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  • God Is Listening: Help in Daily Living
    Ellen G. White

    “Prayer is the opening of the heart to God as to a friend.” Is there some secret formula we need to learn in order to pray successfully? Does God really hear us when we pray? If you want to know more about effective prayer, then God Is Listening will encourage you on this journey of…

  • Listening to the Voice of God Bible Course (Portuguese)

    …de Vida Cristã 25. Educação Cristã 26. A Vida no Espírito 27. Um Ministéro para todos Listening to the Voice of God (Portuguese) is a series of Bible studies ideal for people who wish to give balanced spiritual instruction to students of the Holy Scriptures.

  • The Man Who Wouldn't Listen
    Connie Wells Nowlan

    listen to the advice of others. Because he wanted to do things his own way, not only he but his whole family suffered. It became harder and harder for his daughter Anna to understand why he didn’t listen to people who had more experience than he. Sometime it seemed he even ran ahead of God.

  • Beautiful in God's Eyes

    They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If that’s true, what does God see when He looks at you? In a world in which beauty is defined and distorted by industries that profit from making women feel inadequate, do you ever feel desperate for someone to see you for the person you really…

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  • God of Wonders DVD
    Eternal Productions

    …your local store at 1-800-765-6955 for availability. God's wonders surround us. And these marvels reveal much about our Creator. Through creation we glimpse His power and wisdom, His majesty and care. Creation is speaking to those who will listen . . . Join us on a remarkable journey of discovery as…

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  • Living God's Love
    Douglas Cooper

    …message is ever fresh and demands the attention of a new generation of Christians who dare to love as Jesus loved. Do you dare to love enough? To trust? To forgive? To listen? To feel? Loving people is sometimes easy and fun. Sometimes it is the hardest work in the world. But it is always the…

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  • God's Special Promises to Me
    Charles Mills

    …they do every day. God’s Word will take on new meaning as your child sees how Jesus listens when we pray, forgives us when we disobey, and is always there when we need Him. And the short “promise-a-day” format makes memorizing Scripture easy and fun. God’s Special Promises to…

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  • God Wants To Hear You Sing
    Christian Edition

    …Edition is known for their unique, precise sound. “God Wants To Hear You Sing” was recorded live at the 3ABN studios and contains 15 selections. Available Songs:* O FOR A THOUSAND TONGUES TO SING* GENTLE SHEPHERD* WHEN THE KINGDOM COMES* ANCIENT WORDS* SOON AND VERY SOON* LORD, LISTEN TO…

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  • Touch Points -- Learning About Prayer
    RosAnne C. Tetz

    …but don’t really grasp what is going on when a person prays. Often it doesn’t feel like God is listening. When people are going through times of hardship, this tract can explain to them when and how to pray, what to expect of God, and what God expects of us. This Touch Point brochure…

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  • Conversations With Jesus
    Jerry D. Thomas

    …D. Thomas returns to the story of Jesus and allows us to listen in on real conversations the Son of God had with ordinary people. People who struggled with the same issues we struggle with today. The conversations prove that God is listening. That He cares. That we matter. And that just as surely as…

  • Love Out Loud
    Ardis Stenbakken

    …who love your salvation repeatedly shout, “God is great!” Psalm 70:4, NLT Listen in as women from around the world shout God’s praise. Moments of joy and seasons of heartache are common to all of us, yet these women have learned to watch and listen for God’s love in action—His love “out loud.” They…

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  • Be Encouraged CD

    …in service to God through ministry in song. Many members are former Heritage Singers and each has a distinct style and heart for God that is sure to come through as you listen to these songs:* Say So Wonderful Peace * All You Need * Friend In Thee * I've Come to Tell You * Jesus Is All I Need *…

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  • I Can See
    Lila Cervantes

    …husband and their two beautiful children. I Can See is her debut album the CD is the story of her life. Every word that was penned and every tune sung was artistically created by a God who never forsook her. Her prayer is that God will take the listeners hand and comfort them in whatever they may be…

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  • Christ In Song CD Vol 4

    …for availability. Volume four is a rich blend of songs that will lead from repentance and restoration to relationship and witness. These songs will fill the receptive heart with a higher spiritual life. Our prayer is for God to minister these messages to each listener. 1. All Have Gone Astray 2.…

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  • Words From Jesus
    Sarah Jarvis

    Jesus is God spelling himself out in language man can understand. Don’t just read, listen . . .

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  • Singing Tree and Laughing Water
    Sylvia Hardwick

    …said we must be God’s helpers.” Mrs. Grant made a soft, groaning sound. “Oh, no!” she said “Help God, yes, but not with Elmer’s Glue!” Singing Tree and Laughing Water is filled with delightful stories that your little ones will love listening to you read.…

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  • Adventures of Kado
    Alice Mertie Underhill

    …a Christian.” Kado grew up listening to the charm doctor tell of the horrors which befell families who converted to Christianity. But Kado listened wide-eyed and curious to the missionary who told stories of God and Jesus. Soon, he became the messenger of God to his village and beyond. Click…

  • A Modern Mosaic
    Dorothy Minchin-Comm

    …Lord. While listening to the Voice of Prophecy radio program in the Feyerabend living room in their home on the plains of Saskatchewan, Henry decided what he wanted to do most. And this is the story of the development of his early dreams and plans. This story is a miracle story of how God used a man…

  • Forever Grateful CD
    Del Delker

    …Del Delker began her music ministry. This CD is a beautiful collection of songs that reflect how God has led in her life from 1947 through the present. Available Tracks:* BLESSED ASSURANCE * COME LET US REASON * HE HOLDS THE WORLDS TOGETHER * HE'S LISTENING TO YOU * HOW SWEET ARE THE TIDINGS * I AM…

  • How to Hug a Heart
    Tamyra Horst

    …of God means being “God with skin on” when someone needs a smile, a listening ear, or a hug. Little acts of kindness and encouragement; the sharing of warm, caring feelings—each of these can be like hugging a person’s heart. When your heart is overflowing with God’s

  • He Spoke and It Was: Divine Creation in the Old Testament V1
    Gerald A. Klingbeil

    …existence. This is where we encounter the God whose power is matched only by His love for His creation. He Spoke and It Was: Divine Creation in the Old Testament is the result of an interaction between Seventh-day Adventist Bible scholars, scientists, and educators. Listening to one another, they…

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  • Testimonies for the Church Flash Drive MP3 Audio
    Ellen G. White

    …with Jesus Christ. Now you can discover a last-day revelation of how God has led in the past, how He is leading today, and how he will lead you into eternity. This MP3 set offers an incredibly high-quality listening experience. You will enjoy hearing The Testimonies come to life as you've…

  • Dangers of Contemplative Prayer
    Howard Peth

    …spending quiet time, emptying your mind, and listening for the voice of God? So many parts of Spiritual Formation and contemplative prayer sound good – maybe even familiar. Satan is delighted that his age-old seductive weapon of spiritualism is now seeping into our churches. In these pages,…

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  • Parenting Your Teen by the Spirit
    Sally Hohnberger

    …make God real, personal and attractive,” Sally says. But it is not enough for your teens to know that Jesus is with them. They must know that Jesus is in them enabling changes in their outlook, desires and character. The only thing preventing any of us from spiritual growth and overcoming is

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