Everlasting Gospel

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  • Everlasting Gospel, Ever-Changing World
    Jon Paulien

    We can't share something we don't have. We can't bring secular people to God if we don't know Him ourselves. If it's our desire to bring secular people into a relationship with God, we must be willing to share ourselves in deep relationship with them. This book will share with you ways to: * avoid…

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  • El evangelio eterno (Espanol)
    Jon Paulien

    …que una doctrina correcta. Requerimos una relación viviente con Jesús que se refleje diariamente en fe, esperanza y amor. The Everlasting Gospel Would you be interested in becoming a skeptic? You have to have courage and be careful to treat others with respect regarding their different…

  • Encontros (Português)
    Roberto Badenas

    …But there is just one that can make it attractive and everlasting. Now you can delight in learning through encounters of men and women who had the decisive one. You can experience the same today. The encounters of Jesus recorded in the Gospels are striking. His spiritual wealth transcends culture…

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