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  • I Do: How to Build a Great Marriage
    Gábor Mihalec

    …each other. You’ll also understand why some relationships tend to fail, how society values contribute to a relationship’s downfall, and what you can do to safeguard your marriage. This is the book every couple needs to read before—and even after—they say “I do.”

    $16.99 $13.97
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  • Do Justice
    Nathan Brown, Joanna Darby

    …beyond loving mercy to doing justly.” –Chris Blake “With such a prophetic heritage, Adventists must always be people who speak to what we see around us, even as we continue asking God for ever-clearer vision.” –Kendra Haloviak Valentine “I don’t expect that…

  • The God I Love
    Glenn A. Coon

    …availability. Do you struggle to make Christianity work in you life? Do you sometimes wonder whether God is real? Best-selling author Glenn Coon comes to grips with many of the practical problems of Christian living including: How I Know God Loves Me Personally How I Know God Answers Prayer How I

  • Whom Shall I Fear?
    Ann Vitorovich

    How do you pick up the shattered pieces and move on, when your life is being torn apart? Is there something, or Someone, you can really believe in, and depend on, to get you through? For Mara, life was a literal war zone. Her true story takes us back in time to battle-scarred Serbia in World War I.

  • Love God and Do as You Please (Timeless Adventist Classics)
    Morris L. Venden

    "Do Christians who live by faith still have to follow God's rules?" Morris Venden, one of this generation's most prominent advocates of righteousness by faith, says YES! Love God and Do As You Please is Venden's answer to those who resist accepting a life of faith for fear it may mean throwing out…

  • God Says, But I Think
    Morris L. Venden

    …stores may have stock. Please call your local store at 1-800-765-6955 for availability. "Has God's Word taken a back seat to our opinion? What do you believe in and why? Who is setting your spiritual agenda? The pastor? Church leaders? Our church institutions? Or you yourself? And as you consider…

  • Sometimes I Don't Feel Like Praying
    Mike Jones

    I read it - I actually saw the exchanged life as my selfishness being the source of trouble. I was so concerned about what would happen to me personally and financially that I could not see Jesus. I started doing the exchanged life chapter often and then more and more - until now, even when I do not…

  • Help, Lord, I Blew It Again
    Mike Jones

    …of his best-selling classic, Help, Lord, I Blew it Again, Mike Jones reveals new truths he has discovered on how to overcome. “When you’re being beaten up by temptation and feel depressed for having blown it again—look to Jesus. As you do, you’ll find the compulsion to sin…

    $14.99 $3.97
  • If I Had a Bigger Drum
    Marjorie L. Lloyd

    …try to keep it that way? If the real world does not have a big enough spotlight, he will turn to the world of fantasy.” “Do we ever quite grow out of it? Why do we want to paint or preach or sing? To help people, of course. Who would dare to suggest any other motive? Yet praise never…

  • Sometimes I Don't Like My Kids!
    Candace Schap

    …it. To do so would be a poor testimony, and your Christian friends would think less of you. Is it any wonder that author Candace Schap admitted to sometimes not liking her kids? And, truth be told, most dedicated, self-sacrificing Christian mothers feel the same way at times. Sometimes I Don’t…

  • Here I Am (2019 Teen Devotional)
    Pastor Natalie Dorland

    Here I Am! With God, there is no age discrimination. As with Samuel, God often calls youth to do big things for Him. In fact, throughout the Bible, and throughout history, God has chosen young people to be His torchbearers, forging a path for truth to flourish. Here I Am, a daily devotional for…

    $16.99 $15.97
  • I Am Loved (2020 Women's Devotional)
    Carolyn Rathbun Sutton

    …soul, and* an unparalleled love that impels the divine King of heaven to break into joyful singing as He watches over each of His precious daughters. Do you crave frequent reminders that Someone treasures you above all else? Does your heart need to hear a love song? Then spend a few moments each day…

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  • Pocket Signs - What Prayer Can Do - Package of 100
    Signs of the Times

    What Prayer Can Do for You offers precious reminders of prayer's amazing power. Answers questions like Why should I pray? and Does God really hear my prayers? Tracts in the Pocket SIGNS series deliver one truth-filled article from the full-sized, 32-page monthly SIGNS, in a convenient 8-page…

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  • Here I Come, Ready Or Not (Timeless Adventist Classics)
    Morris L. Venden

    Do you want to know how to prepare for the coming time of trouble? This book will tell you how.

  • Zippitty-Do-Dah
    Heather Grovet

    “I had no idea how much fun it would be to wash a horse!” Ruth-Ann exclaimed. Zippitty Do Dah, shortened to Zipper, is Ruth-Ann’s sorrel and white Paint pony. Ready to Ride friends Ruth-Ann Chow, Kendra Rawling, and Megan Lewis worked hard to get their ponies washed and groomed.…

    $12.95 $3.97
  • K.I.D.S. CD
    One Voice

    …of Salvation* Ha La La* I’m Gonna Sing (Swing Low, O When the Saints, This Train)* Hey Mon!* I Have Decided to Follow Jesus* Sweet Love of God (I Like Bananas)* Homesick for Heaven (with Do Lord)* When We All Get Together* O Give Thanks* Only a Boy Named David* Jesus Loves Me* Siyahamba (We…

    $15.98 $3.97
  • Mente, caráter e personalidade-I (Português)
    Ellen G. White

    …aluno, pastor e membro da igreja, médico e paciente, pais e filhos. Essas declarações ajudarão na compreensão do que é o homem, bem como seu relacionamento com o ambiente terrestre, com Deus e com o Universo. Mind, Character, and Personality Vol. 1…

  • Should We Ever Say, "I Am Saved"?
    Herbert E. Douglass

    …Book Center to determine availability. What it means to be assured of salvation—Now The compelling insights found in Should We Ever Say, 'I Am Saved'? summarize doctor Herbert E. Douglass’s study and personal discovery through the years of what it means to be assured of salvation.…

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  • Faith First CD
    Faith First Quartet


  • The Love of God
    Duane Hamilton

    …released The Love of God as a cassette when he was part of the Heritage Singers. Now listeners can enjoy his melodious voice on CD. Songs include:* There Comes a Time* Until Then* Let the Son Shine* My Prayer* What Can I Do* The Love of God* Peace Maker* City Called Heaven* Wonderful Peace* Use Me

    $15.98 $11.97
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  • It's A Beautiful World CD
    3ABN, Danny Shelton

    …it easier for children to learn biblical truths. Songs include:* It’s A Beautiful World* I Love You, Lord* Seven’s The Perfect Number* Heaven* I Can Do All Things* The Lord Still Leads* He Answers Prayer* Ready Or Not* I Have A Song In My Heart* You Are What You Eat* I Am A Christian

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  • It's A Beautiful World DVD
    3ABN, Danny Shelton

    …it easier for children to learn biblical truths. Songs include:* It’s A Beautiful World* I Love You, Lord* Seven’s The Perfect Number* Heaven* I Can Do All Things* The Lord Still Leads* He Answers Prayer* Ready Or Not* I Have A Song In My Heart* You Are What You Eat* I Am A Christian

  • 4GVN
    Willy Ramos

    …knowledge kicking in, saying, ‘See no evil, hear no evil.’" “I didn’t do anything. That Friday, I just froze. Or if I want to be real honest with you, I did do something. Something bad. I watched. I even held him down as Roland stabbed him four times.” On the streets…

  • Living His Love (2016 Women's Devotional)
    Ardis Stenbakken, Carolyn Rathbun Sutton

    Do you hunger for the assurance of His presence, moment by moment, challenge by challenge? Jesus says, 'Are you tired? Worn out? Burned out on religion? Come to me. Get away with me and you'll recover your life. I'll show you how to take a real rest. Walk with me and work with me--watch how I do it.…

    $17.99 $12.97
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