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  • Heartwarming Stories of Adventist Pioneers Book 1 (eBook)
    Norma J. Collins

    …and availability on other eBook stores.Perhaps you've heard the stories of the Adventist pioneers. However these are the stories that are not often told. The stories that bring out the human nature of each one. Heartwarming stories will give you a different perspective. You'll get to know the…

  • Little Stories for Little People

    …Book Center to determine availability. From mission stories to animal stories, from adventure to history, from miracles to parables, this book has it all. This special collection from 1918 contains more than a hundred heartwarming stories and poems. Each one is just the right length to satisfy…

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  • Bill's Lunch - I Can Read Series
    Rose Gamblin

    Children will be able to read the heartwarming story of Bill's Lunch all by themselves. They'll learn how to be kind when others aren't. The I Can Read series is a great new group of books to make reading fun and give new readers a sense of accomplishment. Each book features a vocabulary list,…

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  • Owney, the Post Office Dog
    Joe L. Wheeler

    Heartwarming stories about "man’s best friend" from America’s best storyteller Known for collecting stories that require keeping tissues handy, Joe L. Wheeler introduces a new anthology of nostalgic dog tales that will thrill, inspire, and cause you to feel young no matter your age.…

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  • Promise in the Cornfield
    Madlyn Hamblin

    …did not let that stop her from caring. In fact, this is Chessie's most valuable trait and Chessie and her family have cared for more than 900 neglected street children. Here is the heartwarming story of one who got involved--who cared. The hows and whys are dramatic and in some instances miraculous.

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  • My Dog Book
    Ernest Lloyd

    …legs off to make you or your children happy. Like a real hero, he will risk his life for you and yours. Retold from Our Little Friend, these humorous and heartwarming stories about dogs and their loyalty to humans are sure to please dog lovers of any age. Click here to find this book as an eBook.

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  • Ned of the Navajos
    Betty Stirling

    …time for delivery. If you need this title right away, please call your local Adventist Book Center to determine availability. This is the heartwarming story of Ned, a young shepherd boy living with his family on a Navajo Indian reservation. It is hard for Ned not to notice the strange white people…

  • Zion: Champion for God
    Helen Heavirland, Joy J. Matthews

    …share her gentle giant with the outcasts, the unfortunate, the wounded, where he would gladden the hearts of thousands of children. In this heartwarming story Joy Matthews tells how she discovered that God's plans are bigger than anything we can dream up. That it pays to put first the kingdom. And…

  • Sharna of Rocky Bay (Book 1)
    Alice Mertie Underhill

    …to take a wider interest in the concerns of the world. Their only ambition was to remain in their own remote village and to fish. This is the heartwarming story of a young student named Sharna from Rocky Bay, Alaska, and a missionary teacher who changed her life forever. Click here to find this book…

  • Born to Live
    Evelyn Kaytor

    …delivery. If you need this title right away, please call your local Adventist Book Center to determine availability. This is the touching, heart-warming story of Lyn Kaytor. Starting life with a severe, crippling disability, Lyn struggled for life, meeting and conquering one difficulty at a time.…

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  • Annie's Trust (Book 6 Serenity Inn Series)
    Kay D. Rizzo

    …to chance, so our loving heavenly Father doesn’t guide His children by the fickle finger of fate.” Annie’s Trust is the heartwarming story of a young woman who wrestles through grief, loss, fear, and anger before arriving at a place where she is willing to trust her future to her…

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  • Lilia's Haven (Book 4 Serenity Inn Series)
    Kay D. Rizzo

    …imagined. While she longs for the peace that radiates from Serenity, she wrestles with trusting an invisible God. Lilia’s Haven is the heartwarming story of a young woman who keeps running into the tender, forgiving love of her heavenly Father, while struggling to adjust to life on the untamed…

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  • Pepper Bear
    VeraLee Wiggins

    …prize chicken as its own pet. Yet, as sure as Pepper Bear can sniff out trouble, children who read this delightful adventure story will learn the true meaning of the words love, patience, and acceptance. “The heartwarming story of a little orphaned bear that will make you laugh and cry.”

  • Making Holidays Special
    Céleste Perrino-Walker

    …for you to enjoy and share, from New Year’s Day to Christmas—and every celebration in between! In these pages you will find heartwarming stories, creative activities, delicious recipes, and lots of simple, heartfelt ways to show your own loved ones just how much you care. This warm…

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  • Sunshine in My Window
    Nora Ann Kuehn

    …right away, please call your local Adventist Book Center to determine availability. Sunshine in My Window is the heart-warming story of a family’s triumph over tragedy. It is a story of true grit and solid family values that will leave you holding your sides in laughter one minute and dabbing…

  • The Advance Guard of Missions
    Clifford G. Howell

    …in bringing him safe to land. His comrades, bearing banners of the cross, knelt and wept beside him. These are the inspirational and heart-warming stories of missionaries who have gone before us. Coming out of the Reformation in Europe, they sought to spread the Word of God that had previously…

  • Babies In Her Saddlebags
    Joyce Hopp

    …real mission life. Yet here is a heart-warming story about a real mission—albeit not a church-related mission—in twentieth-century America under conditions that will thrill the imagination of the most enthusiastic reader of foreign mission stories. The “missionary,” British…

  • Christmas in My Heart, Book 2
    Joe L. Wheeler

    A TREASURY OF OLD-FASHIONED CHRISTMAS STORIES So many readers fell in love with the heartwarming stories in Christmas in My Heart, book 1, that the collection has been reprinted several times. People all over the U.S., Canada, and England wrote to the author, expressing their appreciation. Many even…

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  • Christmas in My Heart, Book 3
    Joe L. Wheeler

    …share stories from the newest book. Some families read at least one story a day during the Christmas season. You’ll find these heartwarming stories add a special touch to your holiday season too. I continue to feel that the key reason for inclusion into a collection is whether or not the story

  • Christmas in My Heart, Book 4
    Joe L. Wheeler

    …and share stories from the newest book. Some families read one story a day during the Christmas season. You’ll find that these heartwarming stories add a special touch to your holiday season too. Christmas for me is now year-long–for almost every day you send me stories. Stories that are…

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  • Little House on the Prairie

    …Christmas They Never Forgot: In this heartwarming episode from Season 8, a sudden, fierce snowstorm traps the entire extended Ingalls family, including Mary and Laura’s husbands, inside the little house on Christmas Eve, they pass the time by exchanging stories about their favorite Christmases…

  • The Bright Side of China
    Bob and Treva Burgess

    The story of the first ADRA directors to live in China. “Offering rich vignettes from their two-year ADRA assignment in China, Bob and Treva incidentally reveal their amazing diplomacy when facing potentially sticky situations. Assuming day jobs as professors at a Chinese University in order…

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  • The Seventh Escape
    Jan S. Doward

    …where his beloved wife and three children awaited him – if they were still alive. This is not just another war story, or merely another chapter in the long bitter story of man’s inhumanity to man. It is not simply another dreary chronicle of misery and brutality, nor was it written…

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