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  • 52 Things to Do on the Sabbath
    Glen Robinson

    …Read or Write for an Elderly Person 42. Prepare a Special Program 43. Call or Write Someone Who Needs Encouragement For the Tiny Tot 44. Sabbath Felts 45. Box With Special Toys 46. Finger Plays On Friday Night 47. Design a Poster Around a Bible Verse 48. Special Activity Tied to Sabbath School…

  • Strangers in the Land
    Louise A. Vernon

    …“Line up against the wall,” the dragoon commanded the Huguenots. The simple command struck terror in Pierre such as he had never felt before. His tongue felt thick, and he panted hard, as though he had been running. “Are they going to kill us?” Claude whispered. It was October, and morning…

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  • Son Come Back Home (Spanish)
    Alejandro Bullón

    At one time or another, we have all felt alone and helpless, unable to make sense of our lives. Those feelings can be overcome by a feeling of security, a sense of belonging and purpose, which comes from the certainty of being accepted into the great heavenly family whose Father is not only powerful…

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  • Encountering God's Grace

    If you enjoy stories about God’s amazing grace . . . If you’ve ever felt discouraged and wondered if God is near . . . Then turn to the message for January 1 and begin a year of daily reminders that . . .* God is alive* He intervenes in the lives of those who love and serve Him* He can…

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  • Ellen G. White: The Early Years, 1827-1862 (vol. 1)
    Arthur L. White

    …known as an individual–a wife and mother, a neighbor and friend–as well as the messenger of the Lord, laboring tirelessly in the pulpit and on the public platform in declaring God’s message and in counseling often and writing incessantly, with influence felt the world around.

  • Crescendo
    Jaime Jorge

    …all began to fall apart. His illness returned. His marriage disintegrated. And as he looked for answers and relief in all the wrong places, Jaime felt like a fraud, wondering how God could possibly love him. But through it all God never left him. As Jaime allowed God to take control of his life once…

  • Julius Again!
    VeraLee Wiggins

    Julius was nowhere to be found! Mitch looked all over the farm and couldn't find him anywhere. Blinking back tears, Mitch felt alone. His feathered friend was gone. But Julius' disappearance wasn't the only thing bothering Mitch. You see, Mitch's dad had died when Mitch was a baby, and now his mom…

  • No Heil Hitler!
    Paul Cieslar

    …and the ominous black crosses on the wings. The noise was deafening. The three planes were flying toward me at terrific speed. The noise alone felt like it would shake all my teeth out. I saw the flicker of flames as the first plane fired its guns, and heard the trees above my head splintering…

  • Jungle Thorn
    Norma Youngberg

    …grabbed hold of the long vines that hung from the trees, and began to swing. But this time, Kondima’s vine broke. She fell into the bushes and felt a sharp pain in her eye. A thorn stuck right in her eye! This beautifully illustrated picture book version of Jungle Thorn will show your child a…

  • Fly Away CD

    In 2010 Forgiven strongly felt the Lord guiding them to record again in English. Their mission and passion are the same - a desire to bring both young and old to the feet of Jesus through their music. Available Tracks: 1. I Will Lift My Eyes 2. From The Inside Out 3. Jesus I'm In Love With You 4.…

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  • Good as Gold
    Heather Grovet

    …and had soared over each jump. Only a few months ago Blondie had been strong-willed and stubborn, responding to Megan’s cues only when she felt like it. All of the ponies and their riders had made much progress with Trish’s help. That gave the girls courage to ask Trish if she thought…

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  • Satisfied CD
    Fountainview Academy

    Jesus satisfies. Have you ever felt lonely, ever been tired, ever needed inspiration? Jesus offers everything we ever needed or wanted in endless supply! Trust Him! May Jesus be especially near you as these sacred favorites bring you hope, encouragement, inspiration, and most of all, satisfaction!…

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  • Never a Dull Moment
    Kay D. Rizzo

    …Center to determine availability. Surrounded by her 165 "daughters" in the academy girls' dorm, Dean Rizzo sometimes felt like the old woman who lived in the shoe. Other times she felt like a mother hen. Or a referee. Or maybe a drill sergeant. If you want peace and quiet, comfortable routine, and…

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  • Down the River Road
    Paula Montgomery

    …Book Center to determine availability. Book 2 in the Becka Bailey series. Academy! Becka felt her heart thud as she walked up the steps to her new school. A freshman, a stranger, and alone, Becka felt very small and very frightened. The fear didn't last long, though. Friends, dorm life, and…

  • True Believer

    …will set you free," Alexander Bolotnikov’s family complied. But the system they sacrificed everything to join denied them access. Alexander keenly felt the sting of betrayal. He had idolized Lenin. Believed the government’s promises. And loved the Communist Party with all his heart. Disillusioned,…

  • Intentional Evangelism: Planning for Success
    Joseph Webb

    …people as we can into God’s eternal Kingdom. As Dr. Webb was writing the Adult Sabbath School Bible Study Guide for second quarter 2012, he felt a need for a book that would challenge people to move from studying about evangelism to being intentionally involved. Although this book suggests…

  • Impaled
    Ernest H. J. Steed

    …as if lightning struck—he felt a walloping thud on his back with an intense stab of pain in his chest, as he was knocked violently to his hands and knees. He heard the door slam shut, and Kaliauae suddenly emitting piercing screams in the night. Brian felt his chest and back, and called…

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  • The Vitality Makers
    Eileen E. Lantry

    …Adventist Book Center to determine availability. I stopped at the driveway, took one last puff on my cigarette, and felt my heart beating fast. Why was I so nervous? Something in me felt like a little boy being left off at the first day of school. “Get yourself together, Sid! You’re the…

  • Scar Across the Heart
    Bob Prouty

    …to determine availability. There was a certain satisfaction coming back to Lukanga as a second-term missionary, a certain sense of reassurance. I felt that at last I was starting to make some small degree of progress. I had three years of experience to draw on now. I had trudged hundreds of miles…

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  • Love Out Loud
    Ardis Stenbakken

    …out in welcome, His tears sliding down the face of a beloved friend, His voice whispering words of encouragement. And even when He was silent and the world seemed to be crashing down around them, they have felt His presence. You never know . . . you may have already heard His love out loud too.

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  • Making Sabbath Special
    Céleste Perrino-Walker

    …title right away, please call your local Adventist Book Center to determine availability. Have you ever approached sunset on Friday evening and felt your spirit groan rather than rejoice? What would you do, how would you feel, if at the stroke of sundown this Friday night you were suddenly…

  • They Came to Wrong Way Home
    Jan S. Doward

    …determine availability. "Not only have they told me there'll be no more work, but--but we have to move." The heavy tread of the 1929 depression was felt on the doorstep of the Smith family. Like death itself, it was an unwelcome visitor. There was a strange foreboding of what the future would bring,…

  • In the Manner of Jesus
    Reuben Hide

    …excellence and richness from constant reference to how Jesus communicated --how He built bridges to people by appealing to their interests and felt needs, how He won their confidence, and how He made Himself understood by them. The appeal to the reader is to imitate the Master's methods,…

  • Keepers of the Flame
    Merlin L. Neff

    …a new zest for life, a stronger faith in God and man.” Keepers of the Flame is written for men and women, young and old, who wish to see, to feel, and, discover what the poets and literary masters of English and American literature have felt and expressed concerning the Christian adventure.

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