God's Little Book Of Prayers For Men

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  • God's little book of Prayers for Men
    David Marshall

    Christian men, rise up---and fall on your knees before our awesome and gracious God. He has made full provision for us, which we can access by prayer. But what words should we use? How should men of God pray? Dr. David Marshall, retired editor of the Stanborough Press, investigates.

  • Stop Laughing: I'm trying to make a point
    Kim Peckham

    …insight and a twist of wisdom. “I’ve prayed for God to stop me from saying anything unkind. I’m not sure how that sort of prayer gets answered. Will I wake up one morning talking like Jimmy Carter? Or will God take the easy way out and just wire my jaw shut?” “Worry…

  • The Lord's Day
    Milton C. Wilcox

    …truth, of conscience and duty. On the one side is God, righteousness, and life; on the other is Satan, sin, and death. To all the seeking souls who prefer the Word of the eternal God of truth to the ever-changing traditions of fallible men, this little book is prayerfully dedicated by the author.

  • Kids' Time Praise CD

    …To Know* Father, I Adore You* Fishers Of Men* Footprints Of Jesus* For God So Loved The World* Give Me Oil In My Lamp* God Is So Good* Hallelu, Hallelujah!* Happy All The Time* Heavenly Father, I Appreciate You* Heavenly Sunshine* He's Able* He's God The Whole World In His Hands* His Banner Over…

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