I Know Something Good

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  • "I Know Something Good" Manual
    Glenn A. Coon

    …has ten lessons to help prepare you for these events. The conversion of men and women from darkness to the Son will be the result of the spirit of unity and harmony you experience which relates an atmosphere where the Holy Spirit can work through you. Knowing something good can help you save souls!

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  • Sometimes I Don't Feel Like Praying
    Mike Jones

    …and while I am far from a "finished work" or possess the faith that Jesus gives, I know that Jesus lives in me and that He has worked out my life steps so that when "catastrophes" come - I ask him how he plans on using this to bring my life back to focus and "work together for good, since I really…

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  • Walking With Jesus
    Micheff Sisters

    …Tracks:* He Knows Just What I Need* Reach Out To Jesus* I Just Feel Like Something Good Is About To Happen* Sitting At The Feet of Jesus* I Just Keep Trusting My Lord* The Savior Is Waiting* I Love Him Too Much To Fail Him Now* The Old Country Church* Without Him* Redeemed How I Love To Proclaim…

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  • It Did Happen
    Enid Sparks

    …“Oh, I wish I had a pony, for I want a good, fast ride,” said Ellen. Ellen did not know that Father was there. He said, “You may have a pony someday soon.” At last the happy day came when Father came home with a pretty brown pony. When Ellen saw him, she said, “I will…

  • Lemons to Lemonade
    Sylvia Matiko, Pat Moore

    …"God, I am miserable! Won’t You show me how to make the changes in my life that I need to make? There has to be a way, Lord! . . . God, if You are really up there, help me!” Sylvia shouted one day at a God who still seemed distant. But He wasn’t. He never is. “‘I know

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  • Through The Years DVD
    Heritage Singers

    …some of their favorite songs and see the faces of the singers you’ve come to know then and now – Through The Years. Song List* Talkin’ About The Love Of God* I Just Feel Like Something Good Is About To Happen* Open Our Eyes/In His Time* Stand* First Day In Heaven* What A Precious…

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  • Ending The Pain
    Lindsey Gendke

    …herself at a Bible retreat desperate to hear something- anything- that would make her want to live. As the music played and the speaker claimed they could all be “free in Christ, right here, right now,” Lindsey silently screamed, How? How can I be free in Christ right now, when all my…

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