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  • In Passion For The World
    General Conference Education Department, Floyd Greenleaf

    …church school for five New York families in 1853, to the more than 6,700 elementary through college-level schools the church operates worldwide today, the history of Adventist education is a story of struggle, tenacity, faith, and blessing. In Passion for the World, by retired professor…

  • For the One
    Nathan Brown, Alex Bryan, Japhet De Oliveira

    …their shared passion, a re-grounding in the core of their faith. They decided to invite some of their friends and colleagues to meet with them in Atlanta a few months later to begin to explore what "Jesus. All." means for each of our lives, our church, our communities, and our world. Now known as…

  • The King Is In Residence
    Charles E. Bradford

    …day. We live in an age of despair. The American dream is gasping for breath. We find ourselves amid a world in crisis a world that prefers darkness rather than light. Shouldn’t the church have something to say? The King Is in Residence is Bradford’s passionate appeal to God’s…

  • Christmas in My Heart, Book 12
    Joe L. Wheeler

    …trumped; of orphans nurtured; of lovers reunited. In these pages the human spirit, with all its passion and pride, faith and foibles, finds hope once again in a manger. Twelve is a perfect number biblically. As I searched for the perfect introduction for our twelfth collection, I could find nothing…

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  • The Traveler
    Lourdes Morales-Gudmundson

    …Adventist Church he loved. His passion became his ministry. From converts to companies to congregations, follow Rafael’s single-minded mission to share his love for Jesus. This book, rich in history and culture, will ignite that same passion for ministry in you! Click here to find this book…

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  • The Radical Teachings of Jesus
    Derek J. Morris

    …unabashed passion for Jesus. His powerful book The Radical Prayer not only impacted deeply my own life and ministry, but did so as well for our congregation. And now his heart for Christ is taking The Radical Teachings of Jesus to the world. It couldn’t come at a more critical time in history!…

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  • If I Were the Devil
    George R. Knight

    …Not just for church administrators and academics—this is a call to duty to all church members, a call to become a church alive with passion and purpose. Let these pages reinvigorate you with fresh thoughts about the Adventist mission and how to accomplish it. Because the world doesn’t…

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  • I Can See
    Lila Cervantes

    …entered the world of music with a smile on her face and a passion to sing for the Lord. Her humble beginnings would find her singing in churches and school choirs. In 1995 she began a professional career as a bilingual singer at weddings, receptions, a soloist for cantatas, and for the Mark Finley…

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  • The Big Picture
    Ben Carson, M.D.

    In his grade school days, Ben Carson would hardly have been voted "most likely to become a famous surgeon." His classmates had already given him another label: class dummy. Then a light clicked on for Ben-and a consuming passion for learning that catapulted him from "zero" test grades to a Yale…

  • Tracing the Footsteps of Jesus Vol 4 DVD
    Tony Moore

    …prepared breakfast for the disciples, then return to the Mount of Olives, where He ascended to heaven. These studies will enrich and bless your faith. Filmed entirely on location in high definition, "Tracing the Footsteps of Jesus" will enable you to "come and see" Jesus' world and ministry as an…

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  • Refresh!
    Ty Gibson

    The Seventh-day Adventist Church was officially organized in 1863, and it developed a passion for worldwide mission that was grounded in a strong sense of prophetic identity. While Adventism shared many fundamental beliefs with other denominations, its proclamation focused on its distinctive…

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  • If I Were the Devil (eBook)
    George R. Knight

    …document for detailed instructions If you would prefer to purchase this eBook through other services that will automatically transfer the file to your device, please visit for a complete listing of eBooks and availability on other eBook stores. In some parts of the world it…

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  • The Radical Teachings of Jesus (eBook)
    Derek J. Morris

    …unabashed passion for Jesus. His powerful book The Radical Prayer not only impacted deeply my own life and ministry, but did so as well for our congregation. And now his heart for Christ is taking The Radical Teachings of Jesus to the world. It couldn’t come at a more critical time in history!…

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  • Your Religion Is Too Small

    …to a world of miniature rights and wrongs. And many of our most passionate concerns seem terribly trivial to people watching from the outside.” In Your Religion Is Too Small, Mosley calls us away from niggling pieties that make us feel righteous but do little good for the hurting world around…

  • The Essential Jesus
    Bryan W. Ball, William G. Johnsson

    …thoughtful look at the relevancy of the Savior for today-and a defense of the biblical, historical viewpoint. Editors Bryan W. Ball and William G. Johnsson have assembled the writings of ten scholars, besides themselves, who are passionate believers in Jesus into this one powerful volume on the man,…

  • I Hope
    Nathan Brown

    …exception. I might not ‘hope’ for everything he does, but his ‘hopes’ cause me to re-examine my own.” – Clifford Goldstein, editor, Adult Bible Study Guide, General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists “In a world increasingly infected by by bombast and…

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  • A. G. Daniells: Shaper of Twentieth-Century Adventism
    Benjamin McArthur

    …without responding in kind; a self-confidence tempered by an awareness of his limitations and need for advice; an unwavering loyalty to Ellen G. White; and above all, a commitment to his vision of an Adventist presence throughout the world. He engineered sweeping structural reforms in 1901 and 1903,…

  • Jesus of Nazareth Volumes 1 and 2
    William G. Johnsson

    …knee in heaven and earth will bow before Him who bears it and declare that He is King of Kings and Lord of Lords. That name is the sweetest sound to come from infant lips; it sustains us through life; it will be our refuge when we embark on our final journey. "Jesus. All our hopes, for this world

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  • Preaching from the Grave
    Phodidas Ndamyumugabe

    …faced was that one might not be found ready for eternal life.” This book is a must read of how God protected His own under one of the most widespread slaughters, day after day, in all-time world history. Initiated by the worst of evil passions, and propelled by deception, misplaced fear, and…

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  • Swimming Against the Current
    Chris Blake

    …Blake has produced essential reading for anyone who wants to know more fully what it means to follow Christ.”—Bettina Krause, special assistant to the president, General Conference. “Chris Blake writes with thought, humor, warmth, and passion. In Swimming Against the Current, he…

  • Reaping the Harvest
    Russell Burrill

    …to do it" reference--is undoubtedly the most complete manual on public evangelism ever published in the Adventist Church. For all who are engaged in the great work of evangelism--or are preparing for this indispensable ministry--this book will enlighten, teach, and motivate you as you share the Good…

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