John Harvey Kellogg

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  • John Harvey Kellogg: Pioneering Health Reformer
    Richard W. Schwarz

    "If I have any responsibility in a matter, I somehow cannot avoid feeling a burden of the whole." –John Harvey Kellogg Many people associate his name with Corn Flakes. But John Harvey was more than just a cereal maker. A physician, surgeon, dietitian, inventor, educator, administrator,…

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  • Vision in the Storm
    Rachel Whitaker Cabose

    …teenagers played a significant role in the early days of the Seventh-day Adventist church? Ellen and James White, Annie and Uriah Smith, John Harvey Kellogg, and J. N. Andrews were not always as old as they appear in the black-and-white pictures we have of them. God used them while they were young.…

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  • Lessons from Battle Creek
    James R. Nix, Alberto R. Timm

    …the first institutions that shaped the future of the denomination: the world-famous Battle Creek Sanitarium and its medical founder, Dr. John Harvey Kellogg; the Review and Herald Publishing Association, the first publisher of Adventist literature; and the “Dime” Tabernacle, paid for…

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