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  • Health And Nutrition

    This little booklet will show you how small lifestyle changes produce big health rewards. Great for handing out to friends, family and neighbors.

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  • Uncorked
    John F. Ashton, PhD, Ronald S. Laura

    …crime and other violence, brain damage and other health impacts, sexual assault and relationship breakdown. For the past 10 years, Dr.John Ashton and Dr. Ron Laura have monitored the social and health impacts of alcohol. Based on health and social research studies and clinical and community…

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  • Take Charge of Your Health
    Hans Diehl, DrHSc, MPH, FACN, Aileen Ludington, M.D.

    …after case, that health derelicts can become dynamos by simplifying their diet, eating unrefined foods, using natural remedies such as hot and cold water treatments, and exercising. Through powerfully motivating stories of changed lives the authors convey the rules for vibrant health, as well as how…

  • Take Charge of Your Health (eBook)
    Aileen Ludington, M.D.

    …after case, that health derelicts can become dynamos by simplifying their diet, eating unrefined foods, using natural remedies such as hot and cold water treatments, and exercising. Through powerfully motivating stories of changed lives the authors convey the rules for vibrant health, as well as how…

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  • The Ministry of Healing ASI
    Ellen G. White

    …shipping. HEALTH AND HAPPINESS Many things contribute to good health—cheerfulness, fresh air, exercise, diet, and positive relationships with other people, to name a few. Crucial also is a personal relationship with the Creator who gave us life and everything we need for health and happiness.…

  • Creating Outstanding Relationships
    Creation Health

    Interpersonal relationships are vital to your well-being. Knowing you have the love and support of others can contribute to improved health, while toxic relationships can lead to negative health results.

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  • Rest At Its Best
    Creation Health

    Rest is the second guiding principle of the CREATION Health Lifestyle. Rest is incredibly powerful. It refreshes, rejuvenates, regenerates and rebuilds the mind, body and soul. Rest empowers you to function at your best. Optimally, rest includes a good night’s sleep as well as time to relax…

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  • You Were Made for a Garden
    Creation Health

    …smell, sound, touch and taste—can influence our mood as well as our health, either positively or negatively. Research demonstrates not only the importance of our larger environment (air and water quality) to our health, but also our immediate environment (light, sound, aroma and touch). In…

  • Creating Healthy Habits for Life, Part 1 - Choice
    Creation Health

    Choice is the first step toward improving your wellbeing. Before we can achieve positive changes in any area of our lives, we must choose to do so. Conscious decision-making is the key to experiencing the positive impact of good choices. In Part 1 of "Creating Healthy Habits for Life," you'll learn…

  • Creating Healthy Habits for Life, Part 2 - Outlook
    Creation Health

    Outlook is a gift you give to yourself -- it's the colors with which you paint the world. Some of us leave smudges of gray and dark purple as we frown through the day. That’s our choice. Others leave sparkling designs of gold, green, and sky-blue. That’s also our decision. God designed…

  • Activity Supercharges Your Life
    Creation Health

    ACTIVITY- Activity includes both mental and physical movement and development. The mind and the body are intimately connected. A fit mind promotes a healthy body, and a healthy body promotes a fit mind.

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  • Trusting God For Renewed Life
    Creation Health

    Trust in God speaks to the important relationship between spirituality and healing. Research shows that our faith, beliefs, and hopes can play an important role in our health. It may even help us live longer.

  • Vegetarian Advantage 2V DVD
    Urban Health Project

    …for availability. Does diet affect health? Absolutely! Do you want an easy way to lower your blood pressure, prevent heart disease, and live a longer, healthier life? Dr. Don Hall has dedicated his life to studying and sharing the effects of diet on health with thousands of individuals. Using…

  • Vibrant Health
    Dr. Clemency Mitchell

    …emphasis is upon full, vibrant health: how to attain it, how to keep it, and how to recognize the danger signals and take appropriate action. Dr. Clemency Mitchell, the chief medical editor, has been at the forefront of the nutritional revolution. She outlines a health regimen – including…

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  • Eco Health
    Sharon Platt-McDonald, MSc RHV, RM, RGN

    In Eco Health Sharon Platt-McDonald helps you discover a safer, more environmentally friendly modern lifestyle for you and your loved ones. Those who take her practical advice are sure to benefit in many different ways.

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  • Creation Health Devotional
    Todd Chobotar

    Stories change lives. Stories can inspire health and healing. In this devotional you will discover stories about experiencing God's grace in the tough times, God's delight in triumphant times, and God's presence in peaceful times. Based on the eight timeless principles of wellness:* Choice * Rest *…

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  • Health Power African American

    Health Power African American

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  • The Creation Health Breakthrough
    Monica Reed

    …Total Body Rejuvenation Therapy and her Eight-Week Transformation Plan combine the best of science and lifestyle for maximum impact.  Change your life today with The CREATION Health Breakthrough. * Choice * Rest * Environment * Activity * Trust * Interpersonal Relationships * Outlook * Nutrition

  • Happiness and Health
    Dr. Harold Shryock

    …have both happiness and health. It is difficult to have one without the other. If you are not happy, you probably are not well, and if you are not healthy it is difficult to be happy. Doctors now know that our fears, our troubles, our emotions, all affect our health. They also know that how healthy…

  • High Performance Health
    James M. Rippe, M.D.

    …revolutionize their health and turn it into the ultimate performance tool. Written for every person regardless of current health status or circumstances, this lifestyle guidebook challenges readers to "Take back your health!" by outlining a filter to process any new diet, health, or lifestyle idea.…

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  • End Times Health Wars
    Steve Wohlberg

    …diet, sunlight, water, and exercise--plus drinking fresh juices and eating LIVE foods-are powerful weapons to overcome demonic attacks against your health. Be have the winning edge against the tactics Satan uses to "steal, kill, and destroy" your health and the health of your family.

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  • The Heart of Health
    James L. Marcum

    …doctor is telling you the whole truth when it comes to health care? Want to avoid heart disease, even if your family history says you won’t? Do you have the uneasy feeling that you’re not being told all you need to know about proper nutrition? Would you like to discover the powerful ways that God is…

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  • Amazing Health Cookbook Wire-O
    Barbara Watson

    …Hearts* Carob Mocha Mousse* Pecan Pie* Vanillia Ice Cream Since dining on such tasty, wholesome fare is only part of the total equation, explore the other facets of optimal health in a special section devoted to the eight secrets of living longer and stronger. You can be a happier, healthier you!

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  • Easy Steps For Better Health
    Shawn Boonstra

    …your health? Millions of people today are turning to fad diets and quick fixes in an effort to prevent obesity and disease. But time after time, these "fixes" end in failure and frustration. Thankfully, there is hope. In these chapters, you will discover the Bible's "full-coverage health plan."…

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