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  • Guide's Greatest Discovery Stories
    Lori Peckham

    …of his way in fright. Suddenly he saw a round white pebble lying next to a clamshell. He scooped it up quickly and stuck it in his pocket. “I found a pretty white stone,” he boasted to the other children at recess. Like many of the best stories—most of the stories in Guide’s…

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  • More Incredible Answers to Prayer
    Roger J. Morneau

    …prayer can allow God to send the Holy Spirit more fully to fight our love ones’ battle against sin. "I refuse to accept the widespread notion that there isn’t much one can do except to ask the Lord to watch over erring loved ones. We can claim the merits of the blood Christ shed on…

  • Speaking Well of God
    Edward W. H. Vick

    …rough-and-tumble of real human life. But the Bible is an ancient document. * What does God mean to us in the twenty-first century? * What grounds do you have for believing in God? * Can you prove that God exists? * How can we give the word God meaning? * How would you answer an unbeliever who asks…

  • My Favorite Life-Changing Stories
    Joe L. Wheeler

    …from all the orders and restraints, and he meant to have it. “Throughout my adult lifetime, I’ve been searching for stories having to do with pivotal moments or experiences in a person’s life. What a joy to gather some of the most inspirational, powerful ones into one collection.…

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  • Christ Is Coming!
    Norman R. Gulley

    …we rapidly move toward the third millennium it’s time to let Christ liberate us from the shackles of fear. Do you long to hope again? Or even for the first time? Then this book is for you. "I have written Christ Is Coming!, says author Norman Gulley, "So that you too may stop fearing coming events.…

  • The Character Of God Controversy
    Steve Wohlberg

    …truly knowing the Father and His Son means “eternal life.” Conversely, we can conclude that not knowing them is the route to damnation. “I never knew you.” Jesus will someday sadly announce to a group of misguided people (Matthew 7:23). These Scriptures should impress us with…

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  • The Glory of the Vision, Book 1
    Richard A. Schaefer

    …leaders such as Ellen White knew what they had to do, but the road to success was anything but smooth. Tired, confused, and disappointed, Adventist believers fought to meet standardized requirements, challenge the draft during World War I, and survive the Great Depression. Despite countless…

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  • Angels Over Manilla
    Ruth Wheeler, Hazel Wilcox

    …tense. “I can’t say more now.” The warning had been relayed from an Adventist physician, an officer at the naval base in Cavite, not far from Manila. We were stunned. “You must go to Baguio at once,” my husband said as we tried to think what we should do. “Could…

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