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  • The Heart of Health
    James L. Marcum

    A health crisis occurs when truth is hidden and people depend on expertly marketed and decidedly deadly lies. Uncovering the greatest deceptions ever perpetrated on the human race. Tired of taking medications that don’t “fix” the problem? Do you think the media, the government, or your doctor is…

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  • Heartbeat
    James L. Marcum

    Heart disease is a major concern for many Americans. Are you among the one in four who has heart disease and wants to know more? More patients confess a lack of understanding about the disease and its treatment, but they are discouraged when they discover most available print materials are too…

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  • Vibrant Life Special - Guard Your Heart
    Vibrant Life

    …. . . Out of your diet," say the Micheff sisters as they present several colorful pages of heart-healthy recipes. Winston Craig presents the article, "Powerful Heart-protecting Herbs." In "Changing from the Inside Out," James Marcum, M.D., tells how to prevent a heart attack and how God can help.

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