In His Master's Steps

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  • In the Master's Steps
    Kenneth Cox

    …“walk even as He walked.” And in order to do so, you must be willing to follow in His footsteps. By His example, you can know that “this is the way, walk ye in it.” Your heart will rejoice in the blessings and promises that Christ gave as you walk in the Master’s steps.

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  • In Step With Christ
    James J. Aitken

    his life to the Master. Each time the call came he would say, "Not yet, Lord; I'm not ready. Later. I have other things to do first." Then foreign troops invaded his homeland..... It's easy to think that miracles only happened in Bible times--that God no longer moves in our world today. In Step with…

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  • To Be Like Jesus
    Ellen G. White

    …Christ as our constant companion." The Shepherd knows His sheep. When we stumble, He lifts us up, binds our wounds, and leads us on to victory. By daily surrender to His will we can enjoy sweet communion with God. Our trembling hand in His, we walk side by side through trial and tempest into a…

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