Gaining Decisions

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  • Gaining Decisions for Christ
    Louis Torres

    …the head into the heart. The author explains how to read the signals when someone is under conviction by the Holy Spirit and how to call for a decision. Individual chapters provide examples of successful closing appeals, answers to many common objections, 12 mistakes to avoid, and key soul-winning…

  • End-Time Living
    Mark Finley

    …all of us make better decisions in these troubled times. God gave humans the ability to make moral choices. Today, we need that ability more than ever before. Let Pastor Finley help you:* Understand Bible prophecies * Find faith and hope * Explore the power of prayer * Gain release from past hurts…

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  • The Book That Changed the World
    Nikolaus Satelmajer

    …Story of the king James Version In 1604, King James I met with England's religious leaders to discuss various issues. A surprising outcome was the decision to publish a new Bible translation. Some fifty scholars gathered at Westminster, Cambridge, and Oxford to work on the project. The end result in…

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  • Encontros (Português)
    Roberto Badenas

    …and women who had the decisive one. You can experience the same today. The encounters of Jesus recorded in the Gospels are striking. His spiritual wealth transcends culture and time. But when a brilliant author like Roberto Badenas describes and interprets them, they gain a new dimension and become…

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