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  • Hope in Present Danger
    Sperantza Adriana Pasos

    This item is temporarily out-of-stock via the web site. Some local stores may have stock. Please call your local store at 1-800-765-6955 for availability. When news arrives that her uncle has just defected Communist Romania by swimming across the Danube River during the midnight shifting of the…

  • Ancient Words Present Hope
    Kayle B. de Waal

    …tried to understand and explain the visions he received on the island of Patmos, it was natural that he would use its references, symbols and ideas in his letter to the first-century church. As such, the Old Testament offers valuable resources for our understanding of the Book of Revelation as…

  • Touch Points -- The Hope of the Promise
    Clifford Goldstein

    …cross, how come Christians still hold on to this belief? Theologian Clifford Goldstein explores this question in this tract. Using Bible texts and common sense, a great truth is presented in an easy-to-understand way. He shows the reader they shouldn’t give up home. Jesus won’t forget…

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  • Christmas In My Heart 25 Volume Boxed Set
    Joe L. Wheeler

    in the Stable* Bell of Truth* Santa Claus Had Red Hair* The Little Ole Bus* And Evermore Be Merry* I Can Give Him My Heart* Bright as a Christmas Tree* A Christmas in the East Bronx* Hope* Midnight Dreams* Happiness for Sale* For Value Received* Something to Celebrate* Message in a BookChristmas In

  • Jesus: 7 Keys for Finding Jesus in the Book of Revelation
    Steve Case

    …Revelation begins with the claim and promise, The revelation of Jesus Christ . . . This booklet presents seven keys for finding Jesus in the book of Revelation. These "keys" will help you to get started in your own personal study of the book of Revelation. The first four keys apply to any passage of…

    $7.77 $4.97
  • Dans les Bras Seigneur (In The Lord's Arms) FRN

    In the Lord's Arms presents a woman's softness with a message of hope, strong motivation and a positive attitude based on the author's personal experience with God. The 2011 French women's daily devotional

    $13.99 $3.97
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  • Jesus es la esperanza (8 sermones) (Espanol)
    Alejandro Bullón

    …televisada, que fue dirigida por el pastor Alejandro Bullón en Atlanta, Georgia en el 2006. Incluye 8 DVDs. Jesus is the Hope - 8 Sermons (Spanish) The televised Spanish evangelistic campaign from Atlanta, Georgia in April, 2006 presented by Alejandro Bullón. Includes 8 DVDs.

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  • Behold The Lamb
    Wesley Amundsen

    …varied phases of His ministry, as indicated by the visions presented to John. In attempting to do this, the author acknowledges his shortcomings and lack of understanding of so great a subject. It is hoped, however, that the thoughts presented in these pages may stimulate every sincere Christian to…

  • Super Sleuths 6 - Will I Always Feel Sad?

    Guide magazine presents this pamphlet to help young people deal with loss. The series is specially tuned for use in hospitals. On this Super Sleuths mission Leila finds out how to deal with her grief over losing someone close to her. She also discovers the hope of heaven!

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  • Will I Ever Learn: One Woman's Life of Miracles and Ministry
    Hyveth Williams

    …love that would not let her go. "So what have I learned through all this?" Pastor Williams asks. "That no matter how dark or how brilliant our past, no matter how great or how humble our present, we have this hope: to be eternally united in Christ in heavenly places, if only we trust and obey!"

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  • Siempre Gozosos (Espanol)
    Juan O Perla

    …(Spanish) The 2009 adult devotional is an invitation to rejoice in the Lord always. The author shares his hope and his joy on every page and God's call for us to not to be anxious about anything, but present our every petition in prayer with thanksgiving, and the peace of God will guard our hearts…

    $4.97 $0.97
  • Lest We Forget
    George R. Knight

    …their legacy. In shaping the future of Adventism, these intrepid pioneers molded not only our history, but our present. And as we reflect upon our past, perhaps we should also contemplate the future to which we are each contributors.Watch part of an interview with George Knight from Hope Channel's…

    $14.99 $6.97
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  • The Healing Power of Forgiveness
    Sharon Platt-McDonald, MSc RHV, RM, RGN

    …release the pain of the past, free yourself from the stress of the present and embrace a future filled with hope. Join Sharon Platt-McDonald on a journey through the pages of this book to reach the destination of true forgiveness. In each section you will be introduced to individuals who have been…

  • Connection: How to Have a Relationship With God
    Steve Case

    …who have given up or not even attempted a search for God will find new hope and unique insights that can put them in touch with “the Almighty.” This involves quite a risk. But to not make the attempt presents an even greater risk – one that would be downright foolish. Connection…

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  • Connection Audio Book 7- Set
    Steve Case

    …who have given up or not even attempted a search for God will find new hope and unique insights that can put them in touch with “the Almighty.” This involves quite a risk. But to not make the attempt presents an even greater risk – one that would be downright foolish. Connection…

    $19.95 $11.97
  • The Invitation
    Alejandro Bullón

    …your life and restore your family. Please, accept His invitation. Alejandro Bullón was born in Peru, and has worked for more than forty years in South America. At present he lives in Brazil, and his greatest passion is public evangelism and communicating the gospel by radio, television,…

    $12.99 $10.97
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  • The Retirement Years
    Ellen G. White

    In the present volume Ellen White offers many inspired and inspiring answers to questions raised by golden-agers. These gems of thought have been gleaned from her letters, manuscripts, books, and periodical articles, many of which were written after she was 65–the 23 years from 1892-1915. It…

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  • The Serpent Scroll
    David Edgren

    …to children in language they are able to understand. Written in a simple story style, this interesting book presents to children one of the central themes of the Bible—the plan of salvation in the context of the work and defeat of the one who is the cause of all the evil in this world. There…

    $11.99 $5.97
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  • Christ Is Coming!
    Norman R. Gulley

    …the world but Christians, too! In this book we will frankly look at the coming crisis, but not aprat from the present and coming Christ. As we rapidly move toward the third millennium it’s time to let Christ liberate us from the shackles of fear. Do you long to hope again? Or even for the first…

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  • The Desire of Ages - Boxed Gift Set Hardcover
    Ellen G. White

    …is presented as the One who can satisfy the deepest yearnings of the human heart. The Desire of Ages has long been a source of inspiration and enlightenment to readers around the world. In it, you will find answers to questions we all have, reassurance that we are here for a reason, and hope that…

  • Genes and Genesis
    Harold W. Clark

    …interested in the age-old controversy between science and religion. The purpose of this book is to present a review of evidence on the historical and scientific origin of species, and to suggest a possible solution in light of recent discoveries. This book will, it is hoped, lead to a deeper…

  • The Challenge of Islam DVD
    Vision Video

    …and explains in layman’s terms how this faith is put into action by Muslims today. Throughout this study, he articulates and emphasizes the great hope Christians share in the saving grace of Jesus against the works-based futility inherent in Islam’s message. In the second study,…

  • That Will Be Christmas CD
    Pam Tucker (Lister)

    …Creator God who in love came to earth in the form of a baby. The angels heralded His birth, Mary and Joseph’s experience, Christ’s purpose revealed in the Cross, and what this season is truly all about. This CD is a hallelujah overheard and not meant to be quiet. I hope that you will…

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  • Forever Grateful CD
    Del Delker


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