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  • Gate of the Gods
    Thurman C. Petty

    …pay homage to him. Little did Nebuchadnezzar know that he had been chosen by God to bring retribution to the nations of the world for their sins. Little did he know that he himself was the object of pursuit and that God would employ prophetic dreams, four loyal Judean captives, a fiery furnace, and,…

  • Siege at the Gates
    Thurman C. Petty

    …the Temple and led the people of Judah back to the true God. In the face of seemingly inescapable defeat at the hands of Sennacherib, perhaps the most powerful—and the most cruel--of all the Assyrian kings, he clung to the promise that God would deliver Jerusalem. Hezekiah made mistakes. He had…

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  • The Temple Gates
    Thurman C. Petty

    …jeweled crown balanced on his head. He seems much too small to rule this nation of hardheaded, fickle-hearted people, but centuries before, a man of God had prophesied that this boy, Josiah, would follow Yahweh’s heart. Twelve years later, as he turns 20, King Josiah begins to purge Judah of the…

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  • Sweeeet! God's Awesome Plan For You
    Jan S. Doward

    He’s richer than Bill Gates . . . and a gazillion times smarter. He’s more powerful than the president of the United States—and cares about you way more. He’s invented more things than Thomas Edison, keeps track of billions of people without a computer, and wants to be…

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  • The God Beyond Your Wildest Dreams (A Study Guide)
    James Berglund

    …tears, she said, “That’s the God I wish I knew. If He were like you just said, then even I would have hope. But the God you just described is the God beyond my wildest dreams.” I broke into a smile. “Then let me introduce you to the God beyond your wildest dreams.” The…

  • Mission Miracles
    David Gates, Eileen E. Lantry

    …of David and Becky Gates, missionaries to the Amerindians of Guyana and Venezuela. As you see what God has done for the ministry of David and Becky Gates, think again about what God can do through your service to Him. This book will inspire you to trust your life and future to God’s leading.

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  • Popcorn, the Pearly Gates, and Other Kernels of Truth
    E. Lonnie Melashenko

    …faith? Or are the two the same? Since 1930 the Voice of Prophecy radio broadcast has been providing Christians with examples of how the Word of God translates into tangible truths for everyday living. The authors, Voice of Prophecy speaker E. Lonnie Melashenko and David B. Smith share some insights…

  • Las oraciones más poderosas de la Biblia (Espanol)
    Ricardo Bentancur

    …book, it will help you reach new heights in your spiritual life. Your faith in God will be strengthened and your life will be transformed. Prayer is the divine key to open the gates of heaven and receive the treasures that God has prepared for you and your family. As a Biblical commentary, this book…

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  • An Endless Falling in Love
    Ty Gibson

    …and an emotional journey into the character of God and the gift of eternity. Beyond the cliches about harps, clouds, gold streets, and gates of pearl, Gibson shows eternal life to be an ever-deepening free-fall into friendship-love with God. Against this backdrop, the doctrines of the Trinity,…

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  • Sweeeet! (eBook)
    Jan S. Doward

    …to your device, please visit for a complete listing of eBooks and availability on other eBook stores. He’s richer than Bill Gates . . . and a gazillion times smarter. He’s more powerful than the president of the United States—and cares about you way more. He’s invented more…

  • Calvary CD

    …to the word of God. "And when they were come to the place, which is called Calvary, there they crucified Him." For transgression of the law of God, Adam and Eve were banished from Eden. Christ, our substitute, was to suffer without the boundaries of Jerusalem. He dies outside the gate, where felons…

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  • Testimonies for the Church Flash Drive MP3 Audio
    Ellen G. White

    …store at 1-800-765-6955 for availability. God's people have always had a messenger, a powerful voice that convicts hearts, guides minds, and draws His people to a closer relationship with Jesus Christ. Now you can discover a last-day revelation of how God has led in the past, how He is leading…

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  • I Will Die Free
    Kay D. Rizzo

    …earth. I Will Die Free tells the remarkable story of Noble Alexander's determined fight to stay alive and remain faithful to his Lord inside the very gates of hell. Denied sleep, given maggot-infested gruel to eat, beaten unmercifully, and forced to labor beyond the normal limits of human endurance,…

  • Spiritual Gifts, Volumes 3 & 4
    Ellen G. White

    …the sentence in questions, referring to the sacrificial system established at the gate of Eden, reads: "This system was corrupted before the flood, and by those who separated themselves from the faithful followers of God and engaged in the building of the tower of Babel." Mention should also be made…

  • Winning Sales and Souls
    Chester G. Cross

    …Adventist who has gone from home to home as a colporteur can forget the many and varied receptions he has experienced. At times it would seem the gates of heaven were opened before him, and at other times a formidable “iron curtain” faced him. Success in gospel salesmanship not only…

  • Forever Stories Set of 5 books
    Carolyn Byers

    …Forever Stories Coloring Books Volume 1: God Makes Our World Volume 2: God Makes a Promise Volume 3: Getting Ready for Jesus Volume 4: Jesus Lives With Us Volume 5: Jesus Takes Us Home* It’s Sunday morning and Jesus is "Alive." * In "A Beautiful Gate" they meet Peter and John and see a…

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  • Guardians of the Mercy Seat
    Bradley Booth

    “The ark of God has been captured,” he choked on the words. “It’s now in the hands of the Philistines.” Laadan dropped to his knees in the dirt of the city gate, his mind whirling like a wheel. All of this news was overwhelming! The battle with the Philistines had been…

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  • Touch Of His Hand Dbl
    Dona Klein

    …Tears* Written In Red* That's The Way To Find Happiness* I May Never Pass This Way Again* Follow Me* Eastern Gate/ Where The Roses Never Fade* All In The Name Of Jesus* Only One* God Speaks* All In The Name Of Jesus* At The Foot Of The Cross* I Asked The Lord* The Touch Of His Hand Visit…

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  • Mission Pilot
    Eileen E. Lantry

    …David Gates--aviator, nurse, computer specialist, and missionary-- prove that there’s no more exciting place on earth than in the will of God. Whether hijacked and imprisoned in a Mexican jail, touching down his airplane on remote jungle airstrips, escaping ambush and certain death in Peruvian…

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  • Forever Stories: Jesus Takes Us Home (Book 5)
    Carolyn Byers

    …and Jesus is "Alive." In "A Beautiful Gate" they meet Peter and John and see a miracle. They will be delighted with the description of "God’s City." "He Is Good," explains what happens to Planet Earth, sin, Satan, and all the people who hate God.. It invites children to spend eternity with…

  • A Wind to the Flame
    Helen Godfrey Pyke

    …multicolored locusts. Walter, his father, and several other Waldenses huddled in the church as the city began to die. Someone pulled open the main gate, and soldiers poured through it, burning and killing across the French city of Béziers. Would their plan to escape the doomed city succeed?…

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  • Bible Paradoxes
    Taylor G. Bunch

    …establish judgment in the gate." Hate and judgement are bad emotions, but Amos tells us to do them. Bible Paradoxes takes many of these strange scriptures, breaks them down, and explains them in plain English. When rightly understood, these spiritual truths are of vital importance for godly living.

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