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  • A God Named Desire
    Ty Gibson

    …after the insights of A God Named Desire are introduced into your mind. "A God Named Desire is the best book I have read on the nature of God. Ty Gibson starts with the needs of fallen humans, they are self centred and need love. But self centred love does not satisfy. He then concisely paints a…

  • Origin by Design, rev. ed.
    Robert H. Brown, Harold G. Coffin, L James Gibson

    Did life come from chemicals? In search of evidence for design, the authors leave no stone unturned. After surveying the Genesis creation and flood narratives, they examine coal beds, fossil tracks, mass extinctions, glaciation, volcanism, carbon-14 dating, rates of mutation, and Neanderthal man,…

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  • An Endless Falling in Love
    Ty Gibson

    …to you now Ty Gibson has done it again. A rare blend of smart and heart, An Endless Falling in Love is both an intellectual and an emotional journey into the character of God and the gift of eternity. Beyond the cliches about harps, clouds, gold streets, and gates of pearl, Gibson shows eternal life…

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  • Abandon Ship?
    Ty Gibson

    …unique persepective of an independent ministry leader who has desperately struggled with the temptation to "abandon ship." Through that struggle, Ty Gibson has emerged with a rich understanding of God's purpose for His church, solidly grounded in the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy. You, too, will…

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  • See With New Eyes
    Ty Gibson

    …turned away from God because they looked for Him in a person or a religious group and were disappointed by what they saw? See With New Eyes, by Ty Gibson, is about God. It's not about people or religions that claim to represent God, but about God Himself, as He has represented Himself in the One…

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  • In The Light of God's Love
    Ty Gibson

    Secret Spring of Spiritual Power Every now and then a book is written that penetrates beyond the head and speaks to the inmost heart. Page by page the reader senses the distinct moving of God's Spirit. Christ, in all His matchless glory, is exalted until self fades into insignificance. In the Light…

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  • Refresh!
    Ty Gibson

    The Seventh-day Adventist Church was officially organized in 1863, and it developed a passion for worldwide mission that was grounded in a strong sense of prophetic identity. While Adventism shared many fundamental beliefs with other denominations, its proclamation focused on its distinctive…

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  • Shades of Grace
    Ty Gibson

    …but so very lacking in real meaning. Grace is unmerited favor, and so much more, as you are about to discover. Find a quiet place and join the author, Ty Gibson, for an empowering series of intimate penetrations into the mind and emotions of God. And be prepared to be surprised by grace . . . again.

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  • The Sonship of Christ: Exploring the Covenant Identity of God and Man
    Ty Gibson

    …identities is immediately apparent. The solution needs to be consistent with both of these claims… and worthy of our wonder. Author, Ty Gibson, has written an easy-to-read book that explores the overall narrative of the Bible, as the big story it actually is, with key characters played out…

  • The One
    David Asscherick, Ty Gibson

    …and have fun, because honestly, and believe us on this, there is nothing more enjoyable, fulfilling, challenging, and just plain awesome than telling people about Jesus Christ. "Get up there, where 'there' is . . . get up in front and . . . preach your guts out!" - David Asscherick and Ty Gibson

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  • The One (eBook)
    David Asscherick, Ty Gibson

    …and have fun, because honestly, and believe us on this, there is nothing more enjoyable, fulfilling, challenging, and just plain awesome than telling people about Jesus Christ."Get up there, where 'there' is . . . get up in front and . . . preach your guts out!" - David Asscherick and Ty Gibson

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  • Origins
    L James Gibson

    This book, the companion book for the Adult Bible Study Guides for first quarter of 2013, focuses on the first three chapters of genesis. The author says that all the rest of the Bible finds its meaning in the context these chapters provide. To understand God, ourselves and our world, we must…

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  • Orígenes (Espanol)
    L James Gibson

    Este libro, el libro acompañante de la Guía de Escuela Sabática del ter. trimestre 2013, se centra en los tres primeros capítulos del Génesis. El autor dice que todo el resto de la Biblia encuentra su sentido en el contexto que estos capítulos ofrecen. Para…

    $6.99 $1.97
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  • Adventist Girl, Set Three
    Jean Boonstra

    An Australian adventure for a new Adventist girl! The year is 1898. Heather Gibson can hardly believe her family is moving to Australia. She wonders about this land so strange, so far from home. Will she like it? Will she make any friends? This was the time when Ellen White lived there and wrote her…

    $24.99 $14.97
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  • A paixão de Cristo (Português)
    Ellen G. White

    …story of all time. . . It’s the biggest love story of all time; God becoming man, and men killing God." –Mel Gibson In those few provocative words producer Mel Gibson captures a concise overview of the story of the passion of Jesus (Acts 1:3). But within the pages of this book you will…

  • Christmas In My Heart, Book 17
    Joe L. Wheeler

    …A St. Nicholas Magazine Christmas By Joseph Leininger Wheeler 1. President for One Hour By Fred P. Fox 2. Kane and Pard By Addison Howard Gibson 3. In Clean Hay By Eric P. Kelly 4. Where the Christmas Tree Grew By Mary Eleanor Wilkins Freeman 5. Something for Aunt Jane By Elizabeth Flint…

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  • Do Justice
    Nathan Brown, Joanna Darby

    …Diller “Look around you. There are men and women and children who await the justice you can enact, the mercy you can bestow.” –Ty Gibson “Biblical justice should be the pursuit of every human being—and love should be its foundation.” –Ella Smith Simmons This…

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  • The Grace Pipeline
    Shelley J. Quinn

    …. . . Every Christian will benefit from this Bible-based study of salvation." -- Jud Lake, ThD, DMin -- Southern Adventist University "This book is pure gold. Shelley has hit a home run." -- Ty Gibson -- Co-Director and Speaker for Light Bearers Ministry Click here to find this book as an eBook.

    $15.99 $10.97
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