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  • Honestly, I'm Struggling
    Heather Bohlender

    God, are You there? What in the world am I doing here? Cambodia was the last place Heather Bohlender wanted to be—once she finally got there. She had been looking forward to serving as a student missionary nearly all her life and jumped at the chance to go on an adventure with God. But talking about…

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  • Honestly, I'm Struggling (eBook)
    Heather Bohlender

    NOTICE: We appreciate your interest in purchasing an eBook from AdventistBookCenter.com. You should be aware of the following before making your purchase:* Some technical skills are required to load this eBook onto your device* You will need to download the eBook to a computer before transferring it…

  • The Family of God
    Len D. McMillan

    …call your local Adventist Book Center to determine availability. There are times when the needs of God's many and unique children are so great, we honestly don't "know what to do." If you'd like help getting along better with "the saints here below," then this is a book for you. Click here to find…

  • We Still Believe
    Robert S. Folkenberg

    …for delivery. If you need this title right away, please call your local Adventist Book Center to determine availability. We Still Believe looks honestly at the challenges and questions that the delay poses and assures us that we can, indeed, have unshakable confidence that Jesus is coming soon.…

  • Miss Brenda's Bedtime Stories Pocket Tract: Finders Keepers - pkg of 100
    Brenda Walsh

    SOLD IN PACKAGES OF 100 ONLY The price shown is for a package of 100. Pocket Tracts are not sold individually. This tract covers the topic of honesty and what the true reward for being honest truly is.

  • No More Broken Strings: The Early Years
    Jaime Jorge

    …life was a jarring experience. His inability to understand the language often got him into trouble, as did his rebellious nature. Jamie writes honestly about his growth as a musician and his mistakes and struggles with temptation. “As I look back on my life thus far, I can see that the most…

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  • Escape From the Flames
    Alden Thompson

    Sometimes labeled as controversial but always known as an honest seeker of truth, scholar and author Alden Thompson shares how Ellen White escaped a fearful view of God and discovered joy in the Lord. Thompson also explores the meaning of inspiration, looks at how prophets grow, and challenges our…

  • Beyond Common Ground
    Alden Thompson

    …should accept the other as sincere Christians who love God and their church and who want to be honest with what they find in the Bible. Thompson devotes much of the book to how to approach the Bible honestly, and he uses illustrations from his own life to reinforce his points. He also emphasizes the…

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  • There Is an Answer!
    Alejandro Bullón

    …is there so much suffering? Is it possible to be happy? What happens after death? Alejandro Bullón is very clear at raising the problems, honest at pointing out the consequences, and humble at providing solutions. His vast experience in dealing with people of different culture and social…

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  • StudyMarks
    Steve Nelson

    …StudyMarks. Chock full of Scripture verses from the Old and New Testaments, these eye-catching glimpses of truth will pique the interest of any honest truth-seeker. Each comes with a short commentary, making them a great resource that will help remind you of convincing Scripture when you are sharing…

  • The Seventh-day Adventist Reform Movement
    Helmut H. Kramer

    …of faith which eventually led him and his family to leave the church of his childhood and active labors to become a Seventh-day Adventist. In telling his experience he examines in a kind and honest manner the basic doctrines which separate the Reform Movement from the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

  • Surviving Grief
    Sandy Zaugg

    …children were 8 and 13, she lost her husband to colon cancer. Nine years later, her son died as a result of an automobile accident. This book is the honest rendition of one woman’s struggle through devastating grief and her ultimate realization that reaching out to others is often the best…

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  • Mission Pilot
    Eileen E. Lantry

    …story of mission service. Eileen Lantry’s exciting work allows readers to participate in David’s high calling. An adrenaline-pumping, honest and sometimes humorous book about a man passionate to follow his Lord wherever he leads, Mission Pilot will take you to dangerous and heavenly…

  • Come Search With Me
    Subodh K Pandit, M.D.

    From the author's initial parleys on the existence of God to the delve into the concepts of Relativism, Pluralism and Exclusivism, this is an open, honest pursuit after the 'truth' of the matter. The politically incorrect, and yet bold, comparison of the five great world religions--Hinduism, Islam,…

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  • Courage For The Crisis
    Arthur S. Maxwell

    …warning of the future.” Half a century has passed since Arthur S. Maxwell wrote those words. Is the world a safer place now than it was then? Honest observers are bound to say No. In fact, if anything, life today has become even more uncertain, even less stable, than it was fifty years ago.…

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  • Saint Under Stress
    Norval F. Pease

    …there meaning in pain? Does God send suffering to develop character? How should we react to suffering? These questions and more were in Dr. Pease’s mind when he wrote this book. He leads us through the book of Job, uncovering with honest examination God’s answers to our human distress.

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  • Camping with the J.M.V.'s
    Arthur W. Spalding

    …your local Adventist Book Center to determine availability. The Junior Missionary Volunteer Law is for me to— Keep the Morning Watch, Do my honest part, Care for my body, Keep a level eye, Be courteous and obedient, Walk softly in the sanctuary, Keep a song in my heart, and Go on God’s…

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  • ¡Bienvenidos todos! (Espanol)
    Roger Hernandez

    …misses the most. Using the prodigal son and his elder brother as reference points, Hernandez divides his message into three parts:* Problem—an honest look at what ails us* Plan—four practical solutions* Preach—a proven approach to a more intentional evangelistic experience As you…

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  • 4GVN
    Willy Ramos

    …kicking in, saying, ‘See no evil, hear no evil.’" “I didn’t do anything. That Friday, I just froze. Or if I want to be real honest with you, I did do something. Something bad. I watched. I even held him down as Roland stabbed him four times.” On the streets of Miami,…

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  • Cleansing Fire, Healing Streams
    Kent Hansen

    …telling you out of my personal knowledge about the cleansing and healing that is possible with Jesus Christ.” Sometimes lyrical, the brief and honest observations in this book will appeal to men and women readers. Here are just a few of Hansen’s chapter titles •Answering the One Who…

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  • Life Without Parole
    Rick Fleck

    …in Alberta, Canada. His parents sacrificed to send him to Christian schools. He was outgoing, popular, and a star athlete. Rick Fleck gives an honest account of himself as a college dropout turned carnie pitchman obsessed with money, prestige, and life in the fast lane. At first cocaine was just…

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  • Face Time
    General Conference of SDA Youth Department

    …sides of the issue—and connecting youth with the truths found in God’s Word. There’s no one right answer expected—rather an honest exploration of the subject at hand, with the freedom to stand for personal convictions. You, as the parent or leader, are provided with a road…

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  • Your Daily Journey to Transformation: A Study Guide
    Janene Ayer, Jim Ayer

    …interactive workbook, designed to be a companion study guide to the book Transformation, Jim and Janene Ayer journey with you as you explore an honest assessment of your personal relationship with God, and as you make life-altering discoveries through God’s Word, inspiring stories of…

  • Answers
    Charles D. Utt

    …D. Utt provides a swift solution to questions that would normally require much study. The questions in this book are genuine inquiries from honest truth seekers. Together these 343 questions form a cross section of the thinking and questioning of the million readers of the Signs of the Times,…

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