In The Presence Of Angels

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  • In the Presence of Angels
    Timothy E. Crosby, E. Lonnie Melashenko

    "A collection of inspiring, true angel stories. Experience the remarkable presence of angels in the lives of ordinary people in this expertly compiled collection of contemporary angel stories. Much has been written about angels. Some books look at them through New Age eyes and others portray them as…

  • Walking With Angels
    Brian D. Jones, E. Lonnie Melashenko

    …book, In the Presence of Angels, teams up with Brian D. Jones to clear away the clouds of hype, trivia and fantasy, and give you the Bible's explanation of what angels are all about. Using an assortment of amazing true angel stories, the authors answer your deepest questions about angels. Who are…

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  • The Curse
    Cheryl Summers

    angels. The angels of God are clothed with a complete armor, the panoply of heaven, and, although surrounded with deadly foes, fear nothing, for they are doing the will of their loved Commander. They enter the darkest places to rescue the children of God from the snares of Satan, and their presence

  • That Will Be Christmas CD
    Pam Tucker (Lister)

    …to earth in the form of a baby. The angels heralded His birth, Mary and Joseph’s experience, Christ’s purpose revealed in the Cross, and what this season is truly all about. This CD is a hallelujah overheard and not meant to be quiet. I hope that you will experience His presence as the…

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  • Invisible Escort
    Rose Christensen

    In spite of the warnings, we went to China. This is the story of the Christensen's mission work in war torn China. They endured air raids, floods, serious illness, bandits, enemy cross fire, invasion after invasion and had lived through them all. God had sent his angels and because of the presence

  • Mary's Song

    in her teens, kneels for evening prayer. Suddenly she is aware of a presence in her room. A brilliant personage stands before her and her heart trembles within her. "Fear not, Mary, for you are blessed above all women," the angel begins. The girl's eyes adjust to the blinding light and the angel of…

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