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  • Clamor de libertad (Espanol)
    Alfredo Campechano

    …of feelings and circumstances, of fear, anxiety, hunger, immorality, of war and death. All have experienced the cruelty of life, the injustice and frustration. We are prisoners of the visible and the invisible, bound by unhappiness and disappointments,without daring to hope for anything better. This…

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  • Life Matters - Signs Special - Living Longer and Feeling Better
    Signs of the Times

    This issue of the Life Matters series teaches eight natural remedies for good health by giving Biblical answers and practical tips for improving your lifestyle. Discover how to make your health a priority as well as six ways to supercharge your health.

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  • Sometimes I Don't Feel Like Praying
    Mike Jones

    …mostly I guess the title intrigued me since I did not feel like praying either because God had left me. After reading this book and beginning to memorize some of the promises (although not sure I believed they were true), things got some better. God gives us pruning and training only to the point we…

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  • 7 Reasons Life is Better With God
    Nathan Brown

    …THING MATTER? • Why do we need God when we seem to have all we need? • Isn’t religion just what old, poor, and sick people use to feel better about themselves? • Isn’t church just a bunch of hypocrites—or, at best, people like you and me? Christianity is often styled…

  • Draw Me Healthy
    Brandon Reese

    Noah doesn’t feel very good. He’s been sitting on the sofa watching TV and eating junk food. Will you help him feel better? Will you help him learn how to be healthy? All you need are some sticky notes, a pencil, and oodles of imagination!

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  • Staying Healthy For Life
    Donald R. Hall, DrPH, CHES

    Want to live longer and feel better? That is the focus of this book from Dr. Hall. Reading this book will help you know how to take better care of yourself, prevent disease, feel your best, and live a long life. There are no guarantees, but research shows that if you make healthy choices, you…

  • Live More Happy
    Darren Morton

    Join the journey toward living more, feeling better and finding happiness. Over the past decade, neuroscience, positive psychology and lifestyle medicine have exploded as areas of cutting-edge study, research and healthcare. The research indicates that almost half of our enduring happiness can be…

  • The Golden Eight
    Leo R. Van Dolson

    …they are as dependable as gravity. To know them and use them to work in harmony with them is to release undreamed of potential in our daily lives—we feel better, we get along with others better, our lives are brought into focus. To help you know and follow these laws is the goal of this book.

  • 101 secretos para una vida sana (Espanol)
    Jorge Alberto Gonzalez, M. D.

    feel good again. The time that you invest in reading this book will be like spending a couple of hours in the doctor’s office, kindly talking with him. He takes time to clarify your doubts and provides you guidance on the best way you can do things to benefit your health, on how to feel better

  • Take Charge of Your Health
    Hans Diehl, DrHSc, MPH, FACN, Aileen Ludington, M.D.

    …"Today I am off all medication, have no more angina, and feel full of energy and interest in life. . . . I don't plan to retire until I'm 90."–Ruth Packer. "More than three years have passed. . . . My health and energy are better now than at any time in my life. On a recent 11-mile trek…

  • Ten Who Left
    Fred Cornforth, Tim Lale

    …Why do members leave the church? Do they come to doubt its doctrines and teachings? Is it because of conflict with other church members? Do they feel neglected? Some estimates suggest that between one and two million former Seventh-day Adventists live in North America alone-and that less than half…

  • ¡Salta!
    Patricia Navarro de Marquez

    …is every day you read one of your pages, you feel like you're getting higher, closer to the sky. To get high on life and someday take the highest, highest jump, and get to heaven, we must be friends of Jesus. With this book you can get to know Jesus and be better friends with him. Take the Jump!

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  • Devotional Boxed Gift Set 2019 (Authentic/God's Amazing Grace)
    Shawn Boonstra, Ellen G. White

    God's Amazing Grace (Evening Devotional) As we make Christ our daily companion we shall feel that the powers of an unseen world are all around us; and by looking unto Jesus we shall become assimilated to His image. By beholding we become changed. The character is softened, refined, and…

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  • Parenting Your Infant/Toddler by the Spirit
    Sally Hohnberger

    …quite like the feeling of looking into the yes of your newborn for the first time! The wonder of creation mixed with the sense of opening a fresh page of life fills you with awe. What kind of story will this child write? Will she know and love God? Will he leave the world a better place? Can parents…

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  • Take Charge of Your Health (eBook)
    Aileen Ludington, M.D.

    …"Today I am off all medication, have no more angina, and feel full of energy and interest in life. . . . I don't plan to retire until I'm 90."–Ruth Packer. "More than three years have passed. . . . My health and energy are better now than at any time in my life. On a recent 11-mile trek…

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  • How to Know God's Will in Your Life
    Morris L. Venden

    "How important are your feelings in knowing God's will? Can you expect God to lead you when you open your Bible and put your finger on a random text? How much weight should you give to the advice of friends? What if God's will seems very plain through all that happens in your life, and suddenly "the…

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  • Ten Who Came Back
    Pat Habada, Tim Lale

    …know someone who has. Ten who Came Back explores the thoughts, feelings, and fears of ten people who left the church but have come back with renewed dedication. Each of these stories is unique. Perhaps you will empathize with them or better yet, learn from them. What drives former members away? What…

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  • Blessed Are They: True Stories of God's Love in Action
    Céleste Perrino-Walker

    …who are truly the blessed. Through sacrifice, by putting others’ needs ahead of their own, they are living out the Beatitudes. They are bettering people’s lives on the earth as they exemplify their Father in heaven through various ministries. They are the stories of those whose lives…

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