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  • Prophets of Fire
    Brian D. Jones

    …your local Adventist Book Center to determine availability. What is the relationship between the missions and messages of Elijah the Tishbite, John the Baptist, and God's last day 'Elijah'? In Prophets of Fire, Brian D. Jones unveils the full significance of Malachi's prophecy concerning Elijah,…

  • Valiant in Fight
    Taylor G. Bunch

    …and of patience.” Valiant in Fight by Taylor G. Bunch gives the reader a closer look at the character and work of the prominent men and women of the Bible. Barnabas, Mark, Apollos, Mary, John the Baptist, and many more exemplary lives are explored. Click here to find this book as an eBook.

  • A Soldier for Jesus
    Patricia Maxwell

    …wonder how the Seventh-day Adventist Church began to carry out the command of Jesus to preach the gospel to all the world? This is the story about John Nevins Andrews, who believed it was time that people in other countries heard about Jesus too. He determined to tell them about Jesus and help them…

  • The Way out Is Up!
    J. O. Wilson

    …flight that will land them at the celestial spaceport. This is the great Operation Rescue of the “remnant,” that group of people shown to John in vision on Patmos and recorded so vividly by him in his book, the Revelation of Jesus Christ. Jesus will lead the procession made up of people…

  • My Life Today (2020 Evening Devotional)
    Ellen G. White

    I am the vine, ye are the branches. – John 15:5 Can we conceive of a more intimate relation to Christ than this? The fibers of the branch are almost identical with those of the vine. The communication of life, strength, and fruitfulness from the trunk to the branches is unobstructed and…

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  • Jesus 101 - Series Set
    Elizabeth Talbot

    …you too can trade your fear for MEGA JOY! Click here to find this book as an eBook. JOHN From creation to redemption, Jesus did it all! From the beginning – with God, yet separate – was the Word. John introduces Jesus immediately as God. He reveals a new reality, something deeper than…

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  • Forever Stories Set of 5 books
    Carolyn Byers

    …4: Jesus Lives With Us Volume 5: Jesus Takes Us Home* It’s Sunday morning and Jesus is "Alive." * In "A Beautiful Gate" they meet Peter and John and see a miracle. * They will be delighted with the description of "God’s City." * "He Is Good," explains what happens to Planet Earth, sin,…

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  • Christmas in My Heart, Book 12
    Joe L. Wheeler

    …heart and moisten the eyes. Fortunately, all 12 volumes are still available in print at the original price. In this year's collection Senator John McCain of Arizona recalls his most special Christmas, celebrated in a North Vietnamese prisoner-of-war camp, where men of faith, joyful and triumphant…

  • Unidos en Cristo (Bible Book Shelf 4 Q 2018) (Espanol)
    Denis Fortin

    …una base sólida para la doctrina de la iglesia. One In Christ Bible Book Shelf 4Q 2018 “That they may be one, as we are one.” John 17:11, Phillips Christian believers today face countless challenges to their unity in Christ. However, the Bible provides insight and instruction…

  • Celtic Hymns DVD/Audio CD
    Vision Video

    …Delightful film from Ireland and it's coastal islands accompany instrumental Celtic hymns, meditations and prayers. Performed by Simeon Wood, John Gerighty, Michelle Wooderson (Robin Mark Band) and others... Stand by the roads, and look, and ask for the ancient paths, where the good way is;…

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  • Making Of King James Bible
    Vision Video

    …uncanny love of beautiful things, including language to stir the soul. With several English translations in use across the Kingdom, the Puritan leader John Rainolds took his opportunity to suggest that a new, more accurate translation was needed for the people. With the new king’s blessing, a…

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  • Exploring Ecclesiastes and Song of Solomon: A Devotional Commentary
    George R. Knight

    …people recognize. It not only addresses the existential questioning of the twenty-first-century mind, but also concludes with a message that John the Revelator tells us will be of great importance immediately before the Second Advent. The Song of Solomon is a faithful picture of our relationship…

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  • Keepers of the Flame DVD

    …church. Through each of the eight episodes, dramatic vignettes capture the greatest moments of Martin Luther, the Waldenses, Calvin, Zwingli, and John Knox. The light of truth has shone through time and is pointing to the second coming of Jesus Christ. Documentary and drama combine to reveal the…

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  • Surprised by Love
    Elizabeth Talbot

    …“love surprise” of all time. It surprised Adam and Eve. It surprised the deceitful serpent. It surprised the adulterous woman of John 8. It surprised the Pharisees. It surprised the disciples. It even surprised the heavenly angels. And it continues to surprise us today. “The…

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  • Sorprendidos por amor (Espanol)
    Elizabeth Talbot

    …“love surprise” of all time. It surprised Adam and Eve. It surprised the deceitful serpent. It surprised the adulterous woman of John 8. It surprised the Pharisees. It surprised the disciples. It even surprised the heavenly angels. And it continues to surprise us today. “The…

  • Prince Of Peace - Postcard Booklet

    …The 30 paintings selected here showcase the life of Christ as depicted in the work of three such artists – Harry Anderson (14 paintings), John Steel (15 paintings), and Charles Zingaro (represented by a single painting). Each of these classic reproductions can be enjoyed as a keepsake or…

    $9.99 $1.97
  • Christmas In My Heart, Book 17
    Joe L. Wheeler

    …Freeman 5. Something for Aunt Jane By Elizabeth Flint Wade 6. Santa Sylvia By T. Morris Longstreth 7. Baby Deb "P'ays" for the Christmas Goose By John Russell Coryell 8. A Snowbound Christmas By Frances Cole Burr 9. Hetty's Letter By Katharine Kameron 10. A Substitute for Mildred By Helen M. Girvan…

  • Seven Keys
    Jon Paulien

    For almost 2,000 years, John the Revelator’s words have intrigued and confounded readers. What is the meaning behind the inexplicable beasts, enigmatic angels, and complex symbols? Is Revelation an ancient message to readers in the distant past or does it provide a window through which we can…

    $13.99 $8.97
  • Exploring Romans: A Devotional Commentary
    George R. Knight

    …short passages that are followed by a detailed, user-friendly exegetical explanation and practical application to everyday life. The lives of such men as Martin Luther and John Wesley, whose writings helped shape Western history, were changed by the study of Romans. It will change your life as well.

  • The Lamb: God's Greatest Gift
    Leslie Hardinge

    …makes Christ the center (6T 54). In this volume the reader will find satisfying explanations of the language, the symbols and the pictures that John the Revelator so frequently borrows from the Old Testament. Trustworthy commentaries on the Book of Revelation are almost non-existent today. It…

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  • Garments of Grace
    Timothy E. Crosby

    …the gleam in the eye of God. What you?ll like most: heart-leaping stories you?ll be telling your grandchildren. The conversion of Manuel Noriega. John the apostle?s relentless pursuit of a lapsed convert and bandit leader. How a wedding ring turned into a new church in Honduras. What happened when…

  • Armageddon at the Door
    Jon Paulien

    …to discover what the battle of Armageddon is—and who it will involve. His clear, concise explanation of the many confusing symbols found in John’s vision unveils the mystery surrounding this battle and provides answers crucial to our understanding of earth’s final events.

  • Mark: The Gospel of Jesus
    William G. Johnsson

    "Rejoice, we have won!" The Greek word that describes that message is euaggelion, news of victory, or good news. That is the word John Mark uses as the title of his gospel. Christian tradition says Mark ultimately founded the church of Alexandria and died during the persecution of Nero. Now William…

  • Revelation Pure and Simple
    Kenneth Cox

    …excuses for not understanding the truths that Jesus said we could and should. It was written for the person who has a desire to know what Christ told John concerning the days we live in and for the person who wants to see the unfolding of prophecy, as one event after another takes place – each…

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