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  • Is Heaven for Real?
    Chris Holland

    People have a lot to say about it. Some even claim to have been there. But what does the Bible say about heaven? Is it an actual place? Is it a faraway, floating sphere with clouds and babies playing harps? Today, more than any time in earth’s history, people are longing for something…

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  • Hope for a Helpless Planet
    Chris Holland

    Is Jesus really coming soon? It’s an age-old question—but seldom has the need for an accurate answer been more keenly felt than today. Everywhere we turn it seems the world is falling apart. War. Political unrest. An economy teetering on the edge of disaster. We live on a helpless planet…

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  • Corrie Ten Boom: A Faith Undefeated DVD
    Vision Video

    …invaded Holland in 1940 and began rounding up Jews, Corrie ten Boom, her sister Betsie and their elderly father risked their lives to save as many as possible. Featuring an interview with Pam Rosewell Moore, Corrie’s longtime assistant, and scenes filmed in the ten Boom house in Holland,

  • No Peace for a Soldier CLS
    Walter Utt

    …Armand de Gandon, an army officer forced to choose between loyalty to his king or to his God. Part Two, the story continues with the exiles in Holland after the Edict of Revocation eliminated the rights of non-Catholics in France. “While many can suffer martyrdom with sufficient heroism,…

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  • Christmas in My Heart, Book 5
    Joe L. Wheeler

    …10. Somebody in the Corner By John Sutherland Bonnell 11. Something Quite Forgotten By Author Unknown 12. Except You Come as a Child By Kristine Holland 13. The Star in the Well By Temple Bailey 14. A Song in the Air By Author Unknown 15. Christmas on the Homestead in 1884 By Rosina Kiehlbauch 16.…

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  • Ambassadors: Studies on the 13 Apostles
    Leslie Hardinge

    …the soundness of his scholarship as well as in his sublime expositions and art of Gospel writing. "This book may well be his finest work. It is the publisher’s prayer that many readers will find it to be inspiring, even life changing."–Kenneth Holland, retired editor, Signs of the Times.

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