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  • Shelby's Big Scare
    VeraLee Wiggins

    …is terribly wrong. She must find Molly before it’s too late. In Shelby’s Big Scare, the concluding book in the Shelby Shayne series, Shelby has to confront new fears about her beloved Princess Ebony and her missing friend. Through it all Shelby never forgets that Jesus is there to help…

  • Questioning Death
    G. G. Albert

    …a story about losing a loved one. Yes, I have a story too. But even though it was very difficult to recall the tough times and re-live the emotions once again, I am going to share my journey with you anyway. And I'm going to do this because through my experience, heartache and all, I have learned…

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  • Set Free
    Michael J. Harris, James Ponder

    …story about a spiritually-broken man, a physically broken woman, and an all-powerful, all-loving God who specializes in mending broken people. It is virtually impossible to read this story without being moved first to tears, and then moved to embrace and praise the God who makes us all "free…

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  • Patty Jo in Happy Valley
    Ruth Wheeler

    Patty Jo Curtis lay in her bed twisting a golden curl and thinking about all the fun she was going to have today, and tomorrow, and all summer. Suddenly a little click, click, click interrupted her thinking. She listened. The sound was coming from the hall. Patty Jo turned quickly. A meadow lark was…

  • Signs Special - Jesus' Return
    Signs of the Times

    …complex problems. Is there any hope for the future? The Bible predicted all this would happen--and more. It also gives us hope for the future, the soon-return of Jesus. But what does the Bible really say about this event and when it would happen? This new Signs special issue discusses topics such…

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  • Songs Of Hope CD
    Micheff Sisters

    …of hope requested by their listeners. Available Tracks:* He Was There All The Time* I Found The Answer* I Love Him Too Much To Fail Him Now* We'll Talk It Over* The Old Rugged Cross* I Just Feel Like Something Good Is About to Happen* Reach Out To Jesus* Kneel At The Cross* In The Garden* Amazing…

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  • Life of Daniel Board Game
    Bible Journeys

    …release in the Bible Journey games. It’s an exciting way for the whole family to follow Daniel on his way from Israel to Babylon. See how God protected him and revealed to him visions of the future. The Bible Journeys games help the whole family learn more about the Bible, reinforce positive…

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  • Christ's Object Lessons: Stories to Live By (Magabook)
    Ellen G. White

    Happiness is found in Christ’s teachings. Ellen White's classic book, Christ's Object Lessons, is all about the powerful stories Jesus told. These stories, as recounted in this volume, draw practical, down-to-earth lessons from common scenes, objects, and incidents of life. They abound with…

  • Never Without an Intercessor
    Morris L. Venden

    The Good News About the Judgment. Do you worry about the judgment? Can you picture standing alone before the judgement throne of God, answering for your angel's complete record of every word, deed, and thought of your entire life? Can you picture it without shaking? Are you sure your belief in…

  • Four Winds of Revelation
    Kenneth Cox

    …the Bible predicted that all of this would happen! If the Bible was right about this, then what did it say would happen next? In Four Winds of Revelation, Pastor Kenneth Cox examines what the Bible says about the crises that we are facing and shares what it tells us about the future. Should you be…

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  • God, Science, Friends
    Leonard Brand

    …joy. “It would be a new kind of world, a place where the people would look very much like God. The people on this world would have the awesome ability to make little people. And all the animals would be able to make little animals just like themselves.” Do you ever have questions about

  • Bible Readings

    Four thousand questions about Bible topics are all answered with Scripture texts. Contents Part I-The Bible; How to Study and Understand It Part II-Sin; Its origin, Results, and Remedy Part III-The Way to Christ Part IV-Life and Teachings of Christ Part V-The Holy Spirit Part VI-The Sure Word of…

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  • What We Believe: Prophecies of Revelation for Teens
    Seth J. Pierce

    Sometimes it’s easy to forget that the whole book of Revelation is about Jesus—not horns, bowls of wrath soup, angels, or beasts. All these images are selected by Jesus to let us know something about Himself. Even entities as hideous as the beasts reveal to us how God thinks about the…

  • Shelby's Big Prayer
    VeraLee Wiggins

    …was all Shelby did when she first moved in with her aunt and uncle, especially when she was feeling lonely. At her new school, the kids called her “Orphan Annie” and teased her about her big black eyes. Shelby felt as though she’d never make any friends at school. But just when it

  • A Soldier for Jesus
    Patricia Maxwell

    …to carry out the command of Jesus to preach the gospel to all the world? This is the story about John Nevins Andrews, who believed it was time that people in other countries heard about Jesus too. He determined to tell them about Jesus and help them in whatever way he could. When Elder…

  • Modern Parables
    Morris L. Venden

    "They say that we're all ignorant-just on different subjects. You may be a walking encyclopedia about computers, but know basically nothing about what's under the hood of your car. Someone else may be on airplanes who knows zilch about brain surgery. What a great help it is when someone begins…

  • The Shoebox Kids 06 - The Wedding Dress Disaster
    Jerry D. Thomas

    about commitment, about keeping a promise even if you don't feel like it. Between her dress problem, her brother Chris's teasing, and her little sister Yoyo's help, sometimes she doesn't feel like it at all. The day of the wedding, something even worse happens--her special dress disappears! Could it

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  • Salvation 101
    E. Lonnie Melashenko

    …101—Christianity Made Simple, Lonnie Melashenko explores the essentials of Christian faith, the bottom line of our religion. It's not all that complicated, but it can be hard to believe: "Christ Jesus: Who, being in very nature God, did not consider equality with God something to be grasped,…

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  • Shoebox Kids Bible Stories - Book 4
    Jerry D. Thomas

    …Kids Bible Stories Book 4, we learn lessons from the stories of Joshua, Gideon, all the way to the time of David and Goliath. Each of the books in this exciting series does more than just give children information about the Bible—it shows them how to apply that information to everyday life.…

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  • Chosen By Grace
    Stuart Tyner

    …Portraits of End-Time People. Is the biblical doctrine of the end-time remnant about you and me? Or is it about God? Is it about our determined attempts to obey and overcome and somehow become 'safe to save'? Or is it about God’s active, zealous commitment to give us the gift of salvation?…

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  • Walking With Jesus
    Micheff Sisters

    …I Just Feel Like Something Good Is About To Happen* Sitting At The Feet of Jesus* I Just Keep Trusting My Lord* The Savior Is Waiting* I Love Him Too Much To Fail Him Now* The Old Country Church* Without Him* Redeemed How I Love To Proclaim It* He Was There All The Time* Just A Little Talk With…

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  • The Happy Path
    Lawrence Maxwell

    …brings its own reward. In The Happy Path, the Pathfinder Pledge and Law are explained and made to appear as they really are—a blueprint for being happy. Lawrence Maxwell presents a number of clever, true-to-life stories as illustrations. Some are funny, a few are sad, but they will all make…

  • Abraham's Promise DVD
    Vision Video

    On this trek, Stevie explores the land where it all happened! Have you ever wondered how big the Sea of Galilee really is, or how hard it would be to climb Mt. Sinai? Have you thought about what Abraham’s life was actually like? Well, Stevie is in the land of the Bible and still find amazing…

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  • Television and the Christian Home
    Marvin Moore

    …book is not an investigation of all the research on the issues about television but rather a summary of the issues as they relate to the Christian way of life. Television is a threat to the Christian life but it doesn’t have to be. Used with discretion, it can enhance the Christian life. The…

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