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  • Natural Lifestyle Cooking Workbook
    Ernestine Finley

    …to your life; and* simple tips on how to reduce your food budget and eat better than you ever imagined. Whether you are attending one of Ernestine Finley's Natural Lifestyle Cooking schools or simply looking for a healthy eating resource, this workbook is for you. It is your study guide to living a…

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  • The Joy of Being Vegetarian
    Philip S. Chen

    …diet in many ways. Vegetarians live longer, are less obese, and are at a lower risk for cancer and other deadly diseases. Dr. Philip Chen, Phd also holds that eating healthy foods causes joy from knowing you are doing something good. Because you become more healthy, your life can be more joyous.

  • Living Praise (eBook)
    Dr. Allan R. Handysides

    …are directly influenced by how close your relationship is with the Creator and ultimately praise or insult Him. Healthful living isn’t about eating food that tastes like cardboard and exercising obsessively. It’s about balance, love, and gratitude. Discover the concepts of CELEBRATIONS—a wholistic…

  • Take Charge of Your Health (eBook)
    Aileen Ludington, M.D.

    …The principles in this book. Ludington and Diehl show, in case after case, that health derelicts can become dynamos by simplifying their diet, eating unrefined foods, using natural remedies such as hot and cold water treatments, and exercising. Through powerfully motivating stories of changed…

  • Kidlicious Cookbook
    Stephanie and Anneliese Howard

    Kidlicious answers the question "How do I get my kids to eat healthier?" Get into the kitchen with your children and learn how to make healthy and fun recipes while you enjoy the adventure. Fun recipes include Make a Monkey for Breakfast, Apple Nachos, Salad on a Stick, Walking Tacos and Kidliciable…

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  • From Plant to Plate

    Everything you need to know to begin cooking a plant-based diet. Eating Healthy has never been easier or tastier. Created with freshness, simplicity, and overall wellness in mind, the 100-plus vegan recipes, corresponding cooking videos, and answers to dietary questions were created to help you…

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  • Simple Solutions (Diet & Stress): Is What You're Eating, Eating You?

    …situations. * Eating right is just as important as managing stress because vulnerability to stress increases with poor diet. * Poor nutrition is in itself a source of stress to the body. * Well-nourished individuals are generally able to cope with stress better than those who eat poorly. This book…

  • Draw Me Healthy
    Brandon Reese

    Noah doesn’t feel very good. He’s been sitting on the sofa watching TV and eating junk food. Will you help him feel better? Will you help him learn how to be healthy? All you need are some sticky notes, a pencil, and oodles of imagination!

    $7.99 $5.97
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  • Healthy Inside Out - Fun Skits For Kids
    Amanda Bews

    This book of fun skits is designed to help children learn: * The importance of eating healthy food* The Importance of drinking water* The importance of healthy eating* The importance of sleep* The importance of passing on your faith Participating in skits is active learning for any child. This book…

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  • Spiritual Seminar 2 - Live Better With More Health (Portuguese)

    …with More Health includes the following chapters: Part 1 - Health by Inspiration And Principle Part 2 - Health to Live In Holiness Part 3 - True Healing, Miracles and Faith Part 4 - Change of Habits Part 5 - Health and Mission Part 6 - Healthy Eating Guide Part 7 - Guide to Consolidating Habits

  • Fun With Kids in the Kitchen Cookbook
    Judi Rogers

    Healthy, Kid-Tested Recipes Here are scrumptious vegetarian recipes that get kids excited about healthy eating. They''ll love the delightful names, looks, and tastes of each creative dish. And you''ll love the fact that they''re learning to prepare and enjoy nutritious foods. * Rocket Banana pops *…

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  • Seven Secrets Cookbook
    Jim Brackett, Neva Brackett

    eating habits is not easy. It may seem impossible. This cookbook is designed to ease the strain while you incorporate this change. This cookbook has great suggestions on how to graduate your family into eating healthier plant based meals. You will learn efficiency tips to speed your cooking, healthy

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  • Recetas saludables (Espanol)
    Jorge Pamplona

    Healthy Recipes Our health depends, above all, on what we eat. That’s why more people are following the recommendations of health professionals by eating a more vegetarian diet. Because our health is the most valuable thing we have, Healthy Recipes contains recipes that are:* Healthy and…

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  • Enjoy It!
    George D. Pamplona-Roger, M.D.

    …recommendations by knowing the 8 decisive health factors and the most influential habit for our well-being: food.* You will know what you need to eat in order to be healthy.* You will learn the secret of longevity.* You will have useful advice on how to prepare a daily balanced vegetarian menu.

    $9.99 $3.00
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  • Enjoy It!

    …recommendations by knowing the 8 decisive health factors and the most influential habit for our well-being: food. * You will know what you need to eat in order to be healthy.* You will learn the secret of longevity. * You will have useful advice on how to prepare a daily balanced vegetarian menu.

  • Comer sano, ¡es natural!
    Donald R. Hall, DrPH, CHES

    …osteoporosis, rheumatism, arthritis, and cancer, live a long healthy life…using easy methods? Dr. Don Hall who has devoted his lift to studying scientifically the effects of diet on health, tackles topics in Eating Healthy, It’s Easy! like:* Simple steps to progressively change your…

  • End Times Health Wars
    Steve Wohlberg

    …food are strategies of spiritual warfare aimed against the body of Christ. simple things like a healthy diet, sunlight, water, and exercise--plus drinking fresh juices and eating LIVE foods-are powerful weapons to overcome demonic attacks against your health. Be have the…

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  • Simple Solutions DVD

    …out-of-stock via the web site. Some local stores may have stock. Please call your local store at 1-800-765-6955 for availability. Is what you're eating, eating you? What you'll see on this DVD: • A dynamic, informative interview with Edwin Nebblett, MD, MPH, on the latest scientific studies…

  • Amazing Health Cookbook Wire-O
    Barbara Watson

    Eating nutritious meals is one of the ingredients of a balanced, healthy lifestyle, and this cookbook is packed with delicious plant-based recipes, tried-and-true favorites with a vegan twist and innovative dishes to tempt your palate. Discover the mouthwatering, nourishing goodness of:* Maple…

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  • Counsels on Diet and Foods
    Ellen G. White

    Guidelines on a Healthy Diet Decades before many physiologists were concerned with the close relationship between diet and health, Ellen G. White in her writings clearly pointed out the connection between the food we eat and our physical and spiritual welfare. In her discourses and writings from…

  • More Choices
    Cheryl Thomas Peters, James A. Peters

    Eat Well, Live Well More Choices features a wealth of recipes, resources, and ideas for creating flavor-rich meals using the natural goodness of plant-based foods: vegetables, fruits, nuts, legumes, seeds, and whole grains. Simple instructions make it possible to create nourishing meals in minutes.…

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  • Vibrant Life Special - Going Vegetarian
    Vibrant Life

    …30-Day Vegetarian Challenge Concerned that too many of her family’s meals revolve around meat, a young mom tries an experiment “It Transformed My Life” One man’s amazing testimony Healthy Appetite Lots and lots of recipes Ask the Doctor Is a vegetarian diet safe and healthy?

  • Naturally Gourmet
    Karen Houghton, RN, BSN

    If you’re looking for a way to eat more healthfully without sacrificing flavor, Naturally Gourmet™ is a must for your kitchen! You'll enjoy more than 100 beautifully illustrated, plant-based recipes that are not only mouth-wateringly good, they're easy to prepare too!

    $24.99 $19.99
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  • Becoming Vegan Express Edition
    Brenda Davis , Vesanto Melina

    …a healthy weight and discovering the keys to fitness* designing balanced vegan diets for infants, children, and seniors* incorporating "good" fats and learning where to find them* meeting calcium needs without dairy products* understanding the importance of vitamin B12* ensuring a healthy vegan…

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