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  • ChristWise: Discipleship Guide for Juniors (eBook)
    Troy Fitzgerald

    …Christ. But first you need to know some stuff, such as what the Bible teaches and how to be a Christian. These lessons explain the beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist Church through stories, questions, Bible marking, and interesting things to do. You'll even learn how to pray, and you'll discover…

  • Parenting Your Teen by the Spirit
    Sally Hohnberger

    …well-versed in Scripture; 2. know the voice of God as distinguished from the voice of his flesh; 3. have a meaningful and regular personal time with God. The good news is it’s never too late to begin. Commit your life to the Lord today, and show and tell your teens how much you and God love…

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  • Draining the Styx 2015 Sharing Book
    Shawn Boonstra

    …river to the other side. Are stories and myths of ancient civilizations enough for you when it comes to death? Or do you want to really know what will happen when you are left alone in the graveyard? “By the sweat of your face you shall eat bread,” the Bible warns us, till you return to

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  • Shoebox Kids Bible Stories - Book 4
    Jerry D. Thomas

    …the Bible—it shows them how to apply that information to everyday life. Teaching our children means going beyond information and entertainment to helping them learn to apply Bible truths. Too many of us grew up learning about the Bible, but not getting to know God. We can help the children we…

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  • Authentic
    Scott R. Ward

    If you’ve ever wanted a genuine, thriving relationship with Jesus but didn’t know exactly what to do to make it happen, this book was written for you. Even if going through the motions has left you empty, if reading the Bible and praying are just two extra items on your daily to-do list,…

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  • Ending The Pain
    Lindsey Gendke

    to hope. It traces how she moved away from the destructive lies that crippled her faith toward the only Truth that could set her free. Lindsey’s story will resonate with anyone who has ever felt overwhelmed, discouraged, or tired of playing church. The chances are high you already know someone…

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  • Stories Jesus Told
    Madge Haines Morrill

    …disciples did not know why Jesus was looking at the sparrows. Nobody thought much about the sparrows. People did not care about them. Jesus pointed to the birds and said, "Not one of those birds ever falls to the ground without me knowing it. If I care that much for the tiny birds, how much more…

  • Heroes in Training (2017 Primary Devotional)
    Vicki Redden

    …Bible times to modern times. You'll meet all kinds of heroes: boys, girls, cats, dogs, horses-even a pig named Priscilla. And with each fundelicious story you'll discover something God wants you to learn from His heroes. By the time we're finished, you'll know just what it takes to be God's special…

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  • End-Time Living
    Mark Finley

    …you making today? How do you want to live your life in the future? Mark Finley, speaker emeritus of the It Is Written television broadcast, shares essential Bible truths in this book to help all of us make better decisions in these troubled times. God gave humans the ability to make moral choices.…

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  • Saint Under Stress
    Norval F. Pease

    …suffering may differ; time may separate by centuries—but all men and women know suffering. Why do the innocent suffer? Is there meaning in pain? Does God send suffering to develop character? How should we react to suffering? These questions and more were in Dr. Pease’s mind when he wrote…

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  • Love's Way: Life and It's Beginnings
    Arthur W. Spalding

    …with the birds and the bees anymore. Tragically, because of how they are taught, some don’t stop at anything and eventually end up learning everything there is to know the hard and tearful way. Why doesn’t somebody do something to stop all this? If you are a parent that “somebody…

  • Incredible Creatures That Defy Evolution Limited Edition 3 DVD Set
    Dr. Jobe Martin

    …really creatures that produce fire to defend themselves? How Emperor Penguins can go two and a half months without eating or drinking? How do some dogs know a storm is brewing before it appears, or can sense when their masters are about to experience a seizure? How certain birds can navigate over…

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  • The Rise and Fall of Anti-Christ
    George E. Vandeman

    …Book Center to determine availability. We are brimming with curiosity about the future. * When will Jesus return?* How can we know what’s waiting for us around the corner?* Who can we trust to guide us into the future? We get trustworthy information from God in the Bible. Knowing the end from…

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  • Looking For A City (eBook)
    Roy Adams

    …detailed instructions If you would prefer to purchase this eBook through other services that will automatically transfer the file to your device, please visit for a complete listing of eBooks and availability on other eBook stores. We know how the story ends—we stand before the…

  • Guide's Greatest Narrow Escape Stories
    Lori Peckham

    …got your back. You know those close calls that make your heart start racing—or nearly stop.  Those nerve-racking experiences that leave you in shock and relief that you made it through.  Those are the narrow escapes that make you realize that God is working overtime to keep you safe.  Here…

  • Fruit of the Spirit
    Kimberley Tagert-Paul

    …that we know about them. And even though, as Mishanda says, things such as patience, goodness, and faithfulness “don’t sound like anything you could bake into a pie,” you can learn how the Holy Spirit wants to place love, joy, and peace in our lives so we can grow to be just like…

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  • Hope Beyond Tomorrow
    Mark Finley

    We are surrounded by the grim statistics of evil in our world. Do you know anyone who is afraid for the future? Who has nowhere to turn? Who needs a little hope? Every chapter of this book is filled with an encouraging message. Share this book and your friend or family member will:* Discover a God…

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  • Los dinosaurios (Espanol)
    Elaine Kennedy

    KNOW THE TRUTH ABOUT DINOSAURS. With this book for juniors (and their parents), author Elaine Graham-Kennedy, Ph.D., is out to change that. Dr. Kennedy is a Seventh-day Adventist scientist who believes the Bible story of Creation and who has spent her life studying dinosaurs. She has much to share…

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  • A Brief History of God's Love
    Jack J. Blanco

    …birth the earth and its inhabitants, discover what went wrong in Eden, and join our human ancestors as they struggle against the powers of darkness on their epic journey to redemption through the promised Messiah. The prophetic odyssey isn’t over, but we know how it ends. Where do you fit in?

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  • The StepFast Lifestyle Series
    Barbara Watson

    …all you need to know to live in harmony with the natural laws of health. Learn to enjoy a delicious, plant-based diet, engage in a simple, energizing, exercise program, and be empowered and de-stressed by a disciplined spiritual life. You may also wish to use the 12-part series to conduct a StepFast…

  • Why Our Teenagers Leave the Church
    Roger Dudley

    to be heard, to be loved. They made some mistakes. We share their pain and their dreams, and feel the dissonant cadences of their troubled hearts. Some who never left explain what kept them in the church. Many who left want to return. "Without God, life is hell," wrote one. If you want to know what…

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  • 2000 and Beyond
    Mark Finley

    know it? Questions like these become more urgent every day with each report of wars, famines, disasters, and new diseases. Is there a reliable source we can look to for information about the future? Mark Finley, speaker of the It Is Written television program, tackles the hard questions about how to

  • Confessions of a Christian Wife
    Heather Thompson Day

    …collection of 31 relatable stories. You’ll learn how to* stop being fake and embrace authentic relationships;* take an honest look at how your past shaped your present;* recognize real romance (hint: think clean dishes, not pretty flowers);* know the difference between a romantic lightning bug…

  • The Judgment and Assurance - Library of Adventist Theology
    Woodrow W. Whidden II

    …findings reveal biblical teachings that will inspire a deep, refreshing sense of the assurance of salvation as he explores such issues as:* How can believers know with certainty that they are saved?* Does the Bible teach a cosmic, pre-Advent investigative judgment based on works?* Who will survive…

    $19.99 $15.97
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