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  • My Favorite Integrity Stories
    Joe L. Wheeler

    …chief replied. “In the many months that went into the search for these integrity stories, I gained a new understanding of the differences between integrity and honesty. For me, scanning through several hundred thousand pages of stories proved to be a seismic experience.” ~ JOE L. WHEELER

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  • Joseph: A Story
    Terri L. Fivash

    …society, with authentic Egyptian names, clothing, and customs, and draws us deeply into Joseph’s world. You will cheer as he maintains his integrity through prison and through the labyrinth of court intrigue to become ruler under Pharaoh. You will delight in his conquest of the heart of…

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  • Abandoned In Collegedale
    Helen Godfrey Pyke

    …internal spiritual conflict. Can Graydon avoid the self-pity, self-indulgence, self-absorption, and self-righteousness of the family and friends dearest to him? Graydon’s story forces us to examine our own commitment, integrity, and obedience to God. Click here to find this book as an eBook.

  • Storytime Magabook

    …future. The thirty engaging stories in this book are character-building classics. Drawn from many sources, these tried-and-true stories will reinforce the values you want your children to learn. Each one will inspire the boys and girls in your life to grow into people of integrity and purpose.

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  • Christmas in My Heart, Book 1
    Joe L. Wheeler

    …as you and your loved ones make them an integral part of your own Christmas traditions and memories. Some of the fondest memories of my childhood are tied to hearing my mother read Christmas stories to our family. Not one of them was just a Christmas story; each had the ability to make us laugh or…

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  • GraceLink Participant's Guide
    Advent Source

    …to your church--are the teachers ready? These new lessons are the first fully integrated curriculum ever produced by the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Although different age groups study different Bible stories each week, the teaching points are the same. We want children who attend our Sabbath…

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  • A Great Song
    Ursula Weigert

    This is the story of a boy who fell madly in love with classical music at the age of twelve, practicing enthusiastically—first his violin and later the organ. This is the chronicle of a young man who, instead of following his father’s wish that he become a Seventh-day Adventist pastor,…

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  • The Birth of Hacksaw Ridge: How It All Began
    Gene Church, Gregory Crosby

    …“Hacksaw Ridge” Desmond T. Doss was the first Conscientious Objector in history to be awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor. His story transcends all color and creed of any kind. Whether a child, teen, adult, geriatric, Seventh-day Adventist, Jew, Catholic, Muslim, or Buddhist, it…

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  • Iglesias Adventistas que hacen una diferencia Bible Book Shelf 3Q 2016 (Spanish)
    Gaspar Francisco Colon, PhD, May Ellen Colón

    …y proyectos comunitarios basados en las iglesias que están haciendo una diferencia en sus comunidades. El ministerio de Jesús fue integral, pues restauraba física, mental, espiritual y socialmente a la gente. Tu iglesia está llamada a hacer lo mismo. Por eso los esposos…

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