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  • Faith Is the Reason
    Rick Foster

    …not be in this world, but only in Jesus and the cross. Faith Is the Reason intersperses 14 familiar hymns with five original compositions. Rick Foster, a master craftsman on the guitar, has recorded over 100 hymns and performed hundreds of concerts. He is joined by Jonathan Roth, a dedicated…

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  • Life After Divorce
    Gayle C. Foster

    …remarry?* In today’s permissive culture, how does a single Christian find a companion who shares his or her values? In Life After Divorce Gayle Foster shares her own tragic story and the practical lessons she learned from it that can help others to avoid what she went through—or if they…

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  • Healing Hearts Restoring Minds
    Sharon Platt-McDonald, MSc RHV, RM, RGN

    ‘Physical illnesses are often produced by half-used minds,’ said George Bernard Shaw. There is certainly an interconnectedness between emotional and mental health, and health of the body. This book is about how to foster emotional and mental health and well-being.

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  • Finding Calm In the Chaos Of Life
    Julian Melgosa

    …and personal illustrations to demonstrate how essential it is that we partner with Christ in dealing with the all-too-human experiences of depression, anger, guilt, and stress. Abiding in Jesus, being in intimate connection with Him is the way to foster spiritual growth, well-being, and happiness.

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  • Light Your World For God: A Dynamic Soul-winning Manual to Lead Your Church
    Ernestine Finley, Mark Finley

    …groups * Equip and train each member to use his/her spiritual gifts in service * Develop an ongoing, effective Bible study ministry outreach * Foster weekly witnessing activities * Reap the greatest results from public evangelistic meetings * Nurture new believers to become solid members of the…

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  • It Takes a Church
    Gary Hopkins, Joyce Hopp

    …With no-nonsense language and drawing from research, the authors explain how to:* Develop social support through a network of people who care.* Foster resilience in kids dealing with overwhelming odds.* Open the doors of communication to talk about sex and values.* Mentor our young people through…

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  • An Anxious Kind of Mind
    Randy Fishell

    …in anxiety and related disorders.* Important recent research and neuroimaging studies relate to anxiety disorders.* How spiritual dysfunction fosters mental distress.* Important information on medication and other therapies.* Encouragement and guidance to help you reclaim your life from anxiety…

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