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  • Found Wanting CD
    Aaron Jones

    …player with a contemporary flare. Aaron's original music and lyrics emit his passion for Christ. Available Tracks:* He's All You Need* Hold On* Faithful* All The Strength I Have* Faithful* Found Wanting* Remind Me* The One* Recreate Us* Good News* Father Wait* Let Your Heart Run* Rather Be With Me

    $15.98 $2.97
  • Silver Skates
    Nancy Beck Irland

    …to determine availability. ' I want to be free! I want to be me!' Gale Brawand found freedom on her ice skates. She thought she could find freedom from her mother's religion by joining the Ice Capades. Touring the country with other professional skaters, she found new friends, including several…

  • Hymns of Hope and Joy DVD
    Christian Edition

    In Hymns of Hope and Joy, Christian Edition wants to share with you what they have found to be a great source of healing: Music that is centered in the love and compassion of Jesus Christ. The musical selection in this video are to help you, the listener and viewer, come to that place in your life…

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  • Rekindling a Lost Passion
    Russell Burrill

    …the saints. New churches are demanded by the Lord of the harvest in order that the lost might be found. Existing churches simply cannot manage the harvest that God wants to send." Some talk much of ‘finishing the work." These pages are for those who want not just to talk about it but to do it.

  • A Bridge Across Time
    Dan M. Appel

    "So you want every Saturday Off?" Alex couldn't believe his luck. Clark was just the kind of employee his business needed. Smart, driven, incredibly talented. He couldn't afford to refuse his request. But what interested him most was Clark's kind explanation based on what he found in the Bible. Alex…

  • For Such a Time
    Ed Dickerson

    …didn’t find the comparisons compelling. I asked Ed about this and he explained, “I wanted to pre-empt any notion on the part of the reader that ‘she did well, for a woman.’ I wanted to point out that these women did well by any measure, often overcoming greater obstacles than…

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  • Louis Braille and His Magic Dots
    Yvonne Davy

    …Center to determine availability. Louis didn’t want to be a useless beggar. He became an honored, loved professor. He didn’t want to remain like a bean in the dark earth. He wanted to grow and be a blessing to others. He found that God could use him to bring light and joy to millions…

  • Hymns in Flamenco Guitar CD
    Daniel Martinez

    …I’ve Found A Friend in Jesus* Thou Didst Leave Thy Throne* This is My Father’s World* Jamás Podrá Alguien Separarnos* Far Beyond The Sun* Huye Cual Ave a su Monte* Cuan Glorosia Será la Mañana* I Want Jesus to Walk With Me* Amazing Grace* I Want to Sing Like…

    $15.98 $11.97
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  • More and Still More: A Passion for All God Offers
    Joe Engelkemier

    …more of the character qualities found in our precious Savior. If you have found prayer to be the key that unlocks heaven's storehouse, let this book guide you through the storehouse door and show you how to lay hold of the riches God has prepared for those who want MORE. ' Click here to find this…

  • God For Us
    James W. Gilley

    …to receive Him into your own heart as your personal Savior. “Jesus wants to be a very real part of your life today. He doesn’t want to be just Someone that you sing about and pray to on Sabbath morning. He wants to be your constant Companion. And He will be – if you let Him.”…

    $14.99 $2.97
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  • Esther: Courage to Stand
    Trudy J. Morgan-Cole

    …matter to the soldiers that she didn’t want to go—no one questioned the king’s orders. She was the king’s property, and she could never leave the palace. Even if the king didn’t want her. But as it turned out, he did want her. So this once-carefree Jewish girl became…

  • The Cure for Soul Fatigue
    Karl Haffner

    …victimized. We find ourselves too tired, hurried and preoccupied to have a meaningful relationship with God. Pastor and author Karl Haffner has found a better way. With lots of laugh therapy along the way, and mega-doses of wisdom, pastor Karl exposes the root causes of soul fatigue and prescribes…

  • Help In Daily Living
    Ellen G. White

    “Often our plans fail that God’s plans for us may succeed.” Are you searching for life above the ordinary? Do you want true and lasting relationships, a genuine godly character, and a practical everyday faith that fills your life and the lives of those you touch with blessings?…

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  • A Dog for Darcy
    Birdie Leigh Etchison

    …time for delivery. If you need this title right away, please call your local Adventist Book Center to determine availability. Darcy didn’t want to leave Lance behind. She loved her collie. But she didn’t have any choice. Mom and Dad and Janet were moving to the big city, and Lance…

  • Failure is not Final
    Roger Hernandez

    …forehead. We all want to be part of the winning team. Right? But statistics remind us that everyone—yes, that means you—will experience failure in their lives. It’s a fact. Failure is not Final is written to get you past your failures to the success that is often found just one…

    $2.49 $1.97
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  • Esther: Courage to Stand (eBook)
    Trudy J. Morgan-Cole

    …beautiful. It didn’t matter to the soldiers that she didn’t want to go—no one questioned the king’s orders. She was no the king’s property, and she could never leave the palace. Even if the king didn’t want her. But as it turned out, he did want her. So this once-carefree Jewish girl became the wife…

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  • Reaching the Unreachable
    Martin F. Scott

    …more similar to those on the inside than you thought. A prisoner seeking God is someone who wants a personal relationship with Him. They come face to face with their sinful nature, yearn for the peace found in the grace of God, and search for a way to transform their life for the better. Scott…

    $10.99 $8.97
  • My Favorite Integrity Stories
    Joe L. Wheeler

    …were close, the chief, Mox Mox, rode ahead and spoke to him. Brice could speak a little of the Indian tongue. “What do you want?” he asked. “We want you,” the chief replied. “In the many months that went into the search for these integrity stories, I gained a new…

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  • Ending The Pain
    Lindsey Gendke

    …the spirit control your mind leads to life and peace” (Rom. 8:6, NLT). Nineteen-year-old Lindsey found herself at a Bible retreat desperate to hear something- anything- that would make her want to live. As the music played and the speaker claimed they could all be “free in Christ, right…

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  • Guide's Greatest Discovery Stories
    Lori Peckham

    …of his way in fright. Suddenly he saw a round white pebble lying next to a clamshell. He scooped it up quickly and stuck it in his pocket. “I found a pretty white stone,” he boasted to the other children at recess. Like many of the best stories—most of the stories in Guide’s…

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  • Stewardship: Motives of the Heart Bible Book Shelf 1Q 2018
    John Mathews

    …refusing to be accountable. Do we know what our purpose is? Author John Mathews believes the answer may be found in a topic that some might find boring or irrelevant—stewardship. We want to be stewards who know how to live, behave, and give in a world of chaos, so that ultimately our life is…

    $14.99 $7.97
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  • A Thousand Shall Fall
    Susi Hasel Mundy, Maylan Schurch

    …faithful whatever the cost, and found refuge in the shadow of the Almighty. From the Back Cover . . . The lieutenant’s face turned beet-red. "You must be mad, private!" he bellowed. "This is the German Army! This battalion’s going to war, and you want Saturday off?" Under his breath he…

  • Paul: A Spiritual Journey
    Ken Wade

    …the world. We are all on a journey. We all have some growing up to do. Through Paul’s story and his words, the Power that transformed him can take hold of our hearts. In his life, we can see who God wants us to be and the work He wants us to finish. Click here to find this book as an eBook.

    $14.99 $12.97
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  • Miracle From the Streets
    Cheri Peters

    …via the web site. Some local stores may have stock. Please call your local store at 1-800-765-6955 for availability. Abused and unwanted, Cheri found a life of violence and addiction from which she knew there was no escape--until she was shown the power of God's unconditional love. "To hear Cheri…

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