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  • Love God and Do as You Please (Timeless Adventist Classics)
    Morris L. Venden

    …truth. As you read this book, you'll discover the importance of church standards, the problem with situation ethics, and the trap of righteousness by habit. You will come away with the assurance that those who truly love God and accept His righteousness will also be able to say, " O how I love thy…

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  • Love You More (2017 Women's Devotional)
    Carolyn Rathbun Sutton

    “I love you.” It’s another way of saying “I love you more than you can imagine.” Have you ever wondered if that’s how God feels about us? Thousands of years ago God put it in writing, so to speak, when He gave Jeremiah these words, “Yes, I have loved you

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  • The Faith I Highly Recommend (eBook)
    John Thomas McLarty

    …spiritual seeker is offered; and a new appreciation for the tenets of the Adventist faith is awakened. Whether you were born into the Adventist faith or you’re a new believer, you will gain confidence in a loving God and discover ideas and practices to help you cultivate a vibrant spiritual life.

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  • Here I Am (2019 Teen Devotional)
    Pastor Natalie Dorland

    …to flourish. Here I Am, a daily devotional for teens, will help you recognize your potential for greatness with with God. You’ve seen enough to know that the world is an evil place in need of God’s love. You sense in your peers a desperation for justice. You want to make a difference.…

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  • Sometimes I Don't Like Myself
    Candace Schap

    …insecurity, the liberating discovery of God’s unconditional love, and how to see ourselves as we really are—and like what we see. Here is vital counsel that will help you see yourself with new eyes. The view will set you free to achieve God’s glorious plan for your life. Click here…

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  • I Am Persuaded VOP
    Fred Kinsey

    …a Christian ought to have. Before Romans I might have looked good on the outside, but inside I knew I was lost. Then I read the book of Romans, and a flood of light poured into my life.” In this book, you will explore the depths of the greatest love letter in the Bible and learn from Jesus the…

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  • Love Seasons
    Jeffrey and Pattiejean Brown

    …their years of experience ministering to many couples. Whether you’re married or single, there’s something here that will help you to love. Jeffrey Brown, an ordained minister, and his wife, Pattiejean, a behavioral scientist, have specialised in family life education and counselling.…

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  • Loving Them Back Leading Them Home (eBook)
    Barry Gane

    …them from turning away, or to bring them back once they’ve left? Is there anything I can do? You probably know people who have left the church. Maybe you know why they walked away, but more likely you don’t. But you do care. And that’s why this book is in your hands. Barry Gane explores the reasons…

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  • Mem Kha's Love Story
    Jeane Kravig

    …secretary is going on furlough for several months. Why not plan your trip so you could stay with us and cover her home leave? Be here mid-December. Love, Helen.” I had only mentioned that I was thinking of taking a trip! I had no intentions of disrupting my well-ordered life and trotting off…

  • I Don't See It That Way
    Ken McFarland

    you feel insignificant, try this on for size: it would take 7 quadrillion (7,000,000,000,000,000) earths to fill the largest known star . . . in the Milky Way Galaxy. And, as you might have heard, there are lots of galaxies in the universe. Feel invisible yet? Ah, but somehow God loves you as if you

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  • I Will Love you Still
    Dona Klein

    …twelve songs featuring Dona Klein's soothing and gentle voice. Songs include:* In Vain* Wasted Years* This Life of Mine* At the Foot of the Cross* I've Found a Friend* I Will Love You Still* Higher* In His Hands* After the Rain* That's What Jesus Means to Me* Heaven's Sounding Sweeter* My Final Song

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  • I Love Jesus CD
    Michael J. Harris

    …voice and in I Love Jesus he expresses his deep love for his Lord and Saviour. Songs Include: 1. My Jesus I Love Thee 2. The Altar 3. Amazing Grace/My Chains Are Gone 4. He Touched Me 5. Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus 6. People Need the Lord 7. There is a Fountain 8. I love You Lord 9. I Then Shall Live

  • The God I Love
    Glenn A. Coon

    …work in you life? Do you sometimes wonder whether God is real? Best-selling author Glenn Coon comes to grips with many of the practical problems of Christian living including: How I Know God Loves Me Personally How I Know God Answers Prayer How I Know the Secret of Success The God I Love provides…

  • I Will Give You Rest
    Elizabeth Talbot

    “Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls” (Matthew 11:28, 29, NASB). When my mother breathed her last, “one reality trumped all my…

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  • I Love toTell the Story CD
    Stacy Piontek

    …that you will want to stock up on. Available Tracks:* Tell Me the Story of Jesus* His Eye Is on the Sparrow* Draw Me Nearer* He Leadeth Me* O Jesus, I Have Promised* I Love to Tell the Story* Faith Medley* Glory to His Name* Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing* And Can It Be That I should Gain?* I

  • I Surrender
    DuWayne Carlson

    Remember playing childhood games in which you struggled against your opponent until one of you gave up in defeat? We tend to see surrendering as a sign of weakness. We're taught to fight back tears, bullies, and pain. We’re taught to suck it up, keep a stiff upper lip, and never let others know our…

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  • I Am Loved (2020 Women's Devotional)
    Carolyn Rathbun Sutton

    you above all else? Does your heart need to hear a love song? Then spend a few moments each day reading the stories in this devotional book. They not only highlight God’s multifaceted love but also bring the blessed assurance that His undying love is focused on you. Yes, you are loved!

  • I Can See
    Lila Cervantes

    …the listeners hand and comfort them in whatever they may be going through. Available Tracks:* Under the Eye of Adonai* Song of Solomon* Listen to the Wind* Come Adonai* I Can See* No Name Like the Name of Jesus* On Our Knees* When I Follow My Heart* Glorify God in the Fires* I'll Love You Every Day

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  • I Met God
    Glenn A. Coon

    love upon His children. Each of these eighteen stories will encourage you, especially if you've never had a personal interaction with our Creator. God can meet us in dreams, in algebra class, in cemeteries, and in many other locations and situations. After reading this delightful collection, you may…

  • I Miss Grandpa
    Karen Holford

    …grave. Parents sometimes find it hard to communicate that hope to small children. This book was written with you, the Adventist parent, in mind. I Miss Grandpa tenderly tells a story of love, loss, and a butterfly that helps children deal with loss and understand the good news about those who sleep…

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  • I Surrender (eBook)
    DuWayne Carlson

    …eBook from AdventistBookCenter.com. You should be aware of the following before making your purchase:* Some technical skills are required to load this eBook onto your device* You will need to download the eBook to a computer before transferring it to your device* You will need to connect your device…

  • The Faith I Highly Recommend
    John Thomas McLarty

    …spiritual seeker is offered; and a new appreciation for the tenets of the Adventist faith is awakened. Whether you were born into the Adventist faith or you’re a new believer, you will gain confidence in a loving God and discover ideas and practices to help you cultivate a vibrant spiritual life.

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  • I Just Can't Wait DVD
    The King's Heralds

    loves the King's Heralds will want to miss this new DVD of their 80th Anniversary Live Concert. Twelve songs with harmonies that will move you closer to Jesus. Songs destined to be your new favorites. Available Tracks:* All The Time Ready* Haven Called Heaven* Faith Will Take You Farther* Thank You

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  • Sometimes I Don't Feel Like Praying
    Mike Jones

    You just may want to share it a friend or loved one. Mike wrote this book during the time he headed Voice of Prophecy’s outreach to missing members. VOP Speaker-Director comments on Mike’s book: “Mike writes from personal experience about some of life’s greatest challenges. I

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