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  • 52 Things to Do on the Sabbath
    Glen Robinson

    …to a Bible Character 10. Write God a Letter 11. Bible Sword Drill 12. Sabbath Crossword Puzzle For a Rainy Day 13. Grab Bag 14. Days of Creation 15. Make a List of Thank You’s 16. Sabbath Jigsaw Puzzles 17. Three-D Bible-Story Illustrations 18. Special Sabbath Place Mats In the Outdoors 19,…

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  • Beanie The Horse That Wasn't a Horse
    Heather Grovet

    …way he had hoped for. What Alex wanted was a horse he could be proud of, like a beautiful Black Stallion. What Alex got was this funny-looking jigsaw puzzle of an animal with a big bucket head, long, floppy ears, short, stubby legs, and a scrawny tail! Beanie wasn’t a real horse at all. He was…

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