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  • Christwise: Discipleship Guide for Youth
    Troy Fitzgerald

    …Christ. But first you need to know some stuff, such as what the Bible teaches and how to be a Christian. These lessons explain the beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist Church through stories, questions, Bible marking, and interesting things to do. You'll even learn how to pray, and you'll discover…

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  • A Pale Horse Rides
    Shawn Boonstra

    Many people know the story of how Christianity unfolded in Europe over the course of many centuries. Many people also know the story of Martin Luther launching a reform movement in the beginning of the 16th century. In A Pale Horse Rides, you will meet people from the fringes of the…

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  • When The Vow Breaks
    Richard D'Avanso

    …has learned to help you discover how to: * Deal with anger in constructive, healing ways * Break the desperate cycle of hopelessness and despair * Fill the void of loneliness with God’s loving presence * Help your children feel secure and loved even after the divorce * Know when you’re…

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  • Really Living
    Don C. Schneider, Ken Wade

    …Jesus to change their lives; learn how you can experience the abundant life He promises all believers. Elder Don Schneider, host of Hope TV’s weekly show Really Living, is passionate about helping people understand what it means to really live. He says, “Really living is to know Jesus,…

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  • When Faith Crumbles
    Mark Finley, Steven Mosley

    …call your local Adventist Book Center to determine availability. This little book discusses how God reaches out and saves men and women. It clearly reveals how you can receive His gift of salvation. It will take you through a step-by-step process so you can know your sins are forgiven and that you…

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  • Praying Like Crazy For Your Husband
    Tamyra Horst

    As wives, we know our husbands better than anyone else does. God has given us front-row seats to our husbands’ hearts. We know their strengths and talents; we know their weaknesses and struggles. We know them more intimately than anyone else does. And we can pray for them in ways no one else…

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  • Discovering God's Will
    Troy Fitzgerald

    …wonders? * Does using your brain have anything to do with knowing God’s will? Troy Fitzgerald, Ph.D., shares his conviction that you can know God’s will and live happily in it. He challenges each of us to live each day as Abraham—traveling to the Promised Land—traveling only…

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  • An Anxious Kind of Mind
    Randy Fishell

    …you know is caught in the relentless grip of anxiety disorders, everything is about to change. Even if you’re currently a housebound agoraphobic, follow the steps outlined in this book, and you’ll be amazed at just how far you can go. In An Anxious Kind of Mind you will discover:* How

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  • Proverbs Bible Book Shelf 1Q 2015
    Jacques B. Doukhan

    to teach us how to live everything we learned in the books of Moses and in the prophets. Through metaphor, humor and ironies, rhythms and riddles, God speaks the language of the men and women who live in the concrete world. According to Solomon, “to know Wisdom” means, first of all, to

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  • Overcoming Alcoholism
    Walter E. Kloss

    …a physical addiction to alcohol or has experienced a negative consequence from drinking, such as a traffic accident. But recognizing how many alcoholics live around you is of little value unless you know what to do for them. Walter E. Kloss uses three real-life examples to demonstrate the kind of…

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  • MindWaves
    Arlene Taylor

    Living authentically involves knowing your unique brain. Drs. Arlene Taylor and W. Eugene Brewer will show you how to get acquainted with your gray matter in their book, MindWaves. Four factors play an important role in defining who we are personally: gender brain preference,…

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  • Unidos en Cristo (Bible Book Shelf 4 Q 2018) (Espanol)
    Denis Fortin

    …countless challenges to their unity in Christ. However, the Bible provides insight and instruction on how to live God’s gift of oneness in Christ. Knowing that envy and jealousies could divide the disciples, Jesus’ burden in the last hours before his death was to pray for their unity.…

  • Guide's Greatest Hope Stories
    Lori Peckham

    …day prayer was the only thing standing between Peter’s farm and the swarm of grasshoppers. Ride the Underground Railroad to freedom with Henry. Try to figure out how Tom’s dog is going to rescue six men in danger of drowning after a shipwreck. Click here to find this book as an eBook.

  • What We Believe: Prophecies of Revelation for Teens
    Seth J. Pierce

    …images are selected by Jesus to let us know something about Himself. Even entities as hideous as the beasts reveal to us how God thinks about the oppressive powers of the world—and what happens to them in the end. Yet we can find ourselves sidetracked trying to match up dates and current…

  • Refreshed Parables
    Charles Mills

    …was designed to do something important in the heart of everyone who listened. They taught important lessons about why Jesus came to earth, what the kingdom of heaven was like, and how we should treat other people. The stories He shared reminded everyone how much God loves us all and how we should…

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  • Darkness Before Dawn
    Ellen G. White

    …What will be the end result? How can I find personal peace? Where is God when I suffer? Darkness Before Dawn gives you the answers you need to understand what is happening in the world around you. You will know what direction our world is taking, how you are involved, and how it will all end.

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  • ¿Podemos comer de todo? (Espanol)
    Danny Shelton

    …supports the validity of God's original diet for human beings. If you want to live longer, happier, and more abundantly, then you need to know what God says about caring for your health. Can We Eat Anything? presents God's plan for our physical lives-and shows how we can honor Him in everything.

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  • Help, Lord, I Blew It Again
    Mike Jones

    How do you quit sinning when you’re helpless to stop? Even worse, what if you don’t really want to stop, even though you know it will ultimately destroy you? Author and speaker Mike Jones knows what it means to wrestle with God over sin. After working for his church, he left for 16 years…

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  • The Four Faces of Jesus
    Robert K. McIver

    How well do you know Jesus? Two thousand years after He walked the earth, millions still desire to know the Savior--to understand His mission, to receive His gift of grace, forgiveness, and salvation. The Bible tells His story, but why does the New Testament have four biographies of Jesus' life and…

  • Trouble with Twilight
    Steve Wohlberg

    …millions of young people, yet they know it not. You should understand these forces. This book * Exposes the lure and dangers of occultism. * Explains how even "ethical vampirism" fuels interest in Wicca, magick, spells, and covens. * Demonstrates how authors, publishing companies, and young…

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  • Where Are We Going?
    Jan Paulsen

    …relate to Adventist immigrants and refugees • The “us” and “them” of Adventists and other Christian beliers • How God views other religions, and what that means for us • How we can preserve unity when we disagree among ourselves • What we need to do to

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  • The Power of Hope
    Michelson Borges, Julian Melgosa

    …If this is your struggle--or if you know someone facing this challenge--change is possible! You don't have to remain stuck in the pain! The Power of Hope will teach you how to experience a meaningful, successful life. Discover the answers that will lead to a path of peace, restoration, and healing.…

  • The Clear Word Bible For Kids
    Jack J. Blanco

    …Clear Word—to make God’s message plain as pie to young hearts. The Clear Word for Kids has lots of special study helps to bring the Bible alive. * Brief introductions to each book* How to study your Bible* How to give your heart to Jesus* Prayers in the Bible* Miracles of Jesus* Parables…

  • Looking for a City
    Roy Adams

    We know how the story ends—we stand before the throne of God on a sea of glass, with voices upon voices of redeemed ones singing 100 billion stanzas of a song of joy. But we’re not there yet. God’s people—pilgrims—are still finding their way through a mad world, navigating the chaos of militant…

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