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  • Evangelism
    Ellen G. White

    …God’s last warning message to a doomed world is the "highest, greatest work" ever given to human beings. This comprehensive handbook on evangelism shows how appropriate strategies and personal preparation of both head and heart empower the Christian to lead people to accept Christ and prepare…

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  • Welfare Ministry
    Ellen G. White

    …rewards. Contents: * The Divine Philosophy of Suffering and Poverty * God's Program for His Church * The New Testament Pattern * Neighborhood Evangelism * Relieving Suffering Humanity * The Dorcas Movement in the Church * The Poor * The Unfortunate * The Outcasts * Financial Resources for Welfare…

  • The Gospel of Love and Real Evangelism
    Peter J. Prime

    "God is love" with the two greatest commandments is the only authentic truth. Without it, there is no authentic reality of being or well-being and well doing for the world, the church, the family and the individual. All is worthless, all is hopeless and all is at an end. Hate as the antithesis of…

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  • Loving Them Back Leading Them Home
    Barry Gane

    Why do they leave? Is there anything the church can do to prevent them from turning away, or to bring them back once they’ve left? Is there anything I can do? You probably know people who have left the church. Maybe you know why they walked away, but more likely you don’t. But you do care. And…

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  • El Evangelismo CHL (Espanol)
    Ellen G. White

    …masiva o casa por casa. Evangelism CHL (Spanish) Handbook for the Joyful Work of Soul Winning Presenting God’s last warning message to a doomed world is the "highest, greatest work" ever given to human beings. This comprehensive handbook on evangelism shows how appropriate strategies…

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  • Evangelism 2000
    John Wesley Fowler

    …availability. Christ’s church is always one generation away from extinction. If it fails to evangelize, it will cease to exist. In an era when some challenge the relevance of evangelism, others diligently seek new, creative ways of reaching men and women with the gospel. Evangelist and…

  • Evangelismo (Português)
    Ellen G. White

    …e do obreiro bíblico. Evangelism (Portuguese) Handbook for the Joyful Work of Soul Winning Presenting God’s last warning message to a doomed world is the "highest, greatest work" ever given to human beings. This comprehensive handbook on evangelism shows how appropriate strategies…

  • Reaping the Harvest
    Russell Burrill

    …a Church centers on and supports evangelism. Our health system, our schools, our publishing houses, the various levels of our church organization, and each of our local churches around the world--the entire Church is here to evangelize. Our English word evangelism comes to us from a New Testament…

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  • Dios revela el futuro – Set de 2 tomos (Espanol)
    C. Mervyn Maxwell

    …a compassionate pen as he speaks to all who search for meaning in world history and current events. Recognizing that both Roman Catholic and evangelical Protestant attitudes and emphases have changed over the past century, Dr. Maxwell speaks sympathetically to these various shifts in thought and…

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  • Help For the Harvest
    Gloria J. Bell

    Nothing can bring more joy than to have someone walk up to you years later and ask, “Do you remember me? I took Bible studies from you and was baptized.” Seventh-day Adventists have been called to be Bible workers who lead others to Jesus Christ. The call has been extended to you. Now…

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  • The Blueprint: A Manual for Reaching the Cities
    Rico Hill, Jared Thurmon

    Imagine standing in the middle of a major city. All of your senses are taken to the limit by the flashing lights, rushing traffic, towering buildings, blaring music, overflowing crowds. Take it all in—the fastpaced, never-slow-down atmosphere. How can we ever reach the people in these cities…

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  • Path to the Heart

    …that reaches beyond the mind to touch people’s hearts In PATH TO THE HEART Glenn A. Coon draws upon his rich background of public and personal evangelism to present divinely inspired methods and principles of soul winning that reach beyond the mind to touch people’s hearts. Filled with actual…

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  • The Apocalyptic Vision and the Neutering of Adventism
    George R. Knight

    …Knight challenges us to go back to our roots, to examine the prophecies that fueled the early Seventh-day Adventists’ determination to evangelize the world. Buried within the books of Daniel and Revelation are the only reasons for this end-time church to exist. But beware: you may have to…

  • Contemporary Evangelism for the 21st Century
    Carlton P. Byrd

    …Contemporary Evangelism for the 21st Century, he uses his personal experience as an Adventist pastor to describe the challenges and successes he has encountered while growing various Adventist churches. Too clear to be confusing and too compelling to be ignored, Contemporary Evangelism for the 21st…

  • La evangelizacion y la terminacion de la obra (Espanol)

    …Día es proclamar al mundo entero el Evangelio eterno de Jesucristo en el contexto del Mensaje de los Tres Ángeles de Apocalipsis 14. Evangelism And Finishing the Work (Spanish) A review of our history, our theology, and the providential direction of God until the present can only…

  • And Remember - Jesus Is Coming Soon
    J. R. Spangler

    …over a quarter million copies of the book, Seventh-day Adventists Believe in public, seminary, and church libraries; sponsoring international evangelism in cooperation with the It Is Written telecast; and providing funding for an updates translation of the Bible into Russian. In this book, drawn…

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  • A Call to Medical Evangelism and Health Education
    Ellen G. White

    In these last days of earth’s history, those who meet the medical needs of others will have the door opened to meet spiritual needs as well. Christ Himself “went about doing good, healing all who were oppressed by the devil.” His healing was not only physical, but spiritual as well. This exceptional…

  • Scripture Our Only Safeguard - Pack of 25
    Ellen G. White

    …produced in conjunction with the General Conference website www.revivalandreformation.org and to compliment Revived by His Word, the GC Bible reading program being launched on April 17, 2012 at the Spring Council. It will be an excellent tool to encourage Bible study, for sharing, and evangelism.

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  • Set de Evangelismo, 3 Tomos (Espanol)

    Este set incluye tres pequeños libros ideales para compartir con amigos y familiares. Los títulos en este set son:* Salvación y algo más, por Lonnie Melashenko Dejemos a un lado los credos. Dejemos a un lado la historia del cristianismo y sus innumerables hechos…

  • Seven Signs
    José Vicente Rojas

    …is a comprehensive evangelism experience designed to bring people to a decision for Jesus and prepare them for a lifelong walk with Him. It is different from other reaping efforts in that it is not only an event but an initiative to mobilize thousands of people in evangelism and service. 4 DVD Set,…

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  • Your Muslim Neighbour and You
    Borge Schantz

    …of Muslim culture and traditions and suggestions for personal evangelism. It includes an introduction to Islam, its people, history, and beliefs, plus information on how to make contacts more effective–since personal evangelism is seen as the most best method in reaching Muslims for Christ.…

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  • Padded Pews or Open Doors
    Mark Finley

    …proven principles that can dramatically increase your effectiveness in soul winning. You will discover: * a Biblical model for successful seminar evangelism* ideas that will enable your church to be a center of continuous evangelistic activity* teaching techniques that will enable you to grip the…

  • Moving Your Church
    S. Joseph Kidder

    …question responded, "They don't even know we are here." That's what happens when members view evangelism as something only pastors and professional evangelists do. Only when the members believe evangelism to be a way of life does the church begin to flourish. Moving Your Church was written to…

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  • The Printed Prophets: The Vital Role of Literature in the Last Days
    Lemuel Olán Jiménez

    …soon return, and as “messengers” declaring God’s great love and mercy. The Printed Prophets explores why literature will be so critical in end-time evangelism and how you can help fulfill prophecy by sharing it. The question that remains is Will you share those life-saving pages?

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