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  • He Spoke and It Was: Divine Creation in the Old Testament V1
    Gerald A. Klingbeil

    …foundation of all biblical theology, because it tells us that life began when a Creator spoke it into existence. This is where we encounter the God whose power is matched only by His love for His creation. He Spoke and It Was: Divine Creation in the Old Testament is the result of an interaction…

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  • The Teachings of Jesus (Bible Book Shelf 3Q2014)
    Jerry D. Thomas

    …recorded in the Gospels, have the same life-changing power today as they did when they were first spoken. Those words, and the life Jesus lived as He spoke them, transformed the disciples into leaders who changed the world. They can change us as well. What would it have been like to follow the…

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  • New Horizons in Sabbath School Teaching
    T. Leslie Ferdinand

    …it would be if all would teach as Jesus taught! He did not aim to attract attention by eloquence or by overwhelming grandeur of sentiment. On the contrary, His language was plain, and His thoughts were expressed with greatest simplicity; but He spoke with loving earnestness. In your teaching be as…

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  • Life in the Valley
    Susan Phelps Harvey

    “Too bad it’s another girl,” were the first words Laura’s father spoke as he looked into the face of the tiny newborn in her mother’s arms.' Born into a devout German Catholic family in the 1950s, the eighth of eleven children, Laura’s early years were filled with…

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  • Life After Eden (2017 Young Adult Devotional)
    Heather and Seth Day

    …that would literally make darkness hide. God spoke light, and darkness ran. Satan has worked tirelessly to attack those very first words God spoke on this planet and to cover this world in darkness. But God is not a liar. What He speaks will be done. He gives the command, 'Let there be light,' and…

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  • Conversations With Jesus
    Jerry D. Thomas

    …issues we struggle with today. The conversations prove that God is listening. That He cares. That we matter. And that just as surely as Jesus spoke to Peter, or Martha, or a paralyzed man lying on a stretcher, He will speak to you. This book is your invitation to connect with Christ. To open a…

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  • Why So Many Denominations?
    Mark Finley, Steven Mosley

    …forms and rituals instead of simply worshiping Him from overflowing hearts. This is no new development. Jesus spoke to the religious leaders of His day, and to those in all ages, when He said, “ ‘ “In vain they worship Me, teaching as doctrines the commandments of men”…

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  • Radical Evidence
    Derek J. Morris

    “Show Your face, if You dare.” Clifford Goldstein was an angry young atheist, shouting at a God he didn’t believe in. Of course, there are many people like Goldstein who wonder if there is any real evidence for a living God and His Redeemer Son. Here, Derek Morris introduces you to…

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  • The Prophetic Gift in the Gospel Church
    J. N. Loughborough

    …For more than fifty-eight years the writer was acquainted with this gift and its manifestation through Mrs. E. G. White. Having been privileged to see her in “open vision” nearly fifty times, he speaks of that which he has seen and knows. Click here to find this book as an eBook.

  • A Fire in My Bones
    Elisabeth S. McFadden, Ronald W. Spalding

    …“as a burning fire” in his bones. He became an active leader in the youth and junior camp work, and founded what became the Education Department of the General Conference. A Fire in My Bones is Spalding’s compelling biography. He also wrote Origin and History of Seventh-day…

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  • My Favorite Integrity Stories
    Joe L. Wheeler

    …town in the distance, he was congratulating himself that he should reach it in safety, when his heart sank at the sight of fifty mounted Indians charging down upon him. Brice spread his arms in the peace sign. When they were close, the chief, Mox Mox, rode ahead and spoke to him. Brice could speak…

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  • Radical Evidence (eBook)
    Derek J. Morris

    …and availability on other eBook stores. “Show Your face, if You dare.” Clifford Goldstein was an angry young atheist, shouting at a God he didn’t believe in. Of course, there are many people like Goldstein who wonder if there is any real evidence for a living God and His Redeemer…

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  • A Sword Unsheathed
    Helen Godfrey Pyke

    His head turned upward, Prince Oswald spoke. His lips shaped the words of a prayer Luthwin could not hear. The prince’s hands held the cross higher, and then he gave his command. “We will stand every man where he is.” The army within hearing stiffened. “We will not fail. Let…

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  • Adam & Eve
    Ruth Redding Brand

    …coal-black planet. Then God stepped into the inky nothingness and spoke. At the sound of His voice, dazzling light drove back the darkness. With a word God created all that is: sea and sky, wren and orchid, lamb and salmon. Finally He took a lump of clay, shaped it into human form, and breathed it…

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  • Escape to Shadow Creek Ranch (3 Books in 1) Volume 1
    Charles Mills

    …skidding and slipping around corners, over potholes and roots. Every once in a while they could see the horse and its rider up ahead. Neither man spoke. They each knew the danger Joey was in. Where the rocks and trees blocked the headlong path of the big horse the animal slid to a halt. Joey felt…

  • My Favorite Miracle Stories
    Joe L. Wheeler

    …away. “But there was no one around to see the soft blue glow or hear the murmuring sound from the coffeepot. Only Ralph was in the house, and he was asleep upstairs. . . . “Now the gentle sound gave way to a hiss, and then a sputter. In a few seconds, this stopped and the pale-blue light…

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