to load this eBook onto your device* You will need to download the eBook to a computer before transferring it…

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