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  • Christmas in My Heart, Book 10
    Joe L. Wheeler

    …had it been left up to me, Christmas in My heart would have both begun and ended with that first collection. But here it is–already one of the longest-running Christmas story series in American history. Where it will go from here we don’t really know. As long as readers like you not only…

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  • The Optimal Diet
    Darlene Blaney, Hans Diehl, DrHSc, MPH, FACN

    …they do it? They simplified their lifestyle, especially their rich Western diet. And here are some of the recipes they used that made all the difference. If you want to enjoy good food--and good health--this book is for you! It will help you add healthier dishes to your meal rotation, and it will…

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  • Beyond Blessings 2
    John Mathews

    …15, 1910, P. 3). Giving is a volatile topic for most of us. But it is a biblical principle that needs more attention. For some, talking about faithful stewardship is like walking on thin ice. Reactions range from “All you want is my money!” to “Isn’t that trying to strike…

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  • Guide's Greatest Grace Stories (eBook)
    Lori Peckham

    …grumble “it’s not fair”? Well, it’s a good thing that “it’s not fair” all the time! Let’s see, by now you’ve probably evaded punishment for . . . calculating rapidly . . . say, 539 offenses. Among other things, your parents never should have forgiven you for breaking the kitchen window when you

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  • Revival for Mission Bible Book Shelf 2013
    Mark Finley

    you. In these pages you will discover that Jesus is the center of all revival and reformation. You will understand more clearly and experience more fully how to receive the fullness and the power of the Holy Spirit. You will probe the essential prerequisites of genuine revival and the preparation it

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  • Breathe
    Ardis Stenbakken

    …your heart and mind. This year, listen to the voices of nearly 200 women from all over the world through this devotional as they speak truth into your life about matters of the heart, mind, soul, and strength. You were created to be a whole person, physically and spiritually. So take the time…

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  • Breathe Digital Audio Book
    Ardis Stenbakken

    …your heart and mind. This year, listen to the voices of nearly 200 women from all over the world through this devotional as they speak truth into your life about matters of the heart, mind, soul, and strength. You were created to be a whole person, physically and spiritually. So take the time…

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  • Devotional Boxed Gift Set 2020 (My Life Today/Jesus Wins!)
    Elizabeth Talbot, Ellen G. White

    …and savor the future destiny of the saints. Best of all, each precious page contains practical suggestions to help you strive for a closer walk with God. Jesus Wins! (2020 Adult Devotional) by Elizabeth Talbot The story is told about a boy who loved and admired the main hero in a book series.…

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  • The Watchers
    Bradley Booth

    …he called. “You’ve got to see this!” All the Jews were talking about it—Jeremiah’s 70-year prophecy. Some thought it would be fulfilled; others thought that God had abandoned His people once and for all. And now, Caleb and his Babylonian friend, Tamzi, had discovered…

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  • The Shoebox Kids 06 - The Wedding Dress Disaster
    Jerry D. Thomas

    about commitment, about keeping a promise even if you don't feel like it. Between her dress problem, her brother Chris's teasing, and her little sister Yoyo's help, sometimes she doesn't feel like it at all. The day of the wedding, something even worse happens--her special dress disappears! Could it

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  • Chosen By Grace
    Stuart Tyner

    …Portraits of End-Time People. Is the biblical doctrine of the end-time remnant about you and me? Or is it about God? Is it about our determined attempts to obey and overcome and somehow become 'safe to save'? Or is it about God’s active, zealous commitment to give us the gift of salvation?…

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  • Deceived By The New Age
    Will Baron

    …If you need this title right away, please call your local Adventist Book Center to determine availability. When the dazzling spirit being appeared to him during his morning meditation, Will Baron thought it was Jesus Christ. He was wrong. Deceived by the New Age is unlike any book you've read about

  • Passionate Prayer
    Brenda Walsh

    …stories will amaze and inspire you. Brenda invites you to a prayer life that goes beyond prayer as a duty or a habit to something effective—passionate prayer that brings life-changing results, not only for yourself but for others. But passionate prayer is not all about miracles, even though we…

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  • Really Living
    Don C. Schneider, Ken Wade

    …people invite Jesus to change their lives; learn how you can experience the abundant life He promises all believers. Elder Don Schneider, host of Hope TV’s weekly show Really Living, is passionate about helping people understand what it means to really live. He says, “Really living is…

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  • The Gospel Flies by Night
    Gerhard Padderatz

    …Naumann as they talk about everything from UFOs to hell, from 3-D movies in Heaven to the vexing problem of human suffering . . . Whether you agree with Mrs. Naumann’s skepticism and dismiss Mr. Padderatz’s faith, or vice-versa, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you come away from this…

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  • Truth Matters - Signs Special - Too Loud to Ignore
    Signs of the Times

    …using this piece:* Mail it to a zip code around your community. When you mail to a complete zip code or carrier route, the cost is just US$0.65/ea, including postage and the magazine.* Send a copy to all the individuals on your church interest list.* Send it to neighbors.* Hand it out door-to-door.*…

  • Secrets to Wellness
    Ernestine Finley

    it. Every chapter ends with practical tips to wellness that you can put into practice immediately. Why should you read this book? Any woman who begins running marathons at seventy, places in the top three in her age group, and completes the marathon with no pain has something worthwhile to say. All

  • Television and the Christian Home
    Marvin Moore

    …book is not an investigation of all the research on the issues about television but rather a summary of the issues as they relate to the Christian way of life. Television is a threat to the Christian life but it doesn’t have to be. Used with discretion, it can enhance the Christian life. The…

  • David: A Heart Like His (Book 1) (eBook)
    Larry L. Lichtenwalter

    …written about him. All because at the center of David was God. This volume, the first of three, covers the story of David through his friendship with Jonathan. Passion is catching. Let David’s God-saturated life fan the flames of faith. All of us, sometimes, just go through the motions. As you read,…

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  • Is Jesus Enough?
    Dan Jackson

    …style, Elder Jackson shares that as we behold the cross of Christ we will be ravished by His matchless charms. You will rejoice as you discover that, whether you have $2,700, or $27,000,000,000, Jesus is enough! Enough for you and for me . . . for one and for all . . . for today, and for eternity!

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  • 13 Weeks to Love
    Jennifer Jill Schwirzer

    …as His image bearers, possess the capacity for love. Because love is fundamental to life itself and because it’s all we’ll really care about in the end, let’s care about it now. Let’s make it our first study, our science, our song. Click here to find this book as an eBook.

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  • We Explore the Earth
    Howard A. Munson

    …delivery. If you need this title right away, please call your local Adventist Book Center to determine availability. We Explore the Earth is written for inquisitive young people as well as for parents, teachers, and other adults who would like to know more about the wonders of nature. It is not a…

  • The Apocalypse
    Jonatan Dunkel

    …was doing. This is a book about those prophecies, both to help you understand them for yourself, and to prepare for the dramatic events that lie just ahead. It covers the following issues and much, much more:* The prophecies about the Vatican and the USA* The truth about the world’s greatest…

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  • The New Life Challenge Cookbook
    Patricia Gilbert

    Are you ready to take the challenge? Often it is a close friend who helps to make life a little easier; the person who knows all about us but faithfully labors to help us see the best in ourselves. This cookbook is designed to be a friend. This is not a huge stretch, considering many have made food…

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