Finding Calm

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  • Finding Calm In the Chaos Of Life
    Julian Melgosa

    “If you aim for a joyful, balanced life and wish to have total health even in the imperfection of this world, follow Jesus’ suggestion, ‘Remain in me, and I will remain in you’ (John 15:4)” A growing body of scientific evidence indicates that faith, prayer, hope,…

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  • Steps to Shalom
    Ellen G. White

    …or more times, picking it up over and over again to find comfort when grieving, strength during hardship, hope through discouragement, peace amidst stress, joy at times of sadness, and victory over habits. Even in times of prosperity and calm people enjoy reading it to lift them to an even higher…

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  • The Coming Global Crisis
    Marvin Moore

    …Book Center to determine availability. The Coming Global Crisis focuses on practical ideas for the spiritual preparation you'll need to keep a level head and a calm trust in God during any crisis, be it personal or the global one that is soon to come. Click here to find this book as an eBook.

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  • Feliz para siempre (Espanol)
    Ellen G. White

    …Happiness for life shows how anyone can find answers for problems and burdens through a relationship with Jesus Christ. The timeless insights of Ellen White still so relevant today, show how to experience God's joy and guidance and offer help in the calm assurance that God is in ultimate control…

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  • Peace Above the Storm
    Ellen G. White

    calm amid the skies. So may it be with you in every sorrow As storms of grief and trial weave their shrouds. There is a place of refuge for the morrow- You'll find it as you rise above the clouds. Above the clouds-I mean of earths repining- The child of faith may rise on eagles' wings To find the…

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  • Jubilation Morn'
    Jean E. Holmes

    …increasingly distant. And though known for fair treatment of his slaves, of late, he finds himself lashing out at them. But soon, these concerns will barely matter. For these are but the final moments of calm before the horror begins. Jubilation Morn' continues the captivation series by Jean Holmes…

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