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  • Television and the Christian Home
    Marvin Moore

    …book is not an investigation of all the research on the issues about television but rather a summary of the issues as they relate to the Christian way of life. Television is a threat to the Christian life but it doesn’t have to be. Used with discretion, it can enhance the Christian life. The…

  • Chosen By Grace
    Stuart Tyner

    …Portraits of End-Time People. Is the biblical doctrine of the end-time remnant about you and me? Or is it about God? Is it about our determined attempts to obey and overcome and somehow become 'safe to save'? Or is it about God’s active, zealous commitment to give us the gift of salvation?…

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  • Abraham's Promise DVD
    Vision Video

    On this trek, Stevie explores the land where it all happened! Have you ever wondered how big the Sea of Galilee really is, or how hard it would be to climb Mt. Sinai? Have you thought about what Abraham’s life was actually like? Well, Stevie is in the land of the Bible and still find amazing…

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  • Hiking With Jesus (2020 Primary Devotional)
    Jim Feldbush

    All the nature in the Bible! Trees, flowers, animals . . . it's ALL HERE! Take a "nature hike" through the Bible and discover all the wild and wonderful things that God made for our happiness. Through the eyes of each inspired author you'll learn about nature's great God. And whenever you see a…

  • Beginnings
    Leonard Brand

    …than you expect it to be. It’s been that way since the beginning! Scientific theories that present simple answers to the age-old question “Where did I come from” usually prove inadequate. This book may not provide all the simple answers we might wish we had about the relationship…

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  • Adventist Pioneer Places
    Merlin D. Burt

    …Adventist Church circles the globe, and its members are numbered, no longer in the dozens, but in the millions. Although the church’s beginnings were small, the stories of its early years are larger than life. Visit the historical sites where it all began: the pioneers’ homes and…

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  • Truth Matters - Signs Special - Too Loud to Ignore
    Signs of the Times

    …using this piece:* Mail it to a zip code around your community. When you mail to a complete zip code or carrier route, the cost is just US$0.65/ea, including postage and the magazine.* Send a copy to all the individuals on your church interest list.* Send it to neighbors.* Hand it out door-to-door.*…

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  • The Apocalypse
    Jonatan Dunkel

    …was doing. This is a book about those prophecies, both to help you understand them for yourself, and to prepare for the dramatic events that lie just ahead. It covers the following issues and much, much more:* The prophecies about the Vatican and the USA* The truth about the world’s greatest…

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  • The Heart of Health
    James L. Marcum

    …or your doctor is telling you the whole truth when it comes to health care? Want to avoid heart disease, even if your family history says you won’t? Do you have the uneasy feeling that you’re not being told all you need to know about proper nutrition? Would you like to discover the powerful…

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  • Seekers
    Bradley Booth

    …Whatever’s in it must be important, or someone wouldn’t have gone to all the trouble to bury it here.” The jar was half submerged in dirt, so the boys dug around it until it was loose. They tried to lift it out, but it would hardly budge. “It’s stuck!” Koz…

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  • We Explore the Earth
    Howard A. Munson

    …Explore the Earth is written for inquisitive young people as well as for parents, teachers, and other adults who would like to know more about the wonders of nature. It is not a textbook, but a running story of a group of young explorers. The material has been gathered from field experiences over a…

  • The Abundant Life Bible Amplifier - John
    Jon Paulien

    …please call your local Adventist Book Center to determine availability. Of all the disciples, John seems to have responded most fully to the love and deepest messages of Jesus. It is no surprise, then, that of all the Gospels, many today respond most fully to John’s record of Christ’s…

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  • Thirteen Life-Changing Secrets
    Mark Finley

    …Stories about people staggered by the blow of divorce, drug addiction, abuse, abandonment, death, and financial problems. People longing for something better. And finding it! All these people responded to the touch of God. And when they did, something incredible happened. Their discoveries about who…

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  • Deceived By The New Age
    Will Baron

    …dazzling spirit being appeared to him during his morning meditation, Will Baron thought it was Jesus Christ. He was wrong. Deceived by the New Age is unlike any book you've read about the New Age movement. It is the chilling firsthand account of Will Baron's life as a New Age Priest. Of shocking…

  • The Optimal Diet
    Darlene Blaney, Hans Diehl, DrHSc, MPH, FACN

    …they do it? They simplified their lifestyle, especially their rich Western diet. And here are some of the recipes they used that made all the difference. If you want to enjoy good food--and good health--this book is for you! It will help you add healthier dishes to your meal rotation, and it will…

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  • Counsels on Stewardship
    Ellen G. White

    …has committed to our care. This volume gathers together all of Ellen White's published statements on the subject. Topics discussed include tithing, indebtedness, charity, making a will and soliciting funds from outside sources. What about speculating in the markets? Does God require us to dispose…

  • You Can Be Happy
    Donald A. Webster

    …are clever enough to deceive their associates. But when it is all done, a person despises himself for it, and he who despises himself is the unhappiest person on earth. You Can Be Happy by Donald A. Webster is a book about what it takes to be truly happy. The author shows that without obedience…

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  • Shelby's Best Friend
    VeraLee Wiggins

    …snowball fight, but when it was time to go home, the flute was nowhere in sight. After looking all over the school and her room, it dawned on her who had the stolen flute—Jon, the cutest boy in the school, but also the meanest. The hard part was trying to prove it. Shelby and LeeAnn fill their…

  • Counsels on Stewardship
    Ellen G. White

    …has committed to our care. This volume gathers together all of Ellen White's published statements on the subject. Topics discussed include tithing, indebtedness, charity, making a will and soliciting funds from outside sources. What about speculating in the markets? Does God require us to dispose…

  • Really Living
    Don C. Schneider, Ken Wade

    …change their lives; learn how you can experience the abundant life He promises all believers. Elder Don Schneider, host of Hope TV’s weekly show Really Living, is passionate about helping people understand what it means to really live. He says, “Really living is to know Jesus, share…

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  • The Palomino - Sonrise Farm Series, book 1
    Katy Pistole

    …A young girl’s daring rescue of an abused horse, and their adventures. Jenny Thomas has her heart set on one thing--a golden palomino all her own. But it seems like the only horse she will ever have is the one in the poster on her bedroom wall. At least there’s horse camp to look forward…

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  • The Gospel Flies by Night
    Gerhard Padderatz

    …Mr. Padderatz and Mrs. Naumann as they talk about everything from UFOs to hell, from 3-D movies in Heaven to the vexing problem of human suffering . . . Whether you agree with Mrs. Naumann’s skepticism and dismiss Mr. Padderatz’s faith, or vice-versa, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you come…

    $11.99 $9.97
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  • Guide's Greatest Grace Stories
    Lori Peckham

    Ever heard anyone grumble “it’s not fair”? Well, it’s a good thing that “it’s not fair” all the time! Let’s see, by now you’ve probably evaded punishment for . . . calculating rapidly . . . say, 539 offenses. Among other things, your parents…

  • Prince of Dreams
    Bradley Booth

    …the king of Babylon, my servant, and will bring him against this land, and against its inhabitants, and will utterly destroy them, and make them an astonishment, and a desolation.” Now it had all come true. Yesterday, Daniel had seen the Babylonian soldiers plundering the Temple.…

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