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  • Togo The Sled Dog
    Joe L. Wheeler

    …North. “The story of the Iditarod Sled Dog Race is as improbable as the story of the Great Serum Run to Nome that inspired it. For the incredible yearly thousand-mile Iditarod is neither more nor less than the lengthened shadow of one man and one dog: Leonhard Seppala and Togo, quite possible…

  • Miracles of the Mantle
    Bradley Booth

    …never expected – floating ax heads, oil that never ran out, bitter water turned sweet, even wild bears. Along the way, Nathan would learn incredible lessons about standing up for what he believed in, keeping his faith in Jehovah, and loving even those who wanted to do him harm. Could Nathan…

  • Mending Broken People
    Kay Kuzma

    …store at 1-800-765-6955 for availability. Miracle stories of 3ABN The story of Three Angels Broadcasting Network (3ABN) is one of the most incredible sagas of God’s miraculous power that has ever been recorded. What began as a dream that God gave to Danny Shelton, a gospel singing carpenter,…

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  • Discover God's World - Teacher's Text
    General Conference Education Department

    …its various classifications, waves and energy, the oceans, and our atmosphere. They will also see how God created them as individuals with incredible worth and many differences. The Teacher’s Textbook Edition of Discover God’s World provides everything you need for preparing, instructing…

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  • For His Honor
    Terry Johnson

    …succeeded beyond the military's highest expectations and won the hearts of his comrades for Christ by his living witness. More than a compelling tale of a young man's victory over incredible odds, it is also a story of faith- faith in what God can do for those who refuse to compromise His honor."

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  • The Orion Conspiracy
    Ken Wade

    …clean break form her abusive past and finds the love of Christ in a church that follows the commandments and seems to have an inside track on the incredible events now rocking the world. These events converge in a dramatic showdown between the forces of good and evil that pit the White House, the…

  • God of Wonders DVD
    Eternal Productions

    …molecule essential to all life and discover how God combines these molecules to form beautiful and symmetrical snow crystals. Learn about the incredible complexity of DNA and the miraculous workings of the tiny seed. From the functional design of birds to the transformation of butterflies, these…

  • Lions: Kings of Africa

    Join a safari to the farthest reaches of the globe. Explore the secrets of nature’s incredible design. Journey into the kingdom of a place where nature tells its own story…and all through the lens of some of the finest wildlife photographers in the world. No film has ever…

  • Golden River: Secrets of the Amazon

    Explore the secrets of nature’s incredible design. Journey into the kingdom of a place where nature tells its own story…and all through the lens of some of the finest wildlife photographers in the world. The Amiga River Basin is the largest rainforest on earth. Truly this…

  • Metamorphosis
    Illustra Media

    …to every stage of a butterfly's life-cycle. From an egg the size of a pinhead…to a magnificent flying insect. It is a transformation so incredible biologists have called it "butterfly magic." The superbly engineered body of a butterfly is magnified hundreds of times to reveal compound eyes…

  • Sweeeet! God's Awesome Plan For You
    Jan S. Doward

    …we’re talking about, and wow, He has big plans for you! Check out Jeremiah 29:11—He wants to help you succeed in life and to give you an incredible future. But how are you going figure out what those plans are since He’s not in the habit of e-mailing or texting His thoughts on the…

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  • Second Chance
    Jim Ayer

    …life while he was high on marijuana. This time it was now or never, and he chose God wholeheartedly, as did his wife, Janene. Second chances are incredible gifts—Jim would discover that God doesn’t give up, but neither does His adversary. And that which seems impossible can happen. Again…

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  • Revelation's Great Love Story
    Larry L. Lichtenwalter

    …robes. The heart-wrenching prayer of the saints. Without Christ’s love, these scenes and symbols would mean nothing. Ultimately John’s vision reveals the extraordinary love of our Savior for His rebellious, undeserving children—and the incredible reasons we can love Him in return.

  • Broken Stick
    Eileen E. Lantry

    …answers to prayer. Actually, this isn’t just the story of two courageous missionaries from Australia. This book is full of stories about the incredible power of God in the lives of all those who choose to follow Him because somebody loved them enough to tell them. Head-hunting devil priests…

  • Miracles, Faith, and Unanswered Prayer
    Richard Jensen

    How involved is God in your life? We have all heard incredible miracle stories. We’ve been awed by the thought that God personally intervenes in the face of dire circumstances. We’ve experienced the rush of gratitude that comes in this assurance that God really does exist. And we have…

  • Bound fo' Glory
    Jean E. Holmes

    …escape from a Southern prison. Back home in the islands, gentle Angel and rebellious Zach, the Weldons' former slaves, fall in love despite the incredible changes that sweep though their lives. Bound fo' Glory explore the depths of human hearts and souls with an intensity as deep as the scars left…

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  • The Seventh Escape
    Jan S. Doward

    …an almost childlike faith in the goodness of God and in the innate decency of men. But he owned nerves of steel, lightning-fast wits, and an incredible determination to escape. He must somehow cover the many hundreds of miles across the reaches of the Ukraine and Poland westward to Berlin, where…

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  • Changed 4 Life

    …tragedy? When you look at your own life—it’s just a mess—so how do they do it? Changed 4 Life will show you how. Read the incredible stories of eight people who faced the same problems you’re facing right now, and find your story written between the lines. Their stories…

  • The Unknown Prophet: Revised and Updated
    Delbert W. Baker, Ph.D

    …and set the record straight about William Foy. It told the largely unknown story of this sensitive young man of color. Furthermore, he faced incredible trials and struggles yet faithfully fulfilled his time-specific prophetic commission during the height of the Millerite movement and went on to…

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  • The Healing Power of Forgiveness
    Sharon Platt-McDonald, MSc RHV, RM, RGN

    …deeply moving account of Alice and Emmanuel as they retell their trauma as victim and perpetrator in the Rwandan genocide. Be amazed at the incredible story of Michael (a person of Jewish faith) and Larry (a former Ku Klux Klan member) and what brought them together. Embrace the example of…

  • Miracles in Unexpected Places
    Stanley Maxwell

    …so-called miracles are downright fraudulent or can later be explained scientifically. But sometimes, miracles are unexplainable and unrepeatable, incredible and unbelievable—they are, truly, miraculous. Real miracles occur in unexpected places and at unexpected times. When and where God…

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  • The Wreck of the Wild Wave
    Thurman Petty

    …Wild Wave’s shipwreck on Oeno Island (one of the Pitcairn group), using Captain J. N. Knowles’s personal journal to reconstruct an incredible story of survival and rescue. Eighteen years later, this same captain would return to his one-time island prison with the first Seventh-day…

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  • The Advance Guard of Missions
    Clifford G. Howell

    …missionary to western India; and many more, in their call to spread the gospel of the Book of heaven. The Advance Guard of Missions tells the incredible stories of twenty-seven missionaries who gave up everyday comforts, and sometimes even their lives, in order to spread the gospel message. Click…

  • 10 Días en el Aposento Alto (Espanol)
    Mark Finley

    …Santo lo habilite para ser un testigo poderoso de Dios en este momento decisivo de la historia terrenal. Ten Days In the Upper Room Welcome to an incredible spiritual journey! Have you ever wondered why the disciples had such death defying faith? What gave them the courage to proclaim the gospel to…

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