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  • Grounds For Belief
    Ed Dickerson

    …that sound to others like gibberish’.” (1 Corinthians 14:19, The Message). Seekers, debaters, the proud, and the humble come to his Grounds for Belief café. Some come for the baked goods and others for games. Some to condemn and some to praise, but all, including you, are welcome…

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  • Beyond Common Ground
    Alden Thompson

    In Beyond Common Ground, author Alden Thompson examines the common ground that both liberal and conservative Adventists share—and he points out that, compared to most other Christians, ALL Adventists are pretty conservative! Thompson believes that in order to have a more complete, accurate…

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  • Higher Ground - Wedgewood Trio
    The Wedgwood Trio

    Come up on Higher Ground with Wedgwood in this new album that features Dick Walker on the fiddle and mandolin. The beloved folk group comes together with those vocal arrangements and harmonies that have made them a household name. Traditional favorites like "Church in the Wildwood," "Day of…

  • Breath of Life Bible Study Guide #2 - Firmly Grounded (Pkg of 100)
    Breath of Life Ministries

    Breath of Life Bible Study Guide #2 - "Firmly Grounded" teaches through the Scriptures that the Holy Bible is as sacred as our God who inspired His holy patriarchs over 1,600 years to pen and preach. Pacific Press®, in partnership with Breath of Life Ministries, has released a set of Bible Study…

  • Speaking Well of God
    Edward W. H. Vick

    …in the rough-and-tumble of real human life. But the Bible is an ancient document. * What does God mean to us in the twenty-first century? * What grounds do you have for believing in God? * Can you prove that God exists? * How can we give the word God meaning? * How would you answer an unbeliever who…

  • Graffiti in the Holy of Holies
    Clifford Goldstein

    …White take aim at the heart of Adventism. Clifford Goldstein responds in Graffiti in the Holy of Holies. Arguably his most important book in a decade, this book dissects the arguments being leveled at the investigative judgment and the Spirit of Prophecy revealing solid ground for our faith in both.

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  • From the Heart CD

    …listening from Legacy. Songs that will encourage and lift you up. Titles include: 1. What Is This? 2. Mary Did You Know 3. Hallelujah 4. Timeless 5. Stand By Me 6. When The Saints Go Marching In 7. Your Stubborn Love 8. Hymn Medley 9. Gift of Heaven 10. Use Me 11. Higher Ground 12. While It Is Day

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  • Soon & Very Soon
    Christian Edition

    …Soon and Very Soon * Gentle Shepherd * I Go to the rock * Great Is the Lord * Train Up a Child * Jesus Gentle Lamb * Loving God, Loving Each Other * Take Me to Higher Ground * Abide In Me * No More Night * Soon and Very Soon Reprise Visit to listen to sample tracks from this album.

  • No Greater Love CD
    Heritage Singers

    …CD from the Heritage Singers is creative arrangements of traditional songs. Available Tracks: 1. I Believe In a Hill Called Mount Calvary 2. Holy Ground 3. Great Is Thy Faithfulness 4. These Are They 5. At the Cross 6. He Is Able 7. Set Me On the Rock 8. Pass Me Not 9. Jesus Will Still Be There 10.…

  • Christian Edition: A Men's Chorus "Please Sing" Volume 2
    Christian Edition

    …Peace 5- My Heart’s Desire 6- How Great Thou Art! 7- Lift Up the Trumpet 8- I’m Bound for the Kingdom 9- The Armor of God 10- Higher Ground 11- Tears in a Bottle 12- Coming Home 13- Kumbaya 14- God Wants to Hear You Sing 15- Beneath the Cross of Jesus 16- Jesus Paid It All 17- Jesus…

  • Because Of Him CD
    Joedy Melashenko

    …Enjoy songs like "He's Been Faithful," "Blessed Assurance," "My God Is Real," "People Need the Lord," and more. Song List* He's Been Faithful * Holy Ground * Blessed Assurance * How Great Thou Art * My God Is Real * Somebody Touched Me * No One Ever Cared for Me Like Jesus * All in the Name of Jesus…

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  • Above & Beyond
    Stacy Piontek

    …music experience. Available Tracks: 1. Wonderful Peace 2. Fairest Lord Jesus 3. Savior, Like A Shepherd 4. O Day Of Rest And Gladness 5. Higher Ground 6. Teacher And Friend 7. It Is Well With My Soul 8. Blessed Assurance 9. Leaning On The Everlasting Arms 10. Comforter 11. Like A River Glorious…

  • Jesus Paid It All
    Christian Edition

    …Christian radio stations throughout the US and around the world – also featured on 3ABN. Available Tracks: 1. God Wants To Hear You Sing 2. Holy Ground 3. Joy! 4. Praise To The Lord 5. Old Rugged Cross 6. At His Name 7. This Is My Prayer 8. Shout To The Lord 9. Tears In A Bottle 10. Jesus Paid…

  • Toward A Theology of the Remnant
    Ángel Manuel Rodríguez

    This ground breaking book has been released by the Biblical Research Institute. It is the first full exegetical and theological study of the remnant as it applies to Adventist ecclesiology. Contents: The Remnant in the Old Testament The Remnant in Non-Canonical Jewish Apocalyptic Works and in Qumran…

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  • Where God And I Meet: The Sanctuary
    Martin Pröbstle

    …the story of that scarlet thread, but there is more to the story. To understand the scarlet thread fully, we must look at the sanctuary: the holy ground that offers a glimpse of God’s character and His plan of redemption. Mysterious and often misunderstood, the sanctuary is at the very heart of…

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  • No Heil Hitler!
    Paul Cieslar

    …the mountain of Kubalonka. They were in strict formation, one slightly in front of the others, as if taking part in a demonstration, barely above ground level. I could see the grey fuselage, the pilots in the cockpits and the ominous black crosses on the wings. The noise was deafening. The three…

  • Christian Edition: A Men's Chorus "Please Sing" Volume 1
    Christian Edition

    …enjoy the most requested songs in 2 Volumes. This is the 1st Volume of the recordings. Songs included are: 1- Ancient Words 2- Take Me to Higher Ground 3- Be Ye Holy 4- It Is Well with My Soul 5- We’ll Cast Our Crowns at His Feet 6- No More Night 7- When the Kingdom Comes 8- Daystar (Shine…

  • Abraham's Other Son: Islam Among Judaism and Christianity
    Philip G. Samaan

    …clarity and objectivity. May this book break new ground in dispelling many misunderstandings about the descendants of the other son of Abraham, and in drawing them to accept Jesus, the true Seed of Abraham. Let us hope that common ground of understanding will replace battlegrounds of…

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  • Shepherd Warrior
    Bradley Booth

    …at his oldest brother, Eliab, who was sharpening his sword. Eliab looked like a soldier, with his leather armored vest and his spear stuck into the ground beside him. His jet black eyes looked stern, and his jaw muscles tightened as he gripped his sword in his strong, sinewy hand. As Eliab turned to…

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  • En su presencia CD (Espanol)
    Ysis España

    …voice reaches out to convey God's love to all types of people. This CD contains 13 songs with a variety of styles, from the solemn tones of Holy Ground to the upbeat notes of One Day at a Time. Available Tracks:* Sobre Todo* Imploramos Tu Presencia-Introit* Lugar Sagrado* En Momentos Así* Yo…

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  • Broken Stick
    Eileen E. Lantry

    …via the web site. Some local stores may have stock. Please call your local store at 1-800-765-6955 for availability. Norman Ferris stood his ground as a group of 40 or 50 Bellonses warriors held their spears high and thundered across the sacred beach toward him. He had come to this remote…

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  • Determined to Love
    Kay D. Rizzo

    …the lot of the Indians of South America, and particularly to leading them to Christ. They were determined to love these people who were being ground down by the upper class. To Everyone's surprise, Ferdinand and Ana discovered that the Indians were just as intelligent and trustworthy as anyone…

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  • My Favorite Angel Stories
    Joe L. Wheeler

    …in place just as if he were standing in his own parlor. Bill released the throttle, put on all brakes, and whistled for the flag. The train ground to a hard stop and the flagman went out. He had gone only about 150 feet when he signaled with his lantern. "Cave in!" When the crew rushed ahead,…

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  • Where God And I Meet: The Sanctuary 4Q13 (eBook)
    Martin Pröbstle

    …the story of that scarlet thread, but there is more to the story. To understand the scarlet thread fully, we must look at the sanctuary: the holy ground that offers a glimpse of God’s character and His plan of redemption. Mysterious and often misunderstood, the sanctuary is at the very heart of…

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