Jose Vicente Rojas

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  • Jose: God Found Me in LA
    José Vicente Rojas

    Not promising. That would sum up the childhood of José Rojas. Born into an abusive home, José grew to fear his father’s drunken rampages. "Mama, what’s wrong with me? Why do I make you and Dad fight so much?" Then things got worse. In school the other kids laughed at his…

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  • Experiencing God's Love

    When was the last time you experienced unconditional love? Does your soul yearn for peace? Do you long for forgiveness? Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Can you know for certain that Jesus died for you? That His everlasting love is yours? Experiencing God's Love will provide…

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  • Siete Señales
    José Vicente Rojas

    Por tanto, id, y haced discípulos . . . Siete Señales es un plan de evangelismo con el fin de llevar a la gente a tomar decisions para Cristo, y perpararlos para una relación perdurable con el Señor. A diferencia de los esfurerzos de cosecha que giran en torno a un…

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