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  • Secrets of Revelation: The Apocalypse Through Hebrew Eyes
    Jacques B. Doukhan

    …He ties the symbolism of the book to the sanctuary service of ancient Israel, showing how the seven sections of the book correspond to the seven feasts of Judaism. He argues that the prophecies of Revelation foretell the eventual discrediting of secularism (Egypt), the resurgence of conservative…

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  • The Blessed Feast
    Suleyman Romain

    This book explains the plan of salvation in a way that will appeal to your Muslim friend.

  • The Sanctuary Teaching Aids
    Vision Video

    …with the High Priest and discover its mystery and beauty! Includes 50 royalty-free Sanctuary photos, 50 3D Sanctuary graphics, 15 animations suitable for web or DVD productions, 10 stunning Sanctuary posters, additional charts and calendars for the Hebrew yearly feasts and Sanctuary seasons.

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  • Faith That Works
    Morris L. Venden

    …kingdom of grace, and explains how to fight the fight of faith. "You don't get righteousness by seeking righteousness," writes Venden. "Righteousness comes by seeking Jesus." Both seekers and do-it-yourselfers will find here a feast of good things. Open this daily devotional book and join the party.

  • A Taste of Travel
    Nancy Lyon Kyte

    …collected - and taste tested - recipes from more than 130 countries around the world, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. In A Taste of Travel you will feast your eyes on the bounty of fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains that nourish us. Along with each recipe you will learn about the customs, traditions,…

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  • Dahveed: Yahweh's Chosen (Book 1)
    Terri L. Fivash

    He was unwanted, unclaimed, unimportant . . . Until the prophet demanded his presence at the feast of the new moon and secretly anointed him king of Israel. There was no one to confide in, no outlet for the burning questions—his secret was safe with no one. But the Habiru guessed and swore…

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  • At Jesus' Feet: The Gospel According to Mary Magdalene (Sharing Edition)
    Doug Batchelor

    …Temple 2. At Jesus' Feet in Sorrow: 'Praying for the Dead' 3. At Jesus' Feet in Study: Martha's Distraction 4. At Jesus' Feet in Sacrifice: Simon's Feast 5. At Jesus' Feet in Surrender: At the Cross 6. At Jesus' Feet in Service: At the Tomb 7. At Jesus' Feet in Song: The Resurrection Click here to…

  • Given To Him

    …to Him is a unique experience in worship, with carefully selected songs set to some of the most stunning film footage ever seen. It is a visual feast through skies and seas, mountains and meadows ,and the world of wildlife and flowers. It seeks to follow a tradition of songwriters who first and…

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  • Without Excuse
    Sherman A. Nigel

    …excuse. The truth of this statement is well illustrated in Christ’s parable of the men who made excuses as to why they could not come to a feast to which they were invited. To offer an excuse for not becoming a Christian is to take a course that will have the most far-reaching effect for…

  • Aos pés de Jesus (Português)
    Doug Batchelor

    …Adultery in the Temple 2. At Jesus' Feet in Sorrow: "Praying for the Dead" 3. At Jesus' Feet in Study: Martha's Distraction 4. At Jesus' Feet in Sacrifice: Simon's Feast 5. At Jesus' Feet in Surrender: At the Cross 6. At Jesus' Feet in Service: At the Tomb 7. At Jesus' Feet in Song: The Resurrection

  • The Cross and its Shadow
    S. N. Haskell

    …represents the work of Christ in our behalf today. You’ll learn how each facet of the sanctuary and its services, the different offerings and feasts, and the work of the high priest directly illustrate your personal salvation through Christ. "In the sanctuary, the cross of Christ is the great…

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  • Kids' Time II DVD V05

    …experiments, and watch exciting Bible Stories that come to life before your eyes! Get ready for 100% pure fun and learn more about your Best Friend, Jesus! Especially created for children, ages 7-14 Featured Programs:* Dream Revealed* The Interpreted Dream* Belshazzar's Feast* Daniel Dares to Pray

  • Pictures of Jesus
    David B. Smith

    …appreciate a well-told story. Among the best-loved stories in Scripture are the parables of Jesus: the sheep and the goats, the lost coin, the wedding feast. Through these and others, Jesus introduced His Kingdom – a new order in which evil is defeated, brokenness is healed, and love prevails…

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  • Vidas al límite (Espanol)
    Alfredo Campechano

    …well as stories of romance and adventure, of courage and faith, and stories of grace. You can read about two angels that take a family from a place of destruction, a king that seduces the wife of his loyal soldier, and of a young man who wastes his inheritance and is received at home with a feast.

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