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  • The Battle for Freedom
    Erwin R. Gane

    …document. So many of our recent theological battles have swirled around the words of Paul to the Galatian churches. He was in a fight for freedom. Judaizers challenged Paul’s assertion that salvation is by God’s grace alone. The gathering storm threatened to engulf the early…

  • When The Vow Breaks
    Richard D'Avanso

    …hopelessness and despair * Fill the void of loneliness with God’s loving presence * Help your children feel secure and loved even after the divorce * Know when you’re ready for an new relationship * Become a new person in Christ and a loving marriage partner * Find freedom in forgiveness

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  • Christ's Way to Restoration
    Philip G. Samaan

    …Himself our rebellion on the cross, suffering its grave consequences and providing us restoration for now and eternity. Let us use our God-given freedom of choice to make the right decision of trusting and obeying Him with all our being. With the divine enmity against evil, implanted in our hearts,…

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  • Journey to Freedom
    Patricia Maxwell

    …she met; and at the age of ninety-seven she received her church's highest award for educational excellence, the Medallion of Merit. Born to former slave parents, Anna went on to share God's love at home and abroad. Hers was truly a Journey to Freedom. Click here to find this book as an eBook.

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  • Fountains of Freedom
    Erwin H. Goldenstein, George E. Rotter, Andrew A. Weresh

    This book is part of the Pacific Press Heritage line up and is printed on demand. Please allow additional time for delivery. If you need this title right away, please call your local Adventist Book Center to determine availability. Leading educators and religious leaders have been telling us for a…

  • Clamor de libertad (Espanol)
    Alfredo Campechano

    …the freedom found in faith. It invites the reader to believe the promise of the Liberator from all oppression, who said "if the Son makes you free, you will be free indeed." Jn 8:36. You will learn to fight against the chains that hod you and accept the precious gift that god offers: freedom.

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  • When the Jordan Rolls
    Herman and Sonnie Harp

    …Hudgins Harp and selected songs from other gifted composers. Highlighting this inspirational collection are original songs such as 'The Price of Freedom,' a song written in memory of the 9/11 tragedy, a touching tribute to Herman’s mom entitled 'Ellen’s Song,' and the title cut 'When the…

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  • Silver Skates
    Nancy Beck Irland

    …your local Adventist Book Center to determine availability. ' I want to be free! I want to be me!' Gale Brawand found freedom on her ice skates. She thought she could find freedom from her mother's religion by joining the Ice Capades. Touring the country with other professional skaters, she found…

  • Sabbath School Program Planner
    Dorothy Eaton Watts

    …Friday Night Traditions Miniseminars: Discover God's Guidance Modern Parables: Sabbath School Clinic Quiz Programs:Listening Test Scripted Panels: Freedom to Make New Friends Skits: Millennium-Year One Small Group Sharing: Righteousness by Faith Surprise Programs: Happy Birthday, World! Travelogues:…

  • Red Coats and Scimitars
    Patty Knittel

    In the 1800s, under promises of free land, freedom of religion, and exemption from taxes and military service, many German families emigrated to Russia. Red Coats and Scimitars is the true story of Karl Schwartz, a German boy growing up in the Ukraine, who was forced into the Russian army and who…

  • Forty Centuries of Law and Liberty
    Varner J. Johns

    …rights of men and the freedom of spirit impaled upon the stake of intolerance. It was a great victory for human liberty when the American philosophy of life and government declared the inalienable rights of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” Freedom of worship is a glorious…

  • Inspiring Animated Heroes: Harriet Tubman DVD
    Richard Rich

    …her people” for good reason. From 1849 to 1860, in 17 dangerous missions to the Confederate South, she helped more than 300 slaves escape to freedom in the North. Harriet Tubman's selflessness and disregard for personal safety along with her deep faith in God enabled her to help family members…

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  • Steps to Jesus - the Ride of Your Life
    Ellen G. White

    The freedom of the open road, the rush of the wind in your face, and the thrill of an IMAX® theater view of the world are things a person must experience to really understand. Knowing Jesus isn’t any different. People can tell you about Him, but unless you experience Him personally, you just won’t…

  • Overcoming Alcoholism
    Walter E. Kloss

    …examples to demonstrate the kind of help alcoholics need. He specifies what it takes for them to admit an addiction and then survive the painful process of recovery. Concerned family members and friends will find this book a well-organized aid for leading a loved one toward freedom from alcohol.

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  • Steps to Jesus the Ride of Your Life - Case of 100
    Ellen G. White

    This product is a case of 100 books. Single copies of this title are also available. The freedom of the open road, the rush of the wind in your face, and the thrill of an IMAX® theater view of the world are things a person must experience to really understand. Knowing Jesus isn’t any different.…

  • Imprison Him!

    …treatment for six nightmarish months. In this book Antonio Silva recounts more than a story; it is a tremendous challenge. Its impact and relevance will inspire and challenge you long after you finish the book. It will make you tremendously thankful for every freedom and convenience you daily enjoy.

  • Comrades in Christ
    George E. Vandeman

    …be free to love God—or withhold love from Him—without interference from the government. In Comrades in Christ, George E. Vandeman gives the reader an inspiring look into the history of Russia and its atheistic government that suppressed religion and undermined the freedom of conscience.

  • Shot Down!
    John M Curnow

    …down to German-occupied France—the sole survivor among his crewmates. John Curnow was as determined as anyone on earth to have and defend freedom. Time and again he escaped his captors. But, after each escape, he found himself held captive again. After the war, bad habits and a fast-paced…

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  • Babylon Rising
    John Bradshaw

    Revelation speaks of a mysterious power that rises to the height of global dominion. It will strip the world of religious freedom and grip national economies in a financial stranglehold-culminating with the mark of the beast. Is "Babylon" a shadowy secret society, an out-of-control government or a…

  • Tobacco: You Can Be Free
    Loma Linda University

    …with self-discovery about the reasons why you smoke and why nicotine addiction is so compelling. Once you are empowered with knowledge, tailor the treatment steps to your situation, and get the professional help you need, then you can banish tobacco from your life and enjoy the freedom you desire.

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  • The Man Who Couldn't Be Killed
    Stanley Maxwell

    …was struck by the unexpected heavy sentence-twenty years in a hard-labor camp. His persecutors thought they had taken away Mr. Wong's religious freedom and tried to take his life. But they didn't know the intensity of their prisoner's faith or the power of his God. The Man Who Couldn't Be Killed…

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  • The Gospel vs. Legalism
    Marvin Moore

    …God's intent for the law. It helps us understand what legalism is all about and how we can escape its crippling consequences to experience joyful freedom in Christ. You'll see that there are many similarities between the problems Christians faced in Galatia and those we face today. Paul encourages…

  • No Matter What Happens, Life Is Still Beautiful!
    Enrique Chaij

    …that are enriched in all environments, including marriage and the family.* The best method for controlling negative emotions.* How to obtain freedom from addictions that enslave. In these pages we will also discover where to find that source of unsurpassable power that is available to everyone…

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  • An Anxious Kind of Mind
    Randy Fishell

    …relate to anxiety disorders.* How spiritual dysfunction fosters mental distress.* Important information on medication and other therapies.* Encouragement and guidance to help you reclaim your life from anxiety disorders.* You are holding the keys to freedom in your hand. Welcome to your new life.

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