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  • I Choose Life (2015 Teen Devotional)
    Céleste Perrino-Walker

    …school, iChoose Life deals with daily decisions that make a bigger impact than you might think. A split-second choice can bring chaos or reward, disappointment or joy, death or life. Which will you choose? “I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life” (Deuteronomy…

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  • Esther: A Story of Courage
    Trudy J. Morgan-Cole

    I?" Hadassah said. "Of course you have a choice, Hadassah. We always have choices. You have no choice about obeying the king's order and going to the harem. But you can choose the spirit in which you go. You can choose to be crushed or to be strong. That choice is always open to you." Then I choose

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  • The Green Cord Dream
    Alex Bryan

    …spats?* Or will we live within the grand story of The Great Controversy? I believe the Adventist movement can have a bright, prevailing future, but we are at a critical time. The challenges are significant. We must choose a vision of Adventist Christianity for the future. We need bold and beautiful…

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  • Daughters of God Hardcover
    Ellen G. White

    …shall I best serve and glorify Thy name in the earth? How shall I conduct my life to make Thy name a praise in the earth, and lead others to love, serve, and honor Thee? Let me only desire and choose Thy will. Let the words and example of my Redeemer be the light and strength of my heart. While I

  • ¿Y entonces...? (2018 Teen Devotional) (Espanol)
    Heather Quintana

    …matters such as: What major should I pick? Should I attend college or get a job instead? Is this the right guy or girl for me? This devotional is that kind of help. It is like a GPS that guides you to choose the right path in life and, above all, to manage your life knowing that Jesus is at the…

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  • Miracles, Faith, and Unanswered Prayer
    Richard Jensen

    life? We have all heard incredible miracle stories. We’ve been awed by the thought that God personally intervenes in the face of dire circumstances. We’ve experienced the rush of gratitude that comes in this assurance that God really does exist. And we have all questioned why God chooses

  • Testemunhos Seletos - II (Português)
    Ellen G. White

    …VI. Comfort and Encouragement Section VII. The Use of Medicinal Agencies Section VIII. General Counsels (prayer, games, chance, aged, military, voting, and others) Appendix 1. Disease and Its Causes Appendix 2. Important Factors in Choosing a Life Companion Appendix 3. The Brotherhood of Mankind

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