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  • Surviving Grief
    Sandy Zaugg

    …and her ultimate realization that reaching out to others is often the best healer. No two experiences are the same. Adults grieve differently than children. Women grieve differently than men. Death resulting from a long, drawn-out illness differs from sudden unexpected loss. Loss by suicide…

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  • United By Tragedy
    Cecil Murphey, Dr. David Wilkins

    …best-selling author Cecil Murphey, Dr. Wilkins shares his family’s intensely personal story of losing a son. The family journeys through grieving, questioning God, and finally receiving comfort from an unlikely source—a “reluctant fraternity” of people who didn’t know…

  • They're All Dead, Aren't They?
    Joy Swift

    …renewed hope. That story became the bestselling book, “They’re All Dead, Aren’t They?” Since its publication in 1986, this grieving mother’s journey toward hope has inspired countless thousands around the world. Through the years, Swift has authored other books about…

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  • The Woman at the Well
    Patty Froese Ntihemuka

    …hadn’t come for the priests and religious men or to conquer the Romans . . . Perhaps He had come for harlots and murderers and crushed, grieving husbands like Ashar. For confused sons and for barren women with stolen children. For escaped gladiators and their desperate wives. Perhaps the…

  • Touch Points -- How to Help a Grieving Friend
    Colleen L. Reece

    What do you say to someone who’s grieving? Every situation is different and it is difficult to know how to show sympathy without offending. This tract teaches 4 ways to show our hurting friends that we care. Written by a woman who endured a very emotional loss, these principles can be used by…

  • Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled
    Randy Maxwell

    …to say, but hard to do. The world has become a very scary place and believers get shaken, too. We have questions. We have doubts. We fear. We grieve. Author Randy Maxwell leads us on an inspirational journey to assurance in troubled times. Find refuge from worries about terror, death, God's love…

  • Steps to Shalom
    Ellen G. White

    …a peace, a shalom that passes understanding. Many have read this book ten or more times, picking it up over and over again to find comfort when grieving, strength during hardship, hope through discouragement, peace amidst stress, joy at times of sadness, and victory over habits. Even in times of…

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