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  • He's Listening–So Talk to Him!
    Paul Bunday

    …need a deeper understanding of prayer, for what higher hope can we possibly have than to be linked with the Creator of the universe, to be able to tap His divine power? Nothing can be more pressing than that God’s people should experience all the supernatural power he has available for them.

  • He Chose to Listen
    Eileen E. Lantry

    …some teachers had problems. One teacher received from Mrs. White a message of censure from God. How did he react? Read the story and you’ll learn how S. N. Haskell, a trailblazer for God, chose to listen. But you’ll hurt for the student who would not listen and heed God’s messages.

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  • The Man Who Wouldn't Listen
    Connie Wells Nowlan

    …and where he wanted to go. He had a wonderful message, but he wouldn’t listen to the advice of others. Because he wanted to do things his own way, not only he but his whole family suffered. It became harder and harder for his daughter Anna to understand why he didn’t listen to people who…

  • He Spoke and It Was: Divine Creation in the Old Testament V1
    Gerald A. Klingbeil

    …God whose power is matched only by His love for His creation. He Spoke and It Was: Divine Creation in the Old Testament is the result of an interaction between Seventh-day Adventist Bible scholars, scientists, and educators. Listening to one another, they engaged contemporary science and biblical…

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  • God Is Listening: Help in Daily Living
    Ellen G. White

    …need to learn in order to pray successfully? Does God really hear us when we pray? If you want to know more about effective prayer, then God Is Listening will encourage you on this journey of discovery. Genuine prayer does not have to consist of lofty words and phrases. It doesn’t have to be…

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  • He'll Be There
    Lopez Brothers

    …about. Songs Include:* He'll Be There * Jesus Loves Me * The Difference Is In Me * Who Am I? * Calling Down an Angel * Let me Be the One * Search Me Lord * Forever * When I Cry * I'll Tell It Wherever I Go * I'm Forgiven * Walk Away Visit ChapelMusic.com to listen to sample tracks from this album.

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  • Treasured Friend: A Tribute to Del Delker CD
    Stephanie Dawn, Dann Thornton

    …Delker. Songs include: 1- Come Let Us Reason 2- Thank You For Loving Me 3- In This Old Troubled World 4- He’s Listening 5- Love One Another 6- Night Watch 7- Lover Of the Children 8- If Your Heart Keeps Right 9- The Love of God 10- He Had Me on His Mind 11- My Peace 12- Shoulder to Shoulder

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  • David and His Harp
    Madge Haines Morrill

    …Have you ever wondered about the poetry of the Psalms? How did David get inspiration for his writings? Instead of using rhyme, David used rhythm. He listened to nature and copied the rhythm in his word offerings to God. Kids can read this book and experience David's writings in a whole new way.

  • Forever Grateful CD
    Del Delker


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  • My Quiet Time With Jesus - Prayer Calendar and Journal
    Karen Holford, Linda Koh

    …"It shall come to pass that before they call, I will answer: and while they are still speaking, I will hear" (Isaiah 66:24, NKJV) My Quiet Time With Jesus: Prayer Calendar and Journal will help you to experience the power of prayer and learn about God's love for you. Are you ready? He's listening.

  • Little Maid Little Lad
    Etta B. Degering

    …and sweep floors. But that's not all she knows. When the captain gets sick, she knows who can make him well! Little Lad is happy. He is on the grassy hillside listening to Jesus tell stories. Many, many people are there with Jesus. Can the day get any better? Yes, it can! When Little Lad shares his…

  • Adventures of Kado
    Alice Mertie Underhill

    …“Well,” said the woman, “He must expect the curse of the snakes to come to him, now that he has become a Christian.” Kado grew up listening to the charm doctor tell of the horrors which befell families who converted to Christianity. But Kado listened wide-eyed and curious to…

  • The Radical Prayer Audio Book
    Derek J. Morris

    …A prayer that will revolutionize your life and leave you amazed at the results? A prayer that God will answer with a definite yes? Listen to Derek J. Morris as he reads his best-selling book, The Radical Prayer. Discover an incredibly powerful prayer that enables God to change the world-through…

  • Songs Of Hope CD
    Micheff Sisters

    Songs of Hope from The Micheff Sisters. On their third CD, Brenda, Cinda, and Linda sing songs of hope requested by their listeners. Available Tracks:* He Was There All The Time* I Found The Answer* I Love Him Too Much To Fail Him Now* We'll Talk It Over* The Old Rugged Cross* I Just Feel Like…

  • Conversations With Jesus
    Jerry D. Thomas

    he gleaned from his best-selling Messiah project, Jerry D. Thomas returns to the story of Jesus and allows us to listen in on real conversations the Son of God had with ordinary people. People who struggled with the same issues we struggle with today. The conversations prove that God is listening.

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  • The Love of God
    Duane Hamilton

    Duane Hamilton originally released The Love of God as a cassette when he was part of the Heritage Singers. Now listeners can enjoy his melodious voice on CD. Songs include:* There Comes a Time* Until Then* Let the Son Shine* My Prayer* What Can I Do* The Love of God* Peace Maker* City Called Heaven*…

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  • Count It As Joy
    Melody Shelton-Firestone

    …the world via satellite. Songs include:* GOD'S GREATEST GLORY* WE HAVE THIS HOPE* CARRY ME AWAY* GOD'S GOT SOMETHING BETTER* I TREMBLE* COUNT IT AS JOY* HE'LL FIND A WAY* JUST THE SAME* MY HIDING PLACE* HE KNOWS MY NAME* CHANGE ME NOW Visit ChapelMusic.com to listen to sample tracks from this album.

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  • Bound For The Kingdom
    Christian Edition

    …* Learning To Lean * Praise The Lord, He Never Changes * Love Thru Me * Just A Little Talk With Jesus/Worship The King * Jesus Loves The Children * He’s Still Workin’ On Me * Changed * All He Wants Is You * Coming Home Visit ChapelMusic.com to listen to sample tracks from this album.

  • Hymns for the Savior CD
    Michael J. Harris

    Michael Harris provides a wide selection of your favorite hymns which speak directly to your heart through his soothing baritone voice. Listen as he sings “I Must Tell Jesus”, “The Savior is Waiting”, and “Pass Me Not O Gentle Savior”. A perfect playlist to enjoy…

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  • Living the Life of the Lifegiver Mp3 CD
    Ellen G. White

    …described the life of faith, He made it so real that when He had finished, His listeners knew how to live that life. He made faith and other concepts real to His hearers by comparing them with familiar objects and situations. Instead of describing what faith is, He described what faith is like,…

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  • I Call On Thee Lord
    Marcelo Cáceres

    …then he has had the privilege of performing around the world—in various South American countries as well as the Caribbean and North America. For the past seven years Marcelo has served as piano professor at Andrews University. He truly is a gifted pianist and a pleasure to listen to. Available…

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  • In His Time
    C. A. Murray

    …time makes all things grow. Available Tracks: 1. He Lifts Me 2. I Give All My Life To You 3. Go Free 4. I'll Tell The World 5. As Water To The Thirsty 6. Stand 7. In His Time 8. Healer Of My Heart 9. Come To Jesus 10. He Leads Me Home Visit ChapelMusic.com to listen to sample tracks from this album.

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  • Singing Tree and Laughing Water
    Sylvia Hardwick

    …asked Mrs. Grant, in a trembling voice. “I was painting the rosebushes,” said Singing Tree. “Didn’t you listen to the man at church? He said God paints the lovely roses and pansies. While we are waiting for the roses to come out on the bushes, I am painting the leaves.…

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  • Music For The Journey
    Calvin Taylor

    …* Fairest Lord Jesus * Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring/Jesus Loves Me * Angels Watchn’ Over Me * In the Garden * If Thou But Suffer God to Guide Thee * The Holy city * Träumerei * Londonderry Air * When He Cometh (Jewels) Visit ChapelMusic.com to listen to sample tracks from this album.

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